Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Game of Pool Anyone?

There's a pool table down near our playground and the kids love playing on it!! Now normally this isn't something I would have EVER let my kids do, but what do you do when it seems like every other little boy under 5 in the complex does this?? And worse, their parents lift my kids up to play on it too before I can say "ummm excuse me, but NO!". Sigh ... so now it's something they like to do once they have worn themselves out in the sun, they scamper back here where it's marginally cooler and play!

Discovered this morning there's 3 new turtles in the pond too - little ones! Not sure if the big turtle laid eggs and they hatched, or they got some more. The new ones are very shy though, they dive back under the water as soon as they catch a glimpse of movement. See how green the water is. Gross aye. On Friday last week they had emptied out the pond and had cleaned it and now look ... 4 days later it's full of turtle poop! ugggh

Here's my last sneaks of some cards I made for the April kit for Scrap-n-Crop. Full reveal tomorrow when the kit goes on sale. :-)

Here's a sneak too of something else I made and Val from SnC said I should put it up as I've used some papers very similar to what's in the kit. :-) Just finished it last night actually heheee

Another October Afternoon LO

Just had to use up the last of my scraps from the Hometown & Detours collections from October Afternoon. And another photo that was sitting in my pile :-) One day I will see the bottom of that pile I am sure!!

I cut out lots of the apples and a couple I foamed out.

Getting the most out of those alphas too :-)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday - 1st Day of School Holidays

And I've survived :-) Actually we've had a lovely day. The kids were really good considering! Last night we had visitors and had a late tea and amongst the visitors was a little boy aged 2 and a half, and the kids had so much fun together, so you can imagine it was a late night and 2 very wound up little kids to put to bed once the visitors had gone. They were up around 7.30am which is a sleep in for them, so that was nice :-)
Maddison had a sleep from 10.30am till noon and during lunch Aaron informed me that he was very tired and really needed to go to bed!! (LOL at the "really need to" heheee). So he went to bed after lunch and slept for just over 2 hours! Sweet :-) Not going to complain about that.
I've noticed that when I am in with Maddison putting her to bed Aaron will forget that I have told him what I'm doing and will walk around the house calling (actually it's more like yelling!) "Mummy, where are you?". And this afternoon when I was putting Aaron to bed Maddison was wandering around calling out (she's a bit quieter than Aaron though hehee) "where are uuuu". So cute to hear her saying that.
After Aaron woke from his sleep they had some quiet time reading books and having a snack ... Aaron is totally fixated with anything to do with racing cards (Ferrari's in particular!) at the moment!

Maddison is in her own little world!
Lyndon came home from work a bit earlier and took Aaron to get a few groceries and to bank a cheque, then while tea was cooking we all went for a swim.
And now ... there's another thunder storm happening outside, Lyndon is trying to get the kids to sleep (unless he's fallen asleep too!) and I'm about to go and load up the dryer with towels.
I'll leave you with another couple of sneaks of a LO I've done for the April Kit for Scrap-n-Crop.

Oh look there's another snowman :-) hehee

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sizes, Shhh's, a Storm & some Sneaks

Grandma ... Maddison (at 20 months old) is wearing that little dress you bought her at Christmas which is size 3-4!!! Hummmm ... should I be worried? :-) She looks a bundle of joy doesn't she to be having her photo taken. LOL

Maddison has added some more words to her vocab ... tonight she did a little "bottie cough" and she turned to me and said "ohh parppie" :-) heheeee. Anything that holds drink is a "bobbel" and she's also taken to saying "shhhh" at me when I tell her off! Little monkey.
We had a terrific thunder & lightening storm this evening ... and the RAIN!!!!! It was just tipping down. We were out when it started and when we were ready to go home I went and got the car! Long skirts and rain don't mix! :-} I don't even bother wearing shoes when the road is ankle deep in water, just wrecks them. I had a umbrella, but my skirt from just above my knees down was sodden. Fun and games ... life in Malaysia huh! I'm sorry you missed this storm Dad, it was a goodie! ;-)
Here's a couple more sneak peeks from what I did with the April kit from Scrap-n-Crop. You can check the gallery out and see what Sharmaine has done too.
First 2 photos are of a LO, and the third one of a card I made.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Stuff

Been a bit of a lazy morning around here! Aaron came into our bed around 4am and by 5.30am I was so sick of his wiggling and kicking me in his sleep that I went to try and have a sleep in his bed! Maddison had just woken up about 7.30am (well she had woken earlier, but went back to sleep when I whispered to her to lie back down!) :-) when Aaron came in and said "No Mummy that's too small for you!" Hummm ... "what's too small for me Aaron?" "MY BED"!!! I had great pleasure telling him that yes it was too small for me and didn't he think it would be better for me if he slept ALL night in his bed then?!! ;-) hehehee we'll see if it works!
Aaron's spent some of the morning doing this (yep, he takes after his Father!).

