Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Skipping ...

On Monday we went to the playground especially so Maddison could try out her new "kipping" rope. After several attempts she declared "I don't like it Mummy"! (I was very tempted to say "well that's what happens when you don't let me help!!" I refrained though! hehee).
After a bit I was allowed to have a turn, so I showed her (very slowly so it wasn't too jiggly!) how to skip. "I want it now Mummy". :-) So she ran off away from me and tried again (spot the tongue).

I had another skipping rope in the toybox - it's adult length so too big for the kids - but it's okay for wiggling on the ground so little people can practice their jumping! and two ropes are more exciting than one.
"Kipping" ropes can be used for all sorts of things ... tying to poles.
Holding an end each, giggling like mad and running like crazy all over the place getting very hot and sweaty!
Talking of jumping ... Maddison also got a book and puzzle about 10 little monkeys jumping on the bed from Uncle A, Aunty R, T, M & D. :-)
She likes to recite