Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Photo Catch up

Here's a few photos from the last few days.
Aaron opened up presents from Uncles, Aunties and cousins on Saturday morning. His face says it all! One very happy, spoilt little boy!

These were little packets of lego men :-)

Lots of this happening over the weekend ...
I always check the kids before I go to bed and Saturday night ... look how Maddison was sleeping! Silly little chook.
Sunday brought the arrival of MORE presents.
We also went out for lunch on Sunday with friends and I took the camera and didn't take one photo :-(
On Monday morning we were down in the lobby waiting for Aaron's school bus and I saw the teachers arriving to the Montessori school Maddison goes to wearing traditional costumes! "Oh bother" I thought to myself! I knew I had to get an outfit for Maddison and had been looking, but hadn't found anything I liked and I didn't realise it was quite so soon! Whoops!
After we waved Aaron off on the bus we scampered back upstairs and I got Maddison to try on the little Indian outfit she wore last year (you can see those pics here ... man she's got taller - you can tell by the door handle!). The top of the dress was a little bit of a squeeze and it was a bit shorter, but she didn't seem uncomfortable with it! The best thing though was she wanted to wear all the outfit this time! :-) She spent quite some time in front of the mirror admiring herself and flapping her scarf and skirt about! hehee

Today has been a public holiday I haven't got a lot done! These two have been very busy playing all sorts of games ... at one stage Aaron was "having" a penguin baby (it was up under his shirt) and the next minute he'd given it to Maddison to feed. What made me laugh the most was he gave her the penguin and promptly lounged back on the couch with a book and she perched up beside him "breastfeeding" the penguin!!! hehehee (one very good reason why you don't wear dresses when you are breastfeeding LOL)!

(Ahh no he can't read those books yet! He's just pretending to be like his Daddy!) ;-)
The last week I have been busy scrapping and this afternoon I happened to look at Becky Higgins blog and she issued a photo challenge. So I thought I would take a photo from the couch in our computer/craft room.

Spill off from my desk to the couch! I seriously need to have a good tidy up! My craft desk isn't very big to start with, but I have been piling stuff up on one side and now all the working space that's left is a 12x12 size! That's a job for tomorrow I think.
Here's a peek at one of the LO's I've done. I did 5 all up for a submission to Darkroom Door as a Guest Artist :-)

Yeah ... I got my stamps out and got inky! What fun :-) I scrapped a couple of pages from our holiday last year, one from 2004, one of my pregnancy with Samuel, and one of Christmas 2008.
Other news ... washing machine still not fixed :-( I will be phoning the repair man first thing in the morning. He was supposed to email me through a quote last Thursday! Huh! Just useless. Doesn't help that Friday was a public holiday for their company and also today! But the rate things are going at the moment I'll be lucky to have a working washing machine by mid September!
Right best be off to bed. Thanks for visiting.

Friday, August 27, 2010

5 Years Old

Today is Aaron's 5th birthday, but before I get on to a complete post about him, I just wanted to share these pics of Miss 3!!!
Yesterday afternoon she fell asleep on the couch, so I put her to bed and woke her up at dinner time. Of course when it was bed time, she was far too bright eyed & bushy tailed to be going to sleep wasn't she! She spent some time watching me make the icing for Aaron's birthday cake then, after she'd licked the beater (and brushed her teeth!), we put her back to bed before I started icing the cake.

This is what I found when I went to bed hehee Look at the frown on her face! She had very cold legs too.

Anyway ... back to Aaron. 5 years ago ... this little guy entered the world at 1.24 pm, 13 days overdue and weighing 3.8kgs.

At 1 having his first taste of lollies & cake icing :-)
At 2 ... guarding his Bob the Builder cake ;-)
At 3 (here in KL) huffing and spitting out his candle on his Thomas the Tank Engine cake.
At 4 (at Nana & Grandad's) blowing and spitting out the candles on his dinosaur cake. :-)
And here's the creation for his 5th birthday. Nana & Grandad sent over some very cool cupcake toppers, so I "borrowed" a couple of traffic lights for the cake. The coloured stones are chocolate rocks :-) (quite tasty they are too!). Lyndon made the bridge out of cardboard and I just put icing on it and edged it with small choc rocks.

Lyndon had a holiday today so we took the cake down to Aaron's school at snack time this morning. (Excuse his hat ... school has a "no hat no play" rule and basically as soon as they leave the classroom they put their hats on ... I should have taken it off for the photos. Never mind.)

I have to tell you this ... remember this conversation a couple of weeks ago about "miss-direction"? Well this morning Lyndon and I were walking along the corridor after snack time was over and this man came out of a class room and said "Hello, you must be Aaron's parents. I'm Miss-Direction!" :-) :-) LOL I had told Aaron's teacher and she must have shared the story! Too funny :-)
Last night before going to bed he opened his present from Nana & Grandad ... this of course caused the most excitement!! I think he even slept with some of them!
And this morning before going to school he opened a couple of presents from us. Hotwheels track (no not the dinosaur one!) and ...

