Saturday, August 29, 2009

Last photo post before we head home ...

We are at friends, so I am using their wireless broadband to update. Will be the last time before we head back to KL next week.
So this will be quick ... still lots of photos though heheeeheee ;-)
Saturday 22nd ... beaut day. My Dad got the 4 wheeler bike out of the shed and Aaron had the ride of his life all round the lawn :-)

Mum had been busy baking and made these cool cookies - faces on sticks.
My sister and her 'boys' came in for the day (birthdays to celebrate you know!) so late afternoon we had a photo shoot. Was a bit of a laugh ... we got lots of dud shots, but there were some good ones amongst it hehehee
Like I say - you can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear !!! LOL
Party time at tea time ... there were tigers ...
and Monkeys ...
Lady bugs!
and bees! :-)
Baby D just looked on with a smirk on his face LOL
My sister and I shared a cake. She made it - carrot cake ... absolutely delicious.
Party hats don't do much for double chins!
Monday afternoon we left Mum and Dad's at 9am (amazing aye!) and headed for Christchurch. We had a few stops. One was after lunch at Riverstone Kitchen just north of Oamaru. What an amazing place (or should I say places!) There were quite a number of sheds full of home decor goodness. Also a cafe and kids play area. Here's one of the sheds with a 'western' themed frontage to it.
An old truck.
After that Aaron informed us it was an awful long way to Nanas house wasn't it ;-) so Grandma came to the rescue with some toys. A loader for Aaron, and
Potato Head for Maddison.
We made it to Nana and Grandads though. Much excitement!.
Tuesday we met some friends at the museum and had lunch at the playground in Hagley park.
Aaron discovered the water fountain!
In the afternoon they went out with Nana to help feed the baby lambs she's feeding.
Up close and personal heheheee
Wednesday found Aaron 'helping' Grandad and Daddy work on Grandad's boat he's re-building. Aaron's job was screwing screws into the dashboard LOL (I asked if he was allowed to do that and Grandad informed me there wasn't a lot of choice heheheee) ;-) The things Grandad's put up with! LOL

The BIG Boss Man getting the motor all sorted, tuning, revving it etc. etc.!! LOL
More screws!
Thursday Aaron discovered the saw!!
and a pair of scissors LOL
After he'd been outside for a couple of hours he came inside to open his birthday presents! A moon hopper from Nana & Grandad.
A Thomas book from Uncle M & Aunty K and cousins (he's inspecting a paper cut from the card envelope)
100 coloured pencils from Aunty Roady-Ranna!! (that should keep him busy!)
Noddy set from Grandad & Grandma.
There were balloons to play in and get all tangled up!
Dinosaur cake!
Dino cookies (I call them ridgeback dinos and Lyndon called them parakeets!)
Juice boxes for the kids :-)
Cousin J showing Aaron a few tricks on how to get the last drops of juice!
Huffing & Puffing trying to blow out the candles.
Ahhhh finally managed it all on his own.
Kids sugar boost!
But these were very popular!

A neat book from Uncle J, Aunty R and cousin J. Aaron's reading it to cousin J and little friend Trelise.
Nana took the kids out to see the baby lamb and Aaron's telling them ALL about it hehee
Some of them had a ride in Grandad's big white truck :-)
Here's the little cherubs all lined up! Curtis, Aaron, Maddison, Daniel, Charlotte, Trelise, Cousin J.
Saying good bye to Cousin J ... ohhhh so sweet.
Cousin J wasn't sure about giving Maddison a hug though! LOL (obviously didn't want girl germs!)
So that's been our week so far. Yesterday and today have been fairly relaxing ... tonight we are out at friends and I am being very rude sitting here doing this! So I am out of here now. Be back next weekend when we are back in KL.
Thanks for visiting. Have a great week next week. :-)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Last sneaks ...

This time of a mini album I've made from the September kit for Scrap-n-Crop.

Check the SnC's Gallery for all the sneak peeks from Sharmaine & I, and I'll be back on the 1st with the full reveal of what I've created :-)
Thanks for visiting.