Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Routines ...

are slowing being established! Mind you on saying that, this is only day 2 so I am probably being a bit hopeful! hehehee
The kids were in bed before quarter past 7 last night, but it took Maddison AGES to settle to sleep. Honestly she was so tired, but she just couldn't (or wouldn't) close her eyes and go to sleep! I think she finally went off about half past 8! Lyndon flew to Japan last night - he's there all week. Both kids slept right though, so it was lovely ... I didn't have any little bodies climbing into bed with me during the night :-) (No bruised ribs!) hehee Maddison woke early though - quarter past 6 and I bought her into my bed so she wouldn't wake Aaron and she just lay there looking at me with big eyes then started poking my nose, eyes, ears, mouth etc! Sigh ... no more sleep for me! But although it was a pain she woke so early, it meant she went down for her sleep at half past 10 so she had nearly 2 hours ... then lunch and now they are both at school :-)
Yesterday I finished off the inside pages of a little memory album on my Aunty that I'm doing for a cousin. It's one I started in 2005! That tells you how slack I am doesn't it. Anyway she sent me a gentle reminder, so I am pulling finger and getting it finished. Just have to do the covers now and it's done. Hope to have that all completed today.
This morning though I did this LO. Can't work on the little album with the kids about ... too many fiddly little embellishments and it's just too tempting for little fingers!
Does anyone else have this cheapo stamp set from The Warehouse? :-) I bought it yonks ago and it's not had a lot of use ... I've made some mini cards with it and Aaron's had a play with it once or twice, but that's about it. Anyway I decided it was just what I needed to complete this LO because I didn't have any other train embellishments and I am really pleased how it turned out.

I didn't even use my stamp positioner ... just held my tongue on the right angle and stamped ... it lines up not to bad actually!! LOL
This morning I also sorted through the pile of photos that I've had printed and have been sitting in my "to scrap" pile for a while now (some date back to 2004!). There's over 130 photos, so that's what I am going to try and concentrate on in the next few weeks ... and to do that 'SIMPLE' is the key word. Simple and use up my old papers! heheheee :-)
So on that note I will tootle off and finish this little mini album.


Penny said...

Hey that el cheapo set frames it up really well! :) Well done you.

130 photos... hmmmmmm. might take more than a week ya think?

topkatnz said...

Good luck with your new routines - they sound good, if you can keep it up! I remember those 'el cheapo' train stamps!!heehee ... they look great, well done!!

Hannah said...

All the best with the new routines. I love having my kids in bed at 7 (even if Ethan lies awake reading/talking/singing until 8.30) ... at least my evenings are MINE (insert evil laugh).

Cute stamps, they look great on that page too.

Penelope Gan said...

i could never have thought of doing that. you are definitely the stamping queen amongst us.