Friday, June 26, 2009

More Sneak Peeks

For Scrap-n-Crop's July kit. Full reveal on 1 July :-)
Butterfly House LO sneak
Mount Cook LO sneak #1
Mount Cook LO sneak #2
Autumn LO sneak

Thanks for looking.
Hope to be back with an update on what the kids have been up too while I have been away early next week! :-)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sneak Peeks

For Scrap-n-Crop's July kit. I've been working away on it the last week ... still not quite finished, but nearly! I've been scrapping some photos of Mum's for her albums. :-) Save me carting the papers etc. back home again :-)

Cherish LO sneak #1
Cherish LO sneak #2
Sunset LO sneak #1
Sunset LO sneak #2
Grandsons LO sneakThanks for looking :-)

Monday, June 22, 2009

More Beach Antics

On Saturday we went to a different beach. The weather was a bit patchy in the morning, but it cleared in the afternoon so we went to collect some stones! (Just cause we can LOL).
The wind was a little nippy, so the kids had their jackets, hats and waterproof pants on as well as their gumboots! They weren't much interested in collecting stones ... the water was by far more attractive to them!
And yes they both got wet boots and socks and trousers ... and sleeves!!! (this time I did have a change of clothes for them both!) :-)

Aaron looks pretty pleased with himself about something :-)

Maddison's not! LOL hehehee don't think she liked having wet gummies LOL Just look at her face!

I am off to Auckland today ... for a week. Leaving the little cherubs with Grandma and Grandad! Hope they survive (the grandparents I mean, not the kids LOL). :-) I have a sneaky suspicion that when I get back Grandma and Grandad will need a wee holiday ... on their own! LOL Fingers crossed anyway that the kids behave the majority of the time (trying to be realistic because there's no way they will behave all of the time!) ;-)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A 5th Birthday Party

The day started out like this ...
You can tell there's kids at Grandma & Grandad's can't you! They haven't put the toys away!!
Need a seat warmer if you are going to ride this trike!

Aaron & Maddison are really enjoying tormenting, oh sorry that should be "playing", with Grandma's cat 'Lilly'.

Aaron telling Maddison to "shush, not so loud in Lilly's ear'!! hehehee
In the evening we went to my nephew T's 5th birthday party. Grandma made him a John Deer cake with a trailer load of hay bales :-)

Not sure who's blowing the candles out here LOL. I think M had a wee turn! "Helping" you know!
T enjoyed the "fence".
And Aaron just had to help with the unwrapping of some of the parcels!!

This present was actually a dino book from Grandma and it was quite amusing because when T opened it he said "I've already got this Grandma, but I can keep it as a spare!" LOL what a hoot.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Our 3rd Week

3 weeks ago we left KL! I can hardly believe it. Time is just zooming past.
Aaron has been helping Grandma in the kitchen a bit (probably a bit of a hindrance than a help! But anyway!). Here he's washing the carrots and getting himself rather wet in the process.
On Thursday we met my sister in town and picked up M as she had an appointment. So we went to the Museum to see if Henry the Tuatara was out sunbathing LOL.
Henry lives in an area like this one.
Aaron and M checking out the info board with skeleton & eggs.
Henry was no where to be seen, but these little fellows were. :-) They were quite active.
Maddison spent ages looking and chatting to one little fellow through the glass. Don't know if you can see in this photo, but he was right up close looking at her. She was fascinated.
After that we walked through the rest of the museum (quickly as you do if you have me or the kids with you LOL). We walked through here and this seal "rose"up from behind the rock and barked. Maddison thought it was a dog and Aaron insisted it was a shark for a bit, hehehe, but we showed him another seal and so then he got his story right to tell Grandad all about it!!
Aaron told me straight away that these were kiwis.
And these were penguins.
They spent a few minutes watching "The World's Fastest Indian".
Then home for Maddison to have a sleep and after lunch the boys spent ages outside on the trikes. I don't think I need to explain the "glee and excitement"! You can see it on their faces.

Love M's legs heeheee

After a while doing that they came round to the deck and Aaron had his first go at a trike with pedals! M took charge of the tractor.

This afternoon Grandma took the kids to a local playground. When they got home Aaron informed me that he climbed on the wire bridge but Maddison couldn't cause she was too little! LOL

She was determined all the same to do things herself!
She climbed a LOT of stairs all by herself ... didn't want any help thank you very much.

Just so she could go down this slide.
It was big and steep! Mum took a little video clip of Maddison coming down it and it's funny because Aaron was yelling out "Maddison wait for me, I come" and she's saying "NO" and heads off down the slide on her own. hehehee (I will see if I can load it up tomorrow.)
I have just realised now I have put all these photos in here that I have missed out a day! A very important one! Cousin T's 5th birthday!!! So I will do another post another day about that! Too tired now.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Saturday Fun

13th June - The day started with a bit of this! Digging up Grandad's drive!! Spot Aaron's boot resting on the shovel LOL
Some coffee caramel pinwheel scones ...
Aaron checking out Grandma's computer and wondering why he can't find "his" favourites under Grandma's list LOL
After lunch we jumped in the van and went out to my Dad's "hide out". Aaron was very excited and kept asking where Grandad was (he was in the truck in front of us!).
So when we got there we had to try out Billy Goat Gruff's bridge and inspect the little island.
Kids up the front with Grandad!
So much exploring to do! Birds nests ...
Beds in the loft.
Ladders to climb up and down!
Places to run ...
BLUE BLUE skies!
Sand to write your name in!
Old maimai's to check out (maimai is a southern term for a duck shooters hide out!!)
Reflections to admire.

This is a small overview of Dad's project ... there's 3 lakes he's created (they aren't full yet), he's transplanted 146 cabbage trees along the fence line and there's a little hut there that he can disappear too when the grandkids get too much! LOL :-)
After we had explored all around there we went to the beach ... shells, sand, water and waves ... what more could a kid want??
Water temperature is a bit different to Pangkor Island :-) LOL

Yes it did come up over the gummies ...
Maddison fell over so after that was happy to play on the sand.
And then of course no show without Punch! Aaron had to fall over as well ;-)
Time to go home!
So strip off and home in their singlets! Good job it was a beaut day :-)
And we were SOOOO lucky we did all that because the next day the weather packed a sad! The lawns didn't get mowed, but we had fun exploring :-)