Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Game of Pool Anyone?

There's a pool table down near our playground and the kids love playing on it!! Now normally this isn't something I would have EVER let my kids do, but what do you do when it seems like every other little boy under 5 in the complex does this?? And worse, their parents lift my kids up to play on it too before I can say "ummm excuse me, but NO!". Sigh ... so now it's something they like to do once they have worn themselves out in the sun, they scamper back here where it's marginally cooler and play!

Discovered this morning there's 3 new turtles in the pond too - little ones! Not sure if the big turtle laid eggs and they hatched, or they got some more. The new ones are very shy though, they dive back under the water as soon as they catch a glimpse of movement. See how green the water is. Gross aye. On Friday last week they had emptied out the pond and had cleaned it and now look ... 4 days later it's full of turtle poop! ugggh

Here's my last sneaks of some cards I made for the April kit for Scrap-n-Crop. Full reveal tomorrow when the kit goes on sale. :-)

Here's a sneak too of something else I made and Val from SnC said I should put it up as I've used some papers very similar to what's in the kit. :-) Just finished it last night actually heheee

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Penny said...

That's a new way to play pool ;)