Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bed Time Ritual

First of all this is what I discovered when I got up this morning ... Samuel fast asleep, one arm out of his wrap and all the covers kicked off :-)
We generally always read the kids a story before lights out at bedtime. They each choose a story (sometimes 2 each depending on my mood and what the time is hehee). Tonight I got Lyndon to take some photos of what it's like when he's not around ... I knew I couldn't do it right with the camera timer and get myself, baby and 2 others sorted before the camera did it's click! haha
Aaron is always first with his story so I start reading that while Maddison mucks about choosing her story.

She's finally ready about half way through the story (see the pile of little books she's clutching!).
There's 6 in the set that she choose, and because they are about 5 pages each and have at the most 10 words on a page I read them all :-)
Lyndon also took some pics of the kids while I was reading.

hehehee Samuel sits nodding away on my knee :-)
Then when the stories are finished, it's lights out and I go and give Samuel another feed and tuck him into bed :-)
Nite all! Thanks for visiting.


Serene Ho said...

This is so nice! And look at Samuel's concentration. haha. He's going to love books when he grows up, that's for sure!

maria said...

Such a good idea to take those pictures. They will be so cherished over the years.


Penny said...

Samuel is looking keen :) Love his little pout.

Anonymous said...

I love this! I love that you took pics of your bedtime ritual ... you have inspired me to do the same. These are memories that will be forgotten if they are not preserved ... thanks for the reminder!

Oh, and can I just say, again ... your kids are SOOOOOO cute!!

Mrs Frizz said...

sitting here grinning ... fabulous photos, lovely bed time ritual ... love it!