Friday, August 27, 2010

5 Years Old

Today is Aaron's 5th birthday, but before I get on to a complete post about him, I just wanted to share these pics of Miss 3!!!
Yesterday afternoon she fell asleep on the couch, so I put her to bed and woke her up at dinner time. Of course when it was bed time, she was far too bright eyed & bushy tailed to be going to sleep wasn't she! She spent some time watching me make the icing for Aaron's birthday cake then, after she'd licked the beater (and brushed her teeth!), we put her back to bed before I started icing the cake.

This is what I found when I went to bed hehee Look at the frown on her face! She had very cold legs too.

Anyway ... back to Aaron. 5 years ago ... this little guy entered the world at 1.24 pm, 13 days overdue and weighing 3.8kgs.

At 1 having his first taste of lollies & cake icing :-)
At 2 ... guarding his Bob the Builder cake ;-)
At 3 (here in KL) huffing and spitting out his candle on his Thomas the Tank Engine cake.
At 4 (at Nana & Grandad's) blowing and spitting out the candles on his dinosaur cake. :-)
And here's the creation for his 5th birthday. Nana & Grandad sent over some very cool cupcake toppers, so I "borrowed" a couple of traffic lights for the cake. The coloured stones are chocolate rocks :-) (quite tasty they are too!). Lyndon made the bridge out of cardboard and I just put icing on it and edged it with small choc rocks.

Lyndon had a holiday today so we took the cake down to Aaron's school at snack time this morning. (Excuse his hat ... school has a "no hat no play" rule and basically as soon as they leave the classroom they put their hats on ... I should have taken it off for the photos. Never mind.)

I have to tell you this ... remember this conversation a couple of weeks ago about "miss-direction"? Well this morning Lyndon and I were walking along the corridor after snack time was over and this man came out of a class room and said "Hello, you must be Aaron's parents. I'm Miss-Direction!" :-) :-) LOL I had told Aaron's teacher and she must have shared the story! Too funny :-)
Last night before going to bed he opened his present from Nana & Grandad ... this of course caused the most excitement!! I think he even slept with some of them!
And this morning before going to school he opened a couple of presents from us. Hotwheels track (no not the dinosaur one!) and ...

Crocs with a flashing light car button. (He was so funny when I put him on the bus this morning, he didn't look up at all, was too busy admiring his shoes and tapping his foot on the floor so the light flashed hehee ... the driver was very patient trying to get Aaron's seat belt on when Aaron kept trying to see past the driver to see his shoes LOL).
Nana also sent a Hamster ...
It manages to get stuck in all sorts of places!!!
After school today he spent ages playing with his hot wheels track and new cars.
He opened his presents from Grandma & Grandad ... Roary the Racing Car was a big hit. :-)
And we gave him a lego set :-)
I asked him what he wanted for dinner tonight ... sausages and chips! LOL Well that sure was easy to fix :-)
So he's gone to bed tonight a very happy little man and he knows he still got presents to open from Uncles & Aunties tomorrow! Yay for birthdays! :-)
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topkatnz said...

Happy Birthday Aaron! he was such a cute little one! somw VERY cool looking cakes there - yum! could I put in an order for my next birthday???

Serene Ho said...

Happy Birthday Aaron! What a grand day you had. Love the cake Rachel, especially the wafer sides yummy! And the picture of Miss Maddison is priceless hee hee. 2 years in Malaysia ... time flies! Glad to have known you and your family :)

Penny said...

happy birthday Aaron!

Serene Ho said...

Rachel ... I just had to ask: why is it that Aaron didn't keep his hair like when he was one year old? He does look great with that length of hair. haha...sorry...I had to ask :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Aaron! Sounds like he had a fabulous celebration. I enjoyed seeing the photos from his previous birthday ... he looks SO different in the first one with his long hair! :-)

LOVE the cake, too! What an awesome job you did. I bet Aaron loved it, even if it wasn't a number 8 track!!!!

mariam said...

Happy Belated birthday Aaron!

You are really good at baking cakes Rachel I am so often impressed by your cakes and cookies!

Shirl said...

Happy 5th Birthday Aaron! That is certainly one cool cake...even though its not a no. 8 track! It's a good thing those wafer fingers managed to stay on the cake for all those photos, I would have probably sneaked a few for myself first, LOL!