Monday, June 22, 2009

More Beach Antics

On Saturday we went to a different beach. The weather was a bit patchy in the morning, but it cleared in the afternoon so we went to collect some stones! (Just cause we can LOL).
The wind was a little nippy, so the kids had their jackets, hats and waterproof pants on as well as their gumboots! They weren't much interested in collecting stones ... the water was by far more attractive to them!
And yes they both got wet boots and socks and trousers ... and sleeves!!! (this time I did have a change of clothes for them both!) :-)

Aaron looks pretty pleased with himself about something :-)

Maddison's not! LOL hehehee don't think she liked having wet gummies LOL Just look at her face!

I am off to Auckland today ... for a week. Leaving the little cherubs with Grandma and Grandad! Hope they survive (the grandparents I mean, not the kids LOL). :-) I have a sneaky suspicion that when I get back Grandma and Grandad will need a wee holiday ... on their own! LOL Fingers crossed anyway that the kids behave the majority of the time (trying to be realistic because there's no way they will behave all of the time!) ;-)


Penny said...

Ha ha!! Love M's face. ;)

Janine said...

Enjoy your trip to Aucks. I agree with Penny that face on Miss M is priceless. Love that cake in the post below, how cool is that? Love what kids think and say, the comment about having a spare book was funny.

Serene Ho said...

Have a great holiday in Auckland (tho I'm a tad late! LOL! I'm sure your kids will be fine. Love the pouting face picture!

Anonymous said...

time is just zooming past for me as well as you ... looks like the kids are having a good time; hope you are too ... are we all set for Monday?? email me with the details ok???