While Maddison was pulling the xylophone to pieces!
Yesterday I played with some Graphic45 papers. Last Wednesday they posted a sketch which I liked the look of. I had these photos in my 'to scrap' pile so decided they would be perfect, I did alter the sketch a bit though as you can see from their blog here - twisted it and only used 3 squares down the sides (didn't have enough photos! that's unusual for me aye!) Like those little checked squares ... sort of fits with the "racing" theme! LOL

Materials -
Graphic45 patterned papers, Bazzill cardstock, American Craft Thickers, Tattered Angels Olive Vine Glimmer Mist
And I'll leave you with some more sneaks from what I've created from Scrap-n-Crop's April kit. The first 2 pics are from a LO (there's that Olive Vine glimmer mist again!) :-) And the 3 pic is a little mini album I made.

Right, better go and sort something out for lunch before Maddison wakes from her nap.

Friday, March 27, 2009

October Afternoon LO's

October Afternoon have a challenge going about creating a LO, card or project using at least 2 different collections from their range. Check their blog post here.

So I decided to FINALLY use some of their beautiful papers I've had in my stash from the Detours and Home Town collections. The fact that their papers are double sided actually makes it really hard to chose which side to use! And very pleased to be able to say I have used photos that were already printed in the stack I have to scrap :-)

I am getting into the rumbled scruffy look ;-)

This First Easter Treats LO I am not sure I have finished with it ... kwim? Doesn't help that Maddison drew all over it with pencil and although I have managed to rub out the pencil marks, there's deep gouges in the paper and a scratch on the photos! NOT happy I tell you. Grrrrr. Anyway I will sit and think about it a bit and see if I can be bothered to add anything else to it :-) Maybe it needs a scrunched flower too! I like the lettering though ... and look at me being very thrifty carefully cutting out the outline of the S that was left on the sticker sheet as I'd used all the s's up!
Picking Daisies LO - all October Afternoon products except for Bazzill Cardstock and Basic Grey brad, Ranger Faded Jeans Distress ink.
First Easter Treats LO - all October Afternoon products except for Bazzill Cardstock.

Showing Off

I'm allowed sometimes aren't I??? ;-)

Graphic 45 have a call out for cards made with their papers, so I thought I would send pictures of these ones I did for Kinda Sweet. And during the night I got an email to say they were up on their blog. Can't wait to get some of their new papers to play with ... so colourful!

Also Basic Grey accepted another of my LO's into their gallery ... the 'Today You' you one I posted about the other day :-)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Word

Maddison said a new word tonight ... 'apple' :-) I was eating an apple after tea and she was watching me VERY closely and said "Mummy more apple". :-) I could hardly believe it, so I asked her what she said and she just grunted, pointed and then said apple. heheee
Both kids insisted on wearing their caps to school today! What a laugh. They were still wearing them when I went to pick them up this afternoon!
Here's a couple of sneaks at another LO I've done with Scrap-n-Crop's April kit.

One Hip Chick!!

Some of you know that we are going back to NZ for a holiday in the middle of winter. Well this morning I was trying on clothes etc for the kids to see what I need to get and thought I would try Aaron's old gumboots on Maddison. They were still too big but she pitched such a fit when I took them off her that I let her get some other boots out of the cupboard ... she picked these ones of Aaron's. They are a bit big, but do you think I should let her wear them back home?? LOL

Love those pudgey wee legs ;-)

And the pose!!

Hope she doesn't think she'll be wearing them to bed for her nap!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's trendy to wear a hat!

Inside and most of the day! On Sunday morning one of the first things Aaron asked for when he woke was his hat! He proudly showed it to Maddison (mainly to make her jealous I think!) and then danced out of her reach. So as you can imagine there was trouble in the camp!!! I found her this other cap to wear (came free with a map book we bought when we first arrived in Malaysia). It has a velcro bit to adjust it at the back and she really makes me laugh watching her adjust it just so then put it on her head.
This morning they had some "laptop" time heheheee I just had to take pictures didn't I :-)

Such fierce concentration!
Which one is the "R" Mummy? (he knows, he just asks me random questions like that just for the sake of talking I think! Or maybe it's to see if I am listening LOL)

She's discovered the best way to wear the cap is backwards then it doesn't disturb her vision hehehee

Had to sit her sideways on the couch so the cap didn't keep coming off (the peak kept hitting the back of the couch). She decided she needed her "yum yum" (dummy) again here so had to take a pic of her drawing with her dummy.

