Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sizes, Shhh's, a Storm & some Sneaks

Grandma ... Maddison (at 20 months old) is wearing that little dress you bought her at Christmas which is size 3-4!!! Hummmm ... should I be worried? :-) She looks a bundle of joy doesn't she to be having her photo taken. LOL

Maddison has added some more words to her vocab ... tonight she did a little "bottie cough" and she turned to me and said "ohh parppie" :-) heheeee. Anything that holds drink is a "bobbel" and she's also taken to saying "shhhh" at me when I tell her off! Little monkey.
We had a terrific thunder & lightening storm this evening ... and the RAIN!!!!! It was just tipping down. We were out when it started and when we were ready to go home I went and got the car! Long skirts and rain don't mix! :-} I don't even bother wearing shoes when the road is ankle deep in water, just wrecks them. I had a umbrella, but my skirt from just above my knees down was sodden. Fun and games ... life in Malaysia huh! I'm sorry you missed this storm Dad, it was a goodie! ;-)
Here's a couple more sneak peeks from what I did with the April kit from Scrap-n-Crop. You can check the gallery out and see what Sharmaine has done too.
First 2 photos are of a LO, and the third one of a card I made.


Hannah said...

It's just so cute when they start learning tons of new words, such a neat stage :-)
"Bottie cough" ... hehe ... we call them "bottom burps" in our house. LOL! :-D

Penny said...

oooo - she really doesn't look happy in that photo ;)

So funny when they catch on to things like "pardon". LOL at the shushing back too! L did that to Eileen one Sunday when she tried to shush her. Cracked us up as well as Kenneth who was watching.

topkatnz said...

OMG ... sounds like a whoppa of a storm!! glad you're enjoying Maddisons new words ... won't be long till you'll be telling her Shhhusssh!!LOL

angel gurl said...

wow and we think we get rain, thats an amazing amount of rain in a short period. YOu just about need to carry flipper with you and a wetsuit lol....could you imagine Aaron wearing flippers in the rain I think he would love it. Awwww at new words. Hmmm Miss M really doesn't look impressed by having her photo taken.

Russell and Denise said...

Wow she a growing girl! What size is Aaron wearing now? Love all the photos you put up always fun to read your blog. Hope you are all well if not a bit wet. That did sound like quite the storm. Is it winter there now or end of summer?

Penelope Gan said...

Don't worry. Becks is the same!!! And Val and CES is so petite. Now... that's worrying though I am 100% positive its the correct baby coz I was tasked at the hospital to take photos of the baby and obviously I would take 99.9% of photos of Becks. So, no way was it a swap. I had my eyes on her!!!

Nice dress . Sweet in an old fashion country way. Seriously, really nice.