Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Catch Up

Didn't feel like blogging much at the end of last week ... so this is a bit of a catch up.
Thursday I think it was the kids did some colouring in :-) Aaron's singing away that's why his mouth is open in most of the photos! He was singing Old McDonald had a Farm (but it was his version ... like "on his farm there was a tiger" and there was also a zebra, a snake and a rooster heheheee) Maddison spent the majority of the time changing her pen and pulling the lids off and putting them back on!

On Sunday Lyndon built the front half of this train track for Aaron. He thought it was pretty neat. And on Monday it was a public holiday, so Lyndon and Aaron went away off in the morning to do some "shopping" (i.e. visit the Thomas shop!). They came back VERY pleased with themselves! Lyndon has had his eye on the Roller Coaster set for a while now (oh sorry, maybe that should have been Aaron!) hehehee. Anyway it found it's way to our place. But it was a disappointment actually. If you have a Thomas fan at your house and they like the look of this set, don't bother! Truly, it's not worth it. It's really hard to line up, the track doesn't sit nice and flat on the bends and little people (e.g. Maddison!) only need to touch it and the uprights move a bit and the track falls apart. VERY annoying for Mummy, believe me! Looks good on the box, but we were disappointed. (btw the track doesn't look like this now! LOL, the roller coaster set is in many pieces and half of them over the floor!)

Last night we had spaghetti for tea ... well some spag and some pasta because I didn't have enough. So I had to take some photos ... especially for a LO using the April kit for Scrap-n-Crop :-) hehehee

Lyndon was booked to fly to Korea Monday ... but he got his times a little bit muddled LOL Thought he was leaving at 1am Tuesday morning, but it was actually supposed to be 1am Monday morning! (whoops). Never mind, he's there now, and we didn't mind at all having him home all day Monday especially since it was a public holiday :-)
I have been scrapping, but most of it is stuff I can't show you yet. I can't say I have done a LO a day though ... last week I did 5 and a half LO's, started a mini album (liking my new Zutter!) and shuffled a lot of paper. Very cross because I KNOW I have some photos SOMEWHERE of my parents when they were kids and do you think I can find them! GRRRR ... I have seen them recently too, but they have vanished into goodness knows where!
Yesterday while the kids were at school I didn't do any scrapping ... I read a book, cleaned up the kids mess, did the dishes, and spent over an hour on the phone to the airline I'm using in April to go to Singapore because I didn't have my e-ticket emailed to me. I've been trying them on and off for nearly 2 weeks. I finally got through at quarter past 4! Phew. All booked and confirmed so happy about that.
Okay, that's enough woffle ... bye for now!


topkatnz said...

oooops!! re. Lyndon flight mix-up ... oh well, you got a day at home together! and getting a bit of reading done in your childless time sounds great ...

Serene Ho said...

Love the pictures you took of the kids. Hope to see you in Singapore ... if I can make it downtown!

hazel said...

wow the train set looks neat!! is it, not worth it? What is the material? Wood?

Wishful Thinking said...

Hazel - the train set is Thomas the Tank Engine ... it's wooden. And the one that's not worth it is the Roller Coaster Set. Doesn't sit very well on the uprights and the track keeps falling off. The Roller Coaster set in the picture is shown at the back half of the table. The front half of the track is made up of all sorts of bits and pieces from other sets. :-) Aaron has a very big collection of Thomas!
Apart from the Roller Coaster Set everything else we have bought for him has been great. It's really durable, stands up to some pretty rough treatment and he plays with it a lot. So does Maddison. There's a ChooChoo Train shop at Bangsar Shopping Centre and also at the Gardens Mall (Mid Valley) that we frequent!! hehehee

Penelope Gan said...

errr... I have to say, darn! That's one @#$% of a track. I too wanna play Thomas the Train.

Penelope Gan said...

BTW, you do know who the train tracks are really for, right? wink wink

Val has a huge doll house with furnishing being shipped as we speak for "Becks". wink wink