Saturday, August 14, 2010

Little Conversations ...

With little people are always fascinating!! :-)
Aaron has had me in stitches with some of his conversations. I try not to laugh out loud in front of him because he's so serious, but sometimes I can't help it! hehee
So here's some things I've heard and conversations I've had with the kids the last few days.
Dinner time on Wednesday ...
Aaron - I need to go swimming
Me - Sorry, you can't, it's too late. Maybe we can go on Saturday when Daddy's back home.
Maddison - Oh wow, that'll be great! :-)
Aaron says to me (while getting his uniform on Thursday morning), "Mum why do I have to wear this all the day?" :-)
Bath time ...
Aaron's sitting in the bath and has given himself a big bubble beard.
Maddison is sitting on the toilet and she looks at him and says "Aaron, you a funny guy"!! hehee
Friday was the best day though.
Breakfast conversation ...
Aaron - Ya know, we play football at school and I kick the ball.
Me - That sounds fun, do you play football at PE?
Aaron - Yes, mis-direction shows us how to kick it.
Me - Sorry, who shows you how to kick the ball?
Aaron - Mis-direction, he's the football teacher :-)
Me - Say his name again slowly
Aaron - Mis-direction
hehee I gave up because I couldn't really understand exactly what he was saying - it did sound very like mis-direction to me though! I asked his teacher later in the day and she said his name was Mr Richard hehehee
Dinner conversation ...
Aaron - Ya know Samuel can't have an ice-block.
Me - No he can't, he's too little.
Aaron - Yeah - he just drinks milk. LOTS of milk. But he's growing.
Me - Yes he is. You were a baby like Samuel once.
Aaron - Yes, but he's growing big like me.
Me - He sure is.
There was a bit of a pause then ...
Aaron - Ya know, Aaron was a baby in your tummy (said with very big round eyes!)
Me - That's right you were (thinking to myself where is this conversation going!!!)
Aaron - Yeah. Aaron was a baby in Mummy's tummy and then you went to the Doctors and got Aaron and then you got big with Madison and went to the Doctors again and Maddison had milk and then you went to the Doctors again and got bigger and bigger and popped out with Samuel!! (said pretty much all with one breath!)
Me - (trying not to let my jaw hit the table and struggling not to laugh) Fascinating isn't it!
About five minutes later ...
Aaron - Ya know, Aaron's growing bigger and biggest like Daddy.
Me - Yes you are - one day you'll be big like Daddy.
Aaron - Yeah and Maddison will grow big and bigger like Mummy and Samuel too. He'll grow big like Aaron. :-)
Oh I have laughed. What a funny little man. He's been learning about big, bigger, biggest etc. at school! So pleased he could fit that into his conversation with me hahaa.
I do wish he wouldn't start nearly every conversation off with "ya know" though!! ;-) Mind you I do know when he says that, he's got something to say that will amuse me! :-)
I also hope he doesn't think the Doctor has anything to do with putting babies in my tummy either!
And of course I couldn't possibly do a post without photos hehee, so here's some of Samuel - he's 3 months old now. Look at his fat little tummy :-)


He loves looking at himself in the mirror. Every time I walk past I stop and he grins, coos, and gurgles away to "the other little baby". So cute. Doesn't bother to look at me in the mirror - he only has eyes for himself! :-)

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mariam said...

hahahaha you had me laughing silently! its hard to laugh that way.

that Aaron ah lol he is a the mis- direction one the most.

Love the pics of Samuel..he has grown a bit. love his smile.

Serene Ho said...

So funny! Especially the doctor putting babies in your tummy heh heh.
Samuel is just so gorgeous. Please pink his cheeks for me! The Aaron smile is showing on his face now! LOL

topkatnz said...

Mis-direction would be an hilarious name for someone sopposedly teaching you the RIGHT way!ROFL Love those shots of you and Samuel in the mirror - very scrapworthy methinks! you're looking pretty gorgeous too.

Bernadine said...

Kids are say funniest things some times. I had to share mine with you. My niece Jenna who is 5 asked me yesterday if Aunties can have children? I had to chuckle. They both love small children and I think it was her way of telling me they want a cousin but unfortunately for them the chances of that are very slim. :)

Penny said...

Ha ha!! Mis-direction is up there with Tim's kiwis (for kidneys). They are so funny :)

Shirl said...

I enjoyed reading all the little conversations... they make me laugh! Thank you so much for sharing :))