Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Skipping ...

On Monday we went to the playground especially so Maddison could try out her new "kipping" rope. After several attempts she declared "I don't like it Mummy"! (I was very tempted to say "well that's what happens when you don't let me help!!" I refrained though! hehee).
After a bit I was allowed to have a turn, so I showed her (very slowly so it wasn't too jiggly!) how to skip. "I want it now Mummy". :-) So she ran off away from me and tried again (spot the tongue).

I had another skipping rope in the toybox - it's adult length so too big for the kids - but it's okay for wiggling on the ground so little people can practice their jumping! and two ropes are more exciting than one.
"Kipping" ropes can be used for all sorts of things ... tying to poles.
Holding an end each, giggling like mad and running like crazy all over the place getting very hot and sweaty!
Talking of jumping ... Maddison also got a book and puzzle about 10 little monkeys jumping on the bed from Uncle A, Aunty R, T, M & D. :-)
She likes to recite the story at the top of her lungs while jumping like a monkey on the bed! And the funniest bit is when she gets to the part "and the Dr said no more monkeys jumping on the bed", she yells sings even louder and jumps higher!
I'll leave with you a little conversation we had on Monday night during dinner!
Me - Eat up please
Aaron - My toes are itchy
Me - That's because they are waiting for food - eat up.
Aaron - No, it's fleas! They itchy 'cause of fleas!
Maddison - I got ice cream
Aaron - No fleas don't eat ice cream, they not people
Me - Who told you about fleas Aaron?
Aaron - The mouse
Me - What mouse?
Aaron - The grey one!
At that point I just gave up and shoveled a spoonful in his mouth! ;-) Fleas!! Where does he get these things from.
Right ... off to the playground now to play with the bubble machines. Have a good day and thanks for visiting.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Turning 3

Can last several days! ;-) On Friday Maddison celebrated at school with her princess cake, Saturday she opened her presents from us, and today she's opened some more presents, had lunch out, had an afternoon sleep, and had another birthday cake with friends this evening!
Another photo post sorry ... mainly for the grandparents. :-)
So on Saturday got a Barbie. I originally got the Barbie with the intention of using her for the cake, but her legs didn't twist off, so I ended up getting an ultra cheap Barbie look alike from Tesco and her legs twisted off. Here's Maddison playing with both dolls (cheapo has her legs back on again hehee).

She also got new mary-jane crocs (from their 70% sale a few months ago). :-)
A baking set.
And of course books, clothes etc! She's wearing one of her new tee-shirts. We also got her a toy kitchen. I ended up getting one from Ikea, so she "helped" Daddy put it together after lunch.

All assembled (spot the shoes ... she wore them all day).
She spent some time poking Samuel in the face with Barbie's hand!
And all ready for bed after a fun day ... wearing her new "No Mummy it's not a princess nightie it's Snow White"! ;-)
After she was in bed I set up her kitchen with all her bits & pieces :-) Quite fun actually.
The elements even "glow".
Today was her actual birthday, so when she was dressed she opened her presents from Uncle M & Aunty K and cousins C & E. Princess cards are even more exciting upside down :-)
Someone else getting in on the proceedings! ;-)
She got lots of goodies, but her new "kipping rope" was exciting! I have been a meany and haven't undone it for her yet. I've told her she has to wait till tomorrow when we go down to the playground (school holidays have started!). Besides I didn't want ropes being thrown about inside today thanks.
We had lunch out with some friends at a Chinese Restaurant. Here's Aaron eating with chopsticks (yeah right!).
Maddison just goes straight for the spoon (you can shovel more in that way LOL).

After that yummy feast we came home and had a sleep. When Maddison woke I got her to hold up 3 fingers for me to show how old she was.
She got some stickers from Uncle M, Aunty K, & C & E as well ... here she's telling me all about the butterfly ones!
"They fly up in the sky like this Mummy!" hehee
The cake our friends got for Maddison tonight.
She sung Happy Birthday loudly this time too hehee

Cutting the cake (look at Aaron watching) :-)
Also had a big plate of these yummy goodies ... can't remember (let alone spell) their proper names, but in English they were spring rolls, bananas, sweet potato and something else all deep fried! Very badly delicious :-)
They didn't have power to the lights and air con while we were there, so it was a bit warm (thankfully it was drizzly rain otherwise it would have been hotter). Samuel was in the lap of luxury with Aunty Irene while she fanned him. :-)
Now all three little cherubs are sound asleep in bed :-) More presents to open tomorrow! (I think I might be able to stretch out the presents for the first week of the holidays ... what do you reckon!) hehee

Friday, July 23, 2010

What a week!

Photo overload - you have been warned!
I last posted Monday night - Tuesday's agenda was pretty much as scheduled, except in the afternoon the plumber came and made a hideous noise for what seemed like hours while he drilled out tiles from the wall to try and find the leak in our bathroom. After about 3 tiles he stopped and went away leaving a mess!
I have to show these photos because they made me smile ... on Monday walking back home from the supermarket Maddison fell over and grazed her knee. It wasn't bad, but it was a big patch and because it's never happened before it was obviously something to make a fuss about according to her anyway! ;-) I put some medicated ointment on it and 3 bandaids (you know balloons and bandaids are wonderful things to stop tears hehee) on Monday night and Tuesday morning she pulled them off and asked for new ones ... she went off to school like this:

Holding her dress up and walking on tip-toes with that foot just so no-one could miss that she had a sore knee!
When I picked her up from school she had the bandaids taped on! They kept falling off and she would cry so the teacher taped them on for her!
Samuel and I moved back into the master bedroom on Tuesday night, and at 5.30am I was woken by the noise of fast dripping water! Our air conditioning unit was pouring water out one end! So I leaped out of bed, turned it off and got the silk rug out of the way before it got any wetter, then I scrambled around finding some old towels to mop up the mess. Yawn!

