Tuesday, June 16, 2009

11 June 2009

Our last day at Nana & Grandads! Aaron was up early, so we went out to the dining room and watched the sun rise while we had our breakfast. After breakfast and I had the bags pretty much repacked I went to town with Maddison to get a couple of things and Aaron was very brave and went with Nana and Grandad in the big truck to feed the stock. I didn't see them come back, so just before we had lunch I got him to stand on the truck so I could get a photo :-)

Later in the afternoon I woke the kids up from their sleep and we went to the airport to fly down to Invercargill to my parents. Kids watching the the bags being loaded on the plane. I was very sensible and asked for someone to help me herd the kids to the plane as we had to walk across the tarmac!! Aaron was like a chattering parrot! He held the lady's hand and woffled all the way! So knowledgeable he was about everything that was happening hehee
My family were all at the airport to met us :-) Was fun watching the cousins playing. After tea they jumped in the hot tub with Grandma to warm up before getting their pj's on.

With Cousin's T & M.
And then story time before bed. Here's M reading Aaron a story LOL (he's 3 months younger than Aaron!!).
A very busy day.
Check back for another update tomorrow!

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