I'll leave you with another sneak peek for Scrap-n-Crop's April kit. This one is a LO. (Remember I had to take pics of the kids one night at tea time a couple of weeks ago! :-) Well this is what for!) Oh and I LOVE Tattered Angels Olive Vine glimmer mist. It's a very yummy colour.

Computer has been playing up on me all day today, driving me nuts. So I am going to turn it off now!
Nite all.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sneaky Peek

First sneak peek of what I've been doing this month for Scrap-n-Crop's April kit. I have made HEAPS of LO's, cards and a mini album from this kit and there's still a little bit left.
So this peek is of a card I've made and Heidi ... this peek is just for you! See I've used the "snowman"!!! LOL

Notice I've been photographing outside!! Thought I would try it light wise. Pretty happy with how they turned out actually, although goodness knows what other tenants thought if they happened to be looking out their windows down to the playground! They must have wondered what on earth I was doing :-)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Well who do we have here???

Check this out ...

(click to enter then click on the black and white photo, then click launch and see if you can spot who's "famous"!)


Not the most flattering photo of him! lol

It's a Warrie ...

When the "boys" go off for the day together!!! ;-)
Aaron's star chart wasn't that great a success last week ... Monday 2 stars, Tuesday 4 stars, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday only 1 star each day. But we decided that he would go and do something with Daddy to show that when he does get stars on his chart there really would be a reward. Although on saying that I am not sure how we are going to top his reward from yesterday!!! :-) (And so far today he hasn't got a star! ... but he's asleep now, so he might get one for having a sleep!)
Aaron had been going on the last couple of days about going to the Thomas Playground (if anyone knows where that is let us know, because we sure don't!!). So Lyndon said to him they would go in the car and Aaron could tell Daddy where it was and show him where to go. So off they went! LOL They turned right out of the driveway (we usually go left) and headed down the road, round the corner, up the hill (using Aaron's language here!) and they got to a shopping complex where we sometimes go to get groceries and Aaron admitted to Daddy that he just wasn't sure where the Thomas Playground was! hehehee What a laugh.
End result was that Lyndon took charge of the directions from there and they ended up at Mid Valley Mega mall. And oh joy ... guess what was there?!!! A Ferrari clothes shop and a real LIVE "warrie" :-) Talk about major excitement! So his Nibs is now the very proud owner of a Ferrari cap.

I don't think he was that impressed that the Ferrari was roped off, but he did get to touch it. And Lyndon said that the security guard had to keep telling Aaron to not touch the ropes! (ha that would have been like water off a ducks back!)

They had Baskin Robbins ice-cream.
Did lots of other things too and got home very late for little boys ... he was totally wiped out ... didn't even stir when I got him ready for bed (oh yeah I did take the hat off!) hehee
Maddison and I had fun too ... we walked down to the Baskin Robbins shop near us later in the afternoon and she shared an icecream and a chocolate blast drink with me (I am sure everyone in a 20m radius could hear her saying "MORE, MORE, MORE" all the time!! lol)
I've done some scrapping this week too. Finished all my bits and bobs with the April kit for Scrap-n-Crop (I am feeling very proud of myself actually ... it's not even the last week of the month and I am finished!) heheee
Been playing some more with my Basic Grey archaic papers. I have decided it's heaps of fun to have a stash of "matching" papers to play with, cut out bits of this one and that one and it all ties in together. I like :-) Been scrapping some photos of Aaron taken in 2006 that have been printed and sitting in my pile for just a wee while!! I've completed 2 LO's and have another one half done.

This one I used a couple of my new Ali Edwards stamps "today you". Love her stamps.

And this is the little memory album about my Aunty that I made for my cousin. She's received it so I can show a pic here :-) It's an accordian album, so there's pics on both sides. Now I just need to do one for me!!

Okay, off now to tidy up the lounge, there's train track everywhere ... the biggest track you ever did see! Under the couches, round the coffee table, under the coffee table, alongside the bookcase and keyboard. It's jolly dangerous at night I tell you!! Would be okay if it was just flat track, but the bridges seem to be just in the right place to trip you up!