Friday, April 30, 2010


Lyndon got back from Singapore late last night ... he phoned me about 9.30pm to ask if the local Doctors was open. Ahhhh no it closes at 9pm, what's up?
Oh I just had a wee accident and cracked my head on the boot of the taxi! It's quite messy and I think it might need attention.
So I rang the hospital closest to us (which coincidentally is the one where I am going to be delivering bump #3) and they had an accident & emergency department. So he came home and got the taxi driver to wait while he dropped off his bags and exchanged a very sodden blood soaked pile of hankies and tissues for something clean and off he went.
I should have taken a photo of him before I had cleaned up all the blood that had run down his face and in his hair! But you can tell by his shirt that his face must have been pretty messy!

And here's a couple of before and after shots. Not sure how many stitches he got underneath all those butterfly strips. He was very pleased they didn't shave his head hehehee

Aaron was funny this morning. He went into the bedroom to see Lyndon and saw his stitches and came running back out to me and said "Mummy, Daddy has hurt his grey head!!" LOL
Lyndon is passing his trip off to the hospital as a trial run in case I go into labour early! Hahaaha
Meanwhile back in the craft jungle ... I have been playing with a few new toys! (I think these may be my early mothers day presents hehee) I bought some of Tim Holtz new alteration dies ... they are awesome. Really enjoying them. I've been using my cuttlebug and cut the covers and the ornamental shape out of heavy chipboard and the internal pages are just out of cardstock. I could cut 2-3 pieces of cardstock at a time no problems and cutting the chipboard was nearly like cutting butter! Sweet! :-)

So now I have a little mini album all ready to go. Just need to choose patterned paper and run that through with the die for the covers and then I can put it together and bind it with my zutter. :-)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

3 weeks

Till due date.
Getting heavy, feeling the heat more, the bigger I get the shorter my temper seems to get!, baby has dropped, but hasn't engaged yet, there must still be room to move in there because the baby sure hasn't slowed down!, getting annoyed that I keep misjudging how big my belly actually is when going in and out from the laundry! Going to the Dr's this afternoon for another checkup.
Maddison has finally said what she thinks the baby will be ... she says a boy, Aaron is still convinced it's a girl :-) hehehee I asked Aaron what he thought we should call the baby then since he thinks it's a girl (and we still haven't decided on a girls name!). His suggestion this morning was "we should call 'him' Maddison's baby"!!! LOL (He gets his 'her's & him's' mixed up hehehee).
50% chance one of them will be right in their guess anyway! I have no idea. And no I don't want to know. There has to be some surprise factor in there doesn't there?? ;-)
So far I know he/she has lots of hair, is busy, likes doing hand stands and kicking my internal organs up towards my throat.
What I don't know is if it's a boy or girl, whether it has big wide feet like Aaron, or tiny little feet like Maddison, red hair or dark hair, loud or soft cry (although if they want to be heard I suppose it will have to be loud especially if the other two are around!!), so many things to find out!! :-) Looking forward to it all actually.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Scrap-it-Lah 6th & Final Challenge for April

Here's my entry for Scrap-it-Lah's 6th and last blog hop challenge for April. Go here to read about the challenge - you still have a couple of days to submit - entries close on the 30th of April.

Jessy's challenge was to draw inspiration from a photo of a cupcake. For some reason as soon as I saw the wrapping around the cupcake I immediately thought of Hambly overlays :-) So that's what I used at the top and bottom of my LO - I painted the back of them bright yellow and I think it really makes a statement!! heheee. The flower on the top of the cupcake was pretty cool so I used yellow Prima flowers and backed with them with a brown one to tone in with the Hambly & used yellow brads for the centres instead of pearls. The butterfly's I glimmer misted with Tattered Angels daffodil.
Here's a close up of flower & butterfly.
I haven't done as much scrapping as I would have liked this month ... it's been a good thing that Scrap-it-Lah have had 6 challenges to be honest!! Because I think that's all I have managed to achieve. The chances of me getting all our holiday photos scrapped before the baby arrives is looking a very impossible task! (and one I am not going to fret about either!) The trouble is when I wake up I am filled with energy and enthusiasm and by the time I get the kids to school ... or 10am if they are at home ... I am exhausted! LOL Anyway they are back to school today, no new cases of the virus have been reported, so hopefully it's safe! And I can do some playing this morning. :-)
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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mini Album completed ...

Well as much as I can without any photos :-)
This pic shows off the pattern on the overlay better

But this is more the true colours of the album - kind of distracting seeing all the things on the following page though sorry.
Back of cover ... on hind sight I wish I had used vintage photo distress ink on the back of the pattern paper I pleated then it wouldn't look so stark white! Oh well live and learn! :-)
A little pocket with a tag and ...
I plan to journal on the tag date, time, weight etc. details of the baby (that's why the clock stamp!) :-)
The little paper clip holding the tag in place on the right page we embossed with distress embossing powder. They came up looking very cool.