Crocs with a flashing light car button. (He was so funny when I put him on the bus this morning, he didn't look up at all, was too busy admiring his shoes and tapping his foot on the floor so the light flashed hehee ... the driver was very patient trying to get Aaron's seat belt on when Aaron kept trying to see past the driver to see his shoes LOL).
Nana also sent a Hamster ...
It manages to get stuck in all sorts of places!!!
After school today he spent ages playing with his hot wheels track and new cars.
He opened his presents from Grandma & Grandad ... Roary the Racing Car was a big hit. :-)
And we gave him a lego set :-)
I asked him what he wanted for dinner tonight ... sausages and chips! LOL Well that sure was easy to fix :-)
So he's gone to bed tonight a very happy little man and he knows he still got presents to open from Uncles & Aunties tomorrow! Yay for birthdays! :-)
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Birthday Cake ...

A certain little boy who turns 5 tomorrow has requested this cake for his birthday!!!

I explained to him that "no I wasn't going to make that because he wasn't going to be turning 8 years old!" Anyway on Monday night I asked him again "what cake did he want for his birthday" and he said "an 8 race track". So I said again that "no he was only going to be 5 years old so he couldn't have a number 8 cake".
Tuesday after he got home from school, I said "have you decided what cake you want for your birthday Aaron?" "Yes, I want an 8 racing car track cake". Sigh from me!!! "Aaron how old are you going to be on your birthday?" He gives me this very cheeky grin and says "I am going to be 8"!!!
I just laughed. I told Lyndon when he got back from India today and he grinned and said "ha he's too clever for you"! He's probably right!
So I have baked a single ring cake and I will make a racing car track, but it will NOT be a figure 8! I think why he really likes the above cake is because it has a bridge! So I will (with Lyndon's help) make a bridge across the hole in the centre of the cake and hopefully Mr 5 Years Old will be happy! :-)
Wish me luck! :-)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cards, Cards & More Cards

I've been on a card making spree the last week or so :-) Firstly I have been making sample cards for my class on 4th September at Scrap-n-Crop. You can read the details of the class on their blog here, and sign up here.
The class is full of ideas on how to use your stash :-) (yeah I know ... something I am not that great at, but I am trying! hehehee)
Aim is to make a bunch of cards in the class, but the kit contains heaps, including 2 loose Unity stamps :-) :-) Gotta love that!

Here's a couple of peeks of some of the cards we'll be creating.

I have used the papers from 2 kits and created this pile of cards ... 20 of them actually and I still have a little bit of patterned paper left over!

I'll even let you try out my new scissors :-) They are very cool :-)
Other cards I've been making are ...
More cats :-)
Trucks (which I have coloured over the lines because of a little girl trying to get under my arm!!!) Oh well just adds to the charm (well that's what I tell myself anyhow heehe)

These 10 little cards have all been made using my scrap stash, except for the circle pictures. I bought the pictures thinking they were cute for boy LO's, but when I actually sat down and looked at them I decided the reality of me actually using them on LO's was a big no! So I thought ... cards!! :-) Cardstock and patterned papers from my scrap bins and I punched out a scallop circle from more scraps to mount the picture onto. Super quick and easy and they are kinda fun I think.
So that's it from me today.
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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another year older

I still feel much the same as yesterday though! ;-)
Lyndon had the camera for a change today hehee The kids were very excited to open my presents!

Ahhhhh they know me well :-)
Here's my two little gourmet chefs! Yesterday Lyndon took the kids shopping so they could pick a present for me. They also went to the supermarket and picked out what they thought Mummy would like for lunch hehee :-) :-)

Pizza (bet it was Aaron that suggested that!) and ice cream (that would be Maddison!). Aaron picked out vanilla (that's my boy!) and Maddison picked out strawberry (I guess you might as well pick a flavour you like yourself!) heheee :-)
Lyndon really impressed me ... he'd even organised party hats!! :-)

Even Samuel had one :-)
As Maddison would say ... "Deeeeelicious" :-)
I made myself a cake last night, but Lyndon said he already got me one! hahaahaaa ... Oh well two cakes to scoff! ;-) I took some of the one I made to share with our friends this morning, so I don't need to be such a piglet!
He got a chocolate layer cake and very nice it was too. Lyndon asked what plate to put it on so I gave him one then he said what about candles. The only ones I had were these ones that I used for Maddison's princess cake :) So he put them all on (and no they don't stand for 40! ... not yet anyway!)

Dessert .... I left the strawberry ice cream for Maddison :-)
Samuel decided he'd had enough of being in his bouncer so he joined us at the table for dessert too :-)
I have been very spoilt ... didn't have to cook at all today and I even managed to have a snooze this afternoon! :-)
Thanks for visiting.