Thursday, August 26, 2010

Birthday Cake ...

A certain little boy who turns 5 tomorrow has requested this cake for his birthday!!!

I explained to him that "no I wasn't going to make that because he wasn't going to be turning 8 years old!" Anyway on Monday night I asked him again "what cake did he want for his birthday" and he said "an 8 race track". So I said again that "no he was only going to be 5 years old so he couldn't have a number 8 cake".
Tuesday after he got home from school, I said "have you decided what cake you want for your birthday Aaron?" "Yes, I want an 8 racing car track cake". Sigh from me!!! "Aaron how old are you going to be on your birthday?" He gives me this very cheeky grin and says "I am going to be 8"!!!
I just laughed. I told Lyndon when he got back from India today and he grinned and said "ha he's too clever for you"! He's probably right!
So I have baked a single ring cake and I will make a racing car track, but it will NOT be a figure 8! I think why he really likes the above cake is because it has a bridge! So I will (with Lyndon's help) make a bridge across the hole in the centre of the cake and hopefully Mr 5 Years Old will be happy! :-)
Wish me luck! :-)


Mrs Frizz said...

and I'm sure that it is going to be stunning ... look forward to show and tell.

Happy birthday young man!

Serene Ho said...

Hey...if you can bake a volcano cake ... the birthday cake will turn out great too! It's funny Aaron wanted to fast forward his age just for the track. He's funny :)

Penny said...

Ha ha! :) I am sure you will rock the cake :) I already know what Tim wants... another train cake. At least my investment in a train cake pan has paid off.