And back cover.
I haven't added too many rub-ons yet as I'll wait and see what colour to use :-) Then I can make it more girly or boyish depending on what "pops out"!! hehehee

Friday, April 23, 2010

Some Random Bits & Pieces

Remember the happy mail I got a few days ago ... well this also came with it :-) Scrap-n-Crop had an egg hunt on their website (not going to tell you how long it took me to find the 15 egg pictures), and I won :-) Woo Hoo I got a pile of Chatterbox goodies and some delicious chocolates! Aaron took this photo of me ... it was the least blurry!

Here's a random picture of Maddison yesterday - she went to sleep on my knee in the afternoon so I just laid her on the couch and about 15 minutes later she had moved and was sleeping like this!
This morning I've had fun :-) I went to Scrappingville to do a mini album class with Piradee Talvanna. I haven't quite finished it yet, but I will blog some pics when I do (hopefully tomorrow). But you can see Piradee's sample here. Mine looks a little bit different (of course!) because (a) I haven't been to Italy, let alone any place in Europe and (b) I wanted to be able to use the album, so I have done it with this new baby in mind. It's browns, greens, a little bit of blue and orange. Hopefully it will do for either a boy or girl. I can add in other coloured embellishments later on anyway to suit whichever it is :-)
Here's a pic of me (being the beached whale on the right) with Sharon (owner of Scrappingville on the left) and Piradee (teacher in the middle).

The kids stayed at school for the crèche programme after school today as I knew I wouldn't be finished the mini album class within 2 hours. And when I picked them up I was told that school is closed next Monday and Tuesday as they have been informed 4 students have got H1N1 virus. A bit scary really. The 4 kids that have the virus weren't from either Aaron or Maddison's class, but still it's close enough I suppose. So will have to phone the Dr this afternoon and find out if there's any precautions we need to take.
On that note I will go and put my feet up ... I do not like having fat ankles and for some reason with this baby I have started getting them this week! Ugggghh ... didn't have them with the other 2! Less than 4 weeks to go though :-)
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Scrap-it-Lah 5th Challenge for April

Here's my entry for Scrap-it-Lah's 5th blog hop challenge. Go here to read about the challenge - you still have to time to submit - entries close on the 25th of April.

I have used OLD stash on this one ... feels good actually hehee Rose Moka patterned paper I bought last year, but I think it's a really old line. The big metal alphas (Bazzill Basics) were part of the goodie bags from when I went to Creative Escape in Singapore this time a year ago. The other smaller circle alphas (I have NO idea what brand they are) have been in my stash since ... ummmm ... forever! Same with the little yellow buttons! The cardstock is some I bought with me from NZ! ;-)
And it's another page completed for our holiday album - with journaling this time even!
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Have to record this

Tonight Aaron took a while to settle in bed. Maddison went to sleep fairly quickly, but he came out of the room a few times with silly excuses. Anyway the last time he complained that his toes were hurting! So I put him up on the vanity in the bathroom and had a look at his toes and he showed me which ones ... so I gave the nails a little trim (they looked fine to me!). LOL
In the mean time he's looking at himself in the mirror and he frowns and looks at me and says:
"Where do these come from Mummy?"
"Where do what come from Aaron?"
"These spots on my face"
"Oh, they are called freckles and they are very special because they are kisses from the sun. See, Mummy has lots too and not just on her face, on her arms and legs as well."
"Ohhhhhh, what are they called again?"
"And the sun kissed me?"
"Yes" :-)
So he got back into bed with some newly trimmed toe nails and whispering to himself about sun kisses hehehee :-)
I must take a close up photo of his face again so I can scrapbook this little conversation because he's got lots more freckles over the last month or so. That's probably why he's suddenly noticed them again. Nearly too many to count now! (I used to be able to!)

Happy Mail

I ordered Tim Holtz's new book and it arrived today :-) I got some other goodies as well, but you'll have to wait to see them! I got Aaron to take some photos on my little camera (the one that takes 3 photos before the batteries are flat!) and then of course Maddison wanted a turn, so this is one of her pics that I have cropped (a lot!). ;-)

I have had a look through the book and it's pretty neat ... I can see I need to sit down and spend some time playing ... hummm wonder when that will happen!! The only thing I was surprised at was it's quite a thin book ... for some reason I had it in my head it was really thick. But it's still very cool beside that! :-) Got lots of ideas in it.
This week Lyndon is in India ... next week he's in Singapore. Then I think he better be staying around KL till this baby makes his/her appearance! heheehee The baby has been given STRICT instructions to just stay put for at least 2 weeks, but I don't think that will be a problem as both Aaron & Maddison were late babies!
Okay better go as it sounds like I need to sort out the squealing that's coming from the other room!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Scrap-it-Lah 4th Challenge for April

Here's my take for Scrap-it-Lah's 4th blog hop challenge for April. You can read about the challenge here ... if you want to participate you have till midnight on the 20th April. :-)