Wednesday ... an early start! After the kids were at school I got back home and opened the cupboard under the sink to get out my cake mixer and discovered a pool of water! Honestly I couldn't believe it! Seriously - how many leaks do I need to deal with this week?????
I phoned the maintenance manager and asked him to come up and have a look and he was very kind and after checking it he sent up his side kick (for want of a better word) to fix it. It was just the base of the tap that needed tightening. So that's all good now, thankfully!
Plumber came back in the afternoon and more tiles were drilled. No sleep for the kids! Our bathroom now looks like this.

After taking off those tiles he took off one in the service room that backs onto our bathroom but couldn't find any evidence of water leakage there. So he turned off the water to the bathroom and said "very big problem"!! (yeah don't I know it!!) Told me not to use bathroom and he'd be back later in the day to check if it was still leaking. Came back around 6pm and decided it was coming from the shower! (not sure how he figured that out when he hasn't taken any tiles off in there yet! So he left telling me he'd be back at 11am the next morning.
In amongst all that I got Aaron's farewell cake made and iced :-)
Thursday morning Maddison entertained Samuel while I was cooking breakfast showing him all the contents of a goodie bag she'd gotten the day before at school.
Cardboard Happy Birthday glasses (upside down!)

Oh that's better - right way up!
Here Baby Samuel, you try :-)
And here's the party hat :-)
He didn't think much of her whistle blowing hehee
Aunty Irene arrived about 10am and about 20 past we went down to school for Aaron's farewell party. Here's the cake! (not quite the racing track he requested, but he was happy with it - mainly because it had hot wheels cars on it!).
There's 2 groups the same age and they combined for his party. Here he's sitting in a circle with all his friends (concentrating obviously by the looks of his tongue!) and the teacher was telling them that it was Aaron's farewell because he was going to an international school and "Aunty" (that's me hehee) had made a cake and goodie bags for them :-) They sung "for he's a jolly good fellow" and then he had to pick a song for them to sing and he chose twinkle twinkle little star. After that he had to stand in the middle of the circle and each of the kids got up one at a time and gave him a hug and they were supposed to say something to him like "thanks for being my friend", "goodbye we'll miss you" etc. But they were all as goofy as he was and basically took turns at dashing up, giving him a quick as hug, and dashing back to their place in the circle hehee :-) It was very sweet to watch actually.
Cutting the cake (spot the tongue again!).
This little guy is now 10 weeks old and already he has cottoned on that if I have the camera he doesn't smile! If I want to catch him smiling then someone else needs to take the photo!
After school on Thursday Aunty Irene gave Maddison her birthday present. It deserved a big hug :-)
She played with it for ages. It has little people, tables and chairs, etc. Lots of fun!

I managed to get the "princess " cake in the oven before she got home from school and I iced it after the kids went to bed. It would have been so much easy with a dolly varden cake tin! I didn't know where to put the dolls hands because she looked silly with them straight out in front of her and I couldn't put them down because of the "hoops" in her skirt hehee :-)
I think she might be doing a sort of dance and is in the midst of a curtsy that's why her skirt is so full! (does that sound believable?) :-) Anyway Maddison was pretty chuffed with it, so that's the main thing.

The very expensive candles!
Irene & I took the cake down to her class at 10am. Maddison joined in very heartedly singing Happy Birthday and clapping her hands :-) (loved it)

Blowing out the candles.
Cutting the cake.
And eating it :-)
The air conditioning people have been this afternoon and cleaned all the air con units, so hopefully we won't have any more leaks!
The plumber never arrived at 11am on Thursday and I never heard from him at all, so he got a phone call from me this morning and a bit of a not so gentle reminder not to say he'd be here at a certain time and then not show! I roll my eyes when I phone him now because as soon as I say who it is he immediately starts telling me all the excuses! I don't even need to say anything! But I am over the excuses, just get the jolly leak found and then fixed! He came late afternoon today and told me he's been trying to contact the owner of the apartment next to us so he can drill in from the wall there backing on to our shower cubicle! Hummm sounds a bit suspicious to me (he just doesn't want to wreck any more marble tiles!!). I told him that if I was the person that owned that apartment next door I wouldn't want him drilling the wall to bits just to fix the neighbors leak! But then he had a good point ... it will be leaking through their wall as well. So I suppose he has a reasonable excuse to annoy them! Unfortunately for us (or them!) they must be away because the plumber hasn't managed to make contact with them yet. Anyway he's told me I can use the bathroom, just to turn the water off when we aren't using it.
Lyndons flight was delayed over an hour leaving Korea today, but thankfully he managed to get his connecting flight at Bangkok and has landed in KL already. Just waiting for him to arrive home now :-)
Okay I am off to have a think about a special little girl's 3rd birthday card I need to make!
Thanks for visiting and here's to a relaxing, stress free, leak free weekend :-)