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4th week - 7th to 14th July

Our last week with my family in Invercargill.  Lyndon arrived on the afternoon of the 6th.  Kids super excited to see him  (and me too of course!)  ;-)

On Monday 8th we went to Queenstown with my parents for a couple of days.  Aaron liked checking the map to make sure Grandad was going the right way!  :-)

The scenery was just fantastic all the way.  New Zealand really is a beautiful country.

We stopped at Kingston for lunch.  Kingston is at the bottom end of Lake Wakatipu.

This is a real typical picture of the kids and I!  Aaron and Maddison throwing sticks, Samuel watching and I'm collecting nice rocks :-)

Lake Wakatipu from Kingston.

The road up the side of the lake.

We went straight up the gondola as the kids really wanted to go on the luge again.

 Great views of the lake and mountains.

Unfortunately the luge track was all in the shade and it was FREEZING!  Man it was cold!!

These next pictures tell the story without me adding any words!  

After warming up and having a snack, we headed back down and went to find our hotel.  We were meeting up with friends and relations for dinner, so after unpacking we left Grandad having a snooze and Grandma came with us to have a game of 10 pin bowling.
 The kids had never played before ... it was so much fun just watching them!  :-)

Samuel and Maddison used this ramp for their ball.

And although it photo is blurry of Samuel I just love it.  It captures his excitement :-)  Every time he hit a pin he would throw his hands in the air and yell "yeah"  :-)

Glow in the dark stitching and rivets on the bowling shoes.

The next morning we were quite excited to see that it had snowed during the night :-)

Bridge over the Shotover River at Arthurs Point.

We drove up Coronet Peak as far as the Skippers Road turn off and the kids got wrapped up and had fun in the snow.  Someone had made a snowman.

Samuel didn't stay out too long, his fingers got so cold.

Hot air balloon over Arrowtown.

Snowball fights with Daddy!

Snow Angels

Aaron did some damage to the snowman so helped Dad repair it.

The road carrying on up to Skippers.

Gumboots FULL of snow!

Brushed off all the snow and headed back home.  More great scenery.  :-)

Grandma, Lyndon and Aaron went for a bike ride one afternoon.  Maddison and Samuel had to get in on the photo too :-)

Another afternoon they had sack rides on the lawn.

Lyndon finally managed to get Aaron off the sack hehee

Saturday lunch we had a combined birthday party for cousin D, Maddison and friend R.  After lunch Mum set up a string line of balloons and the kids had a pile of nerf guns to try and pop them.

After popping a few we had a treasure hunt, then back inside for cake :-)  Maddison's 3rd of the cake had a little pet shop character on it.  Cousin D had a bike and jeep and R had some shoes.

My sister and I did some "artwork" of the grandkids hand prints for my parents.  I haven't got a photo of it finished yet.  But the two eldest kids had their hands as "jellyfish" and the other 4 were fish.

I painted faces on them and added seaweed, stones and shells.

Doing Kumon with Daddy :-)

Be back another day with the next instalment!  3 weeks in Christchurch :-)
Thanks for visiting.

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