When I read the conditions of this challenge my jaw dropped a bit, because I didn't think I could do it - not being a layering kinda of scrapper (especially in my holiday album!). Anyway I managed and actually achieved more than the required 10. :-)
1. Bazzil - light pink cardstock (base and journaling strips)
2. Prima - lime & pink stripe paper, piece of cream fancy felt mattie
3. Chatter Box - pink, green & white stripe & plain pink paper
4. Sassafras - green with pink edge border trim
5. My Mind's Eye - flourish rub-on
6. Heidi Swapp - pink flower
7. American Crafts - pink alphas thickers
8. Robin Nest - pink & green dew drops
9. KaiserCraft - lime pearls
10. Maya Road - white pompom trim
11. Creative Imaginations - pink self adhesive paper lace
12. Scenic Route - chipboard 'sweet' circle
13. Cake shop - small doily
14. Tattered Angels - cherub pink glimmer mist (on doily)
15. Tim Holtz Distress Ink - worn lipstick (on journaling strips)
16. Source unknown - pink & green fibre
17. Martha Stewart - doily edge punch
I think that's covered everything!
Another page for our holiday album :-)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Scrap-it-Lah 3rd Challenge for April

Here's my take for Scrap-it-Lah's 3rd blog hop challenge for April. You can read about the challenge here ... you still have time to participate :-)

One more page done for our holiday album! Used up some OLD stash (as well as a little bit of newish stuff) - patterned paper, 'Grandma' rub-on, Jenni Bowlin milk & cream buttons and some baking stickers :-) The chipboard baking things in the bottom right corner are newish from Maya Road, I sprayed them with glimmer mist. (When I say newish - I mean this year!) :-)

15 years ago ...

Lyndon and I had a busy day :-) We looked like this ...

and snigger snigger ...
today we look like this!!! LOL
We took some photos this morning before Lyndon went to work, and I should have really been on a little stool! Maybe then Lyndon's arms would have fitted around me hehehee
There's been a few changes in 15 years wouldn't you say! ;-) 15 years ago I had BIG glasses and skinny waist ...
Today I have skinny glasses and a BIG waist! sigh ... Who would have thought I would be 35 weeks pregnant on our 15th wedding anniversary!

I think the most notable change with Lyndon is his hair! (I will say no more hehee)

Our 10th wedding anniversary I was about 20 weeks pregnant with Aaron ... 5 years on from then look at these little rascals! :-)
The kids are back to school today after a week and a half's holidays. YeeHaa for me :-) Aaron took his/Daddy's (who's ever it is!) dinosaur skeleton to school and Maddison decided to take Piglet (she's trying to tie a wet wipe 'scarf' around his neck hehee).
So I am off to get some tidying up done around here while the kids are at school this morning and hopefully I will have some time to scrap this afternoon.
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


We didn't get to the playground yesterday to play with the bubble machines, so we went this morning instead. Unfortunately the one that Aaron wanted to use (a bubble gun) wasn't working so they had to share the other battery one!
This battery operated one Maddison is using here is really cool - the only downside is that the tray quite frequently gets kicked over and the bubble mixture spilled! (One seems to need a HUGE bottle of bubble mixture for these kids hehee)

Maddison having a turn with the blowing wand.

While Aaron has the battery one.

Oh another type of blowing wand to try!
Maddison cracked me up ... she would hold the wand so close to her lips that 80% of the time it would touch her face and then of course there'd be no bubbles when she'd blow!
Found a place in the shade!
Lots of fun ... just a shame it's so jolly hot for me!
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Busy Birthday Morning ...

Warning - as usual lots of photos!
It's my Darling's ___ birthday today :-) He was woken at 6.30am by Aaron getting into bed beside him heheee He took the day off so we've had a busy morning!
While Lyndon was receiving birthday phone calls and checking emails the kids iced and decorated a little mini banana loaf each for his birthday cake.
Sieving the icing sugar.

Aaron doing one of his numerous taste tests!!
Mixing in water & vanilla essence.
I put the icing on the loaf and gave them a little dish of heart & star sprinkles and chocolate drops to use for decorating (or eating as the case may be!!).

Then the left over sprinkles & choc drops got consumed with a teaspoon of left over icing! :-)
After Lyndon had finished with his phone calls the kids gave him the cards & pictures they made yesterday (nearly gone through another 6 bottles of glitter glue!!).
Opening first present ... Aaron picked this one out all by himself!
Yep ... a packet of smarties! heheee
A dinosaur excavation kit,
Aaron hadn't seen it before, but here he is telling Daddy ALL about it anyway hehee
Some watch magazines :-) (the only present really for Lyndon himself LOL)
And some foam thingy-me-jigs that you put together ... one was a crocodile and one was a crab.
Nearly finished the crab ... love the way Maddison is sitting!!! ;-)
Then time for some excavating ... the boys looking for dinosaur bones and Maddison getting into the smarties packet on the quiet :-)
Found the head.
Daddy was in charge of the knife & Aaron was in charge of brushing away the dirt and cleaning the bones :-)
Excuse me Daddy ... look what I found!
After all the hard excavating it was time for cake :-)
Daddy never got a look in to blow out the candles! :-)
And that's just been our morning! :-)
I suspect there might be bubble blowing later on in the playground. After all what else are birthday's for apart from things to entertain kids!! ;-)