Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A month has gone by ...

I've been a bit slack at updating my blog recently.  Can't believe it's been a month since I last posted though!  Wow the days are going fast!!

So I'll just do a photo dump from where I left off last time ;-)  Most of these photos are making their way into my Project Life album.

Maddison had a dress up day at school for Chinese New Year on 13th Feb.

14th Feb - Valentine's Day parcels for their class mates (I made jam drop cookies for them to take).

Aaron putting his cards into envelopes that morning!

Samuel playing with one of Lyndon's robots.

Playing battleships one night before bed.

17th Feb - I took a self timer pic of Lyndon and I for the front page of our Project Life album.
And one of Maddison :-)
Visit to the Dr for Samuel ... drinking dirty water from Tom Turtle's tank is not the best idea little man!!

Lyndon tries to take a pic now when he's away for work for our PL album :-)  This one he was at a mine in West Australia.

21st Feb - Mum's dinner out with some of the Mum's from Aaron's class.  I had Roast Duck and pear salad.  Was very nice.  
 22nd Feb - Mum's dinner out with the Mum's from Maddison's class.  (getting to be a bit of a party animal haha!)  This was my desert ... I wouldn't recommend it (to be honest, I make better myself!)

25th Feb - Working on my PL journalling while waiting for Aaron at tuition.

Traffic that night coming home!  Crazy.

26th Feb - waiting at the pool while the Samuel and Maddison had swim lessons.

This time Aaron and Samuel played in the toddlers pool while Maddison had her lesson (won't be doing that again!!  Too distracting for her!)

27th Feb - Aaron wrote a list of goals ... all for the love of lego!  (not a love of "chors" or homework as you may think! haha)
28th Feb - class shopping with Maddison's class.  They earn "coins" for doing awesome work and good behaviour and at the end of the month they can spend it on some fun things we found.
After school that day the kids talked me into getting them kitkat icecream cones!!!  (kiss anyone?)  :-)

March - For March I decided to try and use the photo a day prompts from FatMumSlim blog.  The prompts are pretty neat actually and make you think about the best way to photograph it.  I am trying to use the prompt for something that's everyday for us, or something that will be happening that day, rather than create an opportunity just to get a photo for the prompt.  Some days I have missed, but generally it's working okay for me.  Also there are a couple which I am not blogging, so there are some gaps.

1st March - L is for ... Lyndon, light, love, latte! (and laundry hanging in the background!)

2nd March - I made this ... We went to a potluck BBQ with the NZ'ers associated with the school. This was the dessert I took, chocolate self-saucing pudding :-)
3 little boys watching the sausages cook :-)
3rd March - Key.  Keys in the ignition of my car.
 5th March - Under.  Got a photo of Samuel under the water during his swim lesson.
 6th March - Chair.
 7th March - swimming up at the infinity pool and watching the sun set.

Prompt for the 7th was Fear.  Lyndon trimmed my hair that night - fear I wouldn't be able to put it up afterwards!!!  He cut off about 30cm and yes I can still put it up!  ;-)

8th March - Favourite.  Favourite quiche (Maddison's letter of the week they were studying was Q and I was up to bring something starting with Q.)

9th March - Faceless self portrait.

9th was a Saturday.  In the morning Maddison, Samuel and I went to one of Samuel's friends birthday party and Lyndon and Aaron went off to do some man stuff!  Like trying on new sneakers and checking out lego!!  :-)

That afternoon Samuel fell off the chair at the computer and gave himself an awesome crosshatch bump on his head! 

Lyndon discovered the leak in the powder room!!

11th March - Important - Aaron at tuition.

12th March - in the distance.  Can't see much when it's raining!!  These 2 pics were taken about 2 minutes apart.  The rain was so heavy.
13th March -  Sound.  The sound of this new game on the i-Pad can drive you nuts!!
14th March - Tasty.  We bought these sausages for the BBQ we went to earlier in the month and the kids really liked them, so we've had them a couple of times since.  They are much tastier than the cheapo ones the kids usually have!  haha

I didn't hear or see it happen, so was rather a shock when I walked into our room and saw it.  Samuel heard me "exclaiming" and came running in and said to me "I soddy Mummy"!!  It's fixable, just needs a new mirror, but I was very sad as it was a wedding present from Lyndon's parents.

Enjoying an ice chocolate after walking Samuel to school.
16th March - 9 o'clock.  9pm and all 3 little cherubs fast asleep.
The kids had had a busy day.  Maddison had a friend over and we went swimming after lunch ... here they are inspecting what's over the edge of the infinity pool!

The boys had spent some time "creating" in the lego room.  It doesn't stay tidy for long!!

17th March - Green.  Plenty of rain here so a lot of green.

18th March - Shoes.  Line up of crocs and sneakers at the front door!

19th March - A sign.  A sign these two are growing when they want a piece of toast an hour after dinner!!

20th March - Clean.  Clean dishes drip drying :-)

Till next time!  Thanks for visiting and sorry for the photo overload!