Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wednesday Fun

Day started with a beaut sunrise.
Cloudy and raining early evening though! It was a good friend of ours birthday, so 7 of us picked her up after work in Mum & Dad's van and went off for an "adventure" heheeee We didn't tell her where we were going! She was just told to bring her gumboots and swimming togs LOL
(Just a side note ... her name is Roanna, but Aaron calls her "Aunty Roady-Ranna" hehehehee ... no idea how he got that pronunciation!) ;-)
So our driver (Dad) took us to this charming spot :-) Mum had a bit of struggle to open the gates as it was a bit windy. This is were the gumboots were needed. :-)

We had sausages, onions, tomatoes and eggs on the camp fire (no power at this spot of paradise). Had to put the fire in a place out of the rain and where it wasn't so windy!

Inside the hut we could see by the light of this lovely old lamp and some candles.

We got a bit carried away while tea was cooking playing pass the parcel and forgot about the eggs LOL

Helping the kids to eat their tea ... you can tell Aaron has had fun writing on the windows!

After tea we headed back to Mum and Dad's and had some more fun. We were given fancy hats to wear and for some reason I was given this beautiful red head piece! LOL

Roanna with her cake. Glow in the dark candles and other special decorations LOL

Cake was delicious ... Maddison ate all her piece and most of Aaron's while he was dancing around being silly!!
After the kids were in bed we had a soak in the hot tub :-)
So that was our day. We had fun helping Roanna celebrate. :-)
I have FINISHED my bits and bobs for Scrap-n-Crop's August kit of the month :-) (I had a very late night last night and finished it off this afternoon). I managed to get 7 LO's out of this kit, only have a few scraps left!
Here's a few more sneaks of another couple of LO's.

I just love those little owl brads ... it's worth getting the kit just for them heheeee ;-)

Check the SnC gallery for all the sneaks.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2 days left

To finish up with the August kit for Scrap-n-Crop!! I only started working with the kit yesterday! (so organised lol) ... have done a few LO's though. Here's some sneaks of 2 of them.
Aren't those little owl brads just the cutest :-)
Those little trees are cut out from Michael Miller fabric paper :-)
How lucky that I just happen to have the Maya Road owl stamp to match the Maya Road chipboard shapes heheee :-)

Check out what Sharmaine has done in the SnC Gallery. I will be back on Saturday (hopefully) with the full reveal ... if I have got it all finished!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sneaks for Kinda Sweet

Here's a sneak of what I have been up to :-)
Kinda Sweet gave me a pile of papers, including the new Graphic 45 releases (very nice!) to play with while on holiday, so I have done a few LO's and a bunch of cards.

Once they are up on Kinda Sweet's blog I'll reveal them here.
Thanks for looking.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Turning 2

(Sorry - photo overload!)
Oh Saturday this little poppet turned 2! I can't believe 2 years have gone so quick actually. Morning started off with the usual breakfast ...
with a bit of cheekiness thrown in!
Playing "noses" with Daddy :-)

And then the presents! ... Spot the gumboots LOL. For some reason she was trotting around in these for a bit hehehee A dolls pram from Nana & Grandad.
And a very special ladybug card (Maddison loves ladybugs). I like the expression of "WOW" on her face.
Card from J, R & cousin J. It had a picture of a kitten on the front and she calls cats "wow-wow" ... her language for meow heheheee That's what she was saying when I took the photo.

They gave her a book about sheep and she spent a while sitting on the step reading it :-) (out loud to her baby sometimes!)

We gave her a Baby Born doll and front carry pack.
I think she was pretty pleased with it :-)

Roanna's present had chocolate ladybugs on it! Maddison is counting them here :-) (four and five gets repeated alot)
There were socks in the parcel, she had a new pair on and we found her putting another pair on her baby.

Little friends G & Z in Auckland sent her some butterfly wings.
Lets just say we laughed a LOT watching her dance around heheheee :-)
A & R and cousins T, M & D gave her baby accessories.
M & K and cousins C & E gave her a book (she was actually trying to quickly shut the book here so cousins couldn't see it!!)
Grandma & Grandad gave her more baby accessories :-) (I hope we have room in our cases to cart all this loot home!)
And of course we had to have a ladybug cake!

Finally got that last candle blown out :-)
I had a muffin left over so made a little ladybug for her to eat all on her own! She attacked the spots first :-) (Chocolate buttons covered in 100's and 1000's)

Very nice :-)
Having one of Roanna's happy face muffins while attending to her baby :-)
She had a sleep after lunch and when she woke up (with major bed hair!) She spent some time inspecting baby D with cousin M.
This was so funny - cousin M was putting her baby on the potty (which plays a musical tune!) and Maddison was telling him to 'ssshhhh' because of baby D. LOL

Later on I caught her putting her baby in baby D's baby seat!

We had a lovely day and it was extra special having both sets of grandparents there (and Daddy of course!). :-)
If you have made it this far I think you deserve a chocolate! :-)

New Baby Hugs

I knew Maddison would just love her new little cousin to bits! We went and visited my sister and baby D on Thursday afternoon while they were still in hospital and Maddison was so funny. She had a good poke at him while Grandma was having a hold then demanded to hold the baby herself and promptly sat on the floor with her arms out! LOL After she held him for a bit and Aaron was having a look too, she said very loudly "NO, AWAY" (meaning go away) to him! Obviously she thinks little baby D is hers! LOL

She did let Aaron have a peek at him though a bit later. ;-)

Here's big brother T having a hold on Saturday.

And little big brother M :-) heheeee (M and Maddison have fights over this new baby!!)

On Friday there was a bit of re-organising of Grandma's garden going on as well by 2 little people! Aaron was "replanting" the carrots from the vege garden up near the path by the garage door!

And of course there's no show without Punch! She does like to 'help'!!

I have been busy mucking about really! Enjoyed having Lyndon back for the week - it went all too quick. But we'll see him again in another 3 weeks or so, not so long apart this time :-)
I see Sharmaine has been busy and has finished her stuff for Scrap-n-Crop's August kit! HELP ... I haven't even started yet! Oh well, I have 4 days left I suppose :-) hehehee (nothing like putting myself under a bit of pressure).
Birthday post coming up, then I am OUT OF HERE ;-)