Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Reaveal of SnC's Reminiscence Kit

Here's what I created with the April kit from Scrap-n-Crop called Reminiscence. I had such a lot of fun with this kit. Scrapped some older photos and some new ones too :-) AND used tons of scraps from my cardstock box to make a series of cards.
I would have thought Val picked the music sheets sheets especially for me ... but I don't think she did ... they were all in order as they'd been taken from the book. But they sure were appropriate ;-)
I made 6 LO's, a mini album and 18 cards using the kit. If you check out the gallery I've written under each one what I've used from the kit or my stash. You can also see in the gallery what Sharmaine made ... or check her blog post here (she's added some more pages from her mini album).
Spaghetti LO - the base cardstock was actually a pale blue and I was really struggling with what to do with it because I knew I wanted to use these photos and the music sheet ("on top of spaghetti"). It was the last piece of cardstock from the kit and my last LO ... then I had the brainwave (which lots of others have had before me! lol) of spraying the billyo out of it ... and yep I used my new olive vine glimmer mist heheheee

Musician's LO - check out the music sheet ("Battle Hymn of the Children") hehehee (Not that these 2 were fighting then :-)
Art Deco Home LO ... most disgusted with myself that I never took any photos of our house before we left Auckland. I can't believe it. I did lots of video (although I am not sure where exactly that is!), but no photos! Used one from 2004. Sigh ... moving countries and new babies do that to ones brain I suppose.
Mum LO - Cute huh :-) And there's that olive vine glimmer mist again (wonder if I should buy another bottle!).
Dad LO - he's cute too :-) Like the title on the record? "Golden Boy" heheee
Wait LO - a LO for Aaron's album about how we waited, and waited, and waited for him to arrive ;-)
A little mini album. It's full of cute photos too! Decided I would do a little album of baby/toddler photos of mine and Lyndon's parents as well as us for the kids to look at so that they can see what we were like as kids. The inside pages of this album are covered in paper that isn't in the kit, it's from my stash, but the same brand and theme as the cover patterned paper. Perfect :-)

And 18 cards.

Altered cigar box to hold my cotton collection (for someone that doesn't sew I sure have a lot!). Like I said in yesterday's post, I didn't actually use any paper from the kit on this, but see that blue/white lace paper at the top of the lid (right corner) well that is the same brand and collection as a piece of the patterned paper in the kit. Scrap-n-Crop have the papers here.

Okay gotta go ... while I have been doing this post my son (although I don't want to own him at this point) has been very busy with his scissors cutting pieces of paper into tiny pieces. BUT I have just discovered that Maddison, who has been up at my craft desk, has had a hair cut!!! I am not amused ... thankfully it doesn't look so bad although he's cut a lot off. So yes Lyndon you can say "I told you so"! Sigh ... will post pics of the damage later. Bye.


topkatnz said...

Wow lots of pics there!! love the wee mini album - so cute! ... heehee, well, Lyndon did complain Maddisons hair was looking too Dr Suess-ish!!!LOL

hazel said...

wow, u hv a scrap party or what?? hehe.. lovely!! everything are perfectly match!!

Hannah said...

WOW!! You really have been busy! What a lot of things you managed to create from one kit, great stuff! :-)

Penny said...

Is that a real record on it? Wow! You sure did get a lot out of that kit! Awesome stuff!

You probably don't want to know you're missing an 'e' off the "you're how old" card...*hides under the chair*

Wishful Thinking said...

LOL Penny ... you can come out from under your chair! Yes I did know but I couldn't get the E to fit and I had already started sticking those alpha stickers down when I realised it wouldn't fit! And once those stickers are down they don't come off! So I thought oh well leave it and see who notices! ;-) I'll try to remember not to send you that card for your birthday hehehee

Sharmaine said...

My goodness! I'm in awe of how many creations you made with the kit!! LOVE your mini album

Penelope Gan said...

can't agree more with Sharmaine. That's a LOT of mojo. That's it. I quit. :)

Penelope Gan said...

ppssst... can I feature your sewing box in my blog. It's TERRIFIC - awesome - goo goo gaa gaa

Cindy said...

I like your work...they are all beautiful! I especially like your 'wait' and 'musician' beautiful :)