Friday, August 30, 2013

7th and Last Week - 29th July to 3rd August 2013

Our holiday seemed to go really quick!  7 weeks seems like a while, but it sure came round fast to this last week!  This week Lyndon flew to Auckland for work early Monday morning.  Maddison and I took him to the airport.  Aaron and Samuel stayed home with Nana and Grandad.

Here they are having their breakfast and reading the news in front of the fire!!  ;-)

After Maddison and I had dropped Lyndon at the airport she went to have a sleep over at her cousins :-)  So exciting!  Her first sleepover!  :-)  On her first day they had lunch on the patio in the sun :-)

and played with playdoh on the front lawn :-)

I got home later that afternoon and Aaron had opened the gate all ready for me to drive in and had picked me a bunch of flowers :-)  I think he may have missed me!  ;-)

It was funny just having the boys without Maddison actually!  :-)

Samuel loved the lambs.  This little one the kids called "Chase" because he chased them around when he was let out of the pen.  Samuel of course thought that was just the best thing ever!  :-)

Grandad dropped a little brand new lamb off for Nana to feed.  Samuel helped it feel better!!

My sis-in-law sent me through some pics of what Maddison got up to during her sleepover :-)  She made pikelets for morning tea one day.

Went shopping with Aunty on her own while her cousins were at school.  (She bought herself some new pajamas!)  :-)

She lay on the floor and listened to cousin J read her a story :-)

She had a super time and even asked to stay an extra night!  :-)

Before we left KL I bought Samuel a new pair of sneakers as his old ones were a bit small and were quite worn at the front, but he wouldn't wear the new ones.  I tried several times, but had no luck!  So he just wore his old ones.  Finally I said he had to wear the new ones as he'd gotten the old ones all muddy and wet.  Well what a performance ... when I finally got them on his feet and he ran off screaming I noticed they had flashing lights along the soles of them.  So we pointed it out to him and showed him ... well you wouldn't believe it, but the tears stopped and oh my goodness all was well with the shoes then!!  (Wish I had known the shoes had flashing lights when I bought them!!)  He didn't wear them to bed that night ... but it was close!  hahaa  The next morning though, he had to put the shoes on before he had breakfast!!  ;-)

Bringing back the mail and newspaper for Nana and Grandad.  No jacket for Aaron because "I'll run fast Mummy"!

Love seeing two little boys following Nana around outside while she was checking on the new lambs :-)

I got a Sheppard's whistle for each of the kids ... thankfully they still need lots of practice to get them working properly hehee

The boys had been going with Grandad when he went to feed hay to the cattle.  So I went one day to take some pictures :-)

We went in the old truck and Aaron got to "drive" (steer) while Grandad feed out the hay on the back.

Note he did have his foot on the accelerator though!  ;-)

Mr Cool!  :-)

Lots of feeding little lambs :-)

Samuel trying to keep one lamp away while he's feeding another hehee

Grandad took Aaron eeling down at the creek.  They didn't catch anything, but Aaron thought it was pretty cool.

We had a playdate with friends after school one day :-)

And then came the packing!  6 bags, 3 car seats and 5 backpacks!  :-)  Not much really for 7 weeks!  hahaa

In the car on the way to the airport.

Checking in with Daddy.

Meal time on the plane.

View of Ayers Rock in Australia.

Another view of Australia ... we are a long time flying over that country!

Just passed it ... you can see the tip of Australia on the left :-)

And sleep for one little fellow!  :-)

So that was our holiday!  We had a fantastic time.  Kids really had a blast at both sets of Grandparents and loved being outside so much.  I am a little bit worried that when we move back to NZ they will be disappointed that life won't be one big holiday as they've known in the past hehee

Thanks for visiting.  :-)

6th Week - 22nd to 28th July 2013

A week filled with fun at Nana & Grandad's!  :-)  It involved ...

Helping Nana with the veges.

Putting together Maddison's 6th Birthday Cake :-)

A party with her cousins and some friends :-)

Cousin C built (mostly all by himself) an airplane for Maddison's birthday.  So awesome.

Lots of horsing about hehee

Watching baby lambs being born.

Playing in the tree hut.

Having fun with the bubble machine.

Rolling through the bubbles on the grass seemed to be the most fun!

Building new lego sets.

Bottle feeding baby lambs.

and cuddling them!

Climbing all over Grandad's old truck.

Helping use up the rest of Grandad's can of CRC!!

Water blasting the path to the clothes line.

Checking for eels in the creek by the front gate.  (I was secretly hoping one of them would fall in hehee ... for the photo opportunity of course!)  ;-)

This is my most favourite photo of Samuel feeding a lamb :-)  Just love his grin.

Tree hut all finished.  Very cool!

Awesome two weeks had with the cousins.  Sad to see C, E and L head back home.  Lucky we still have one more week on holiday though!!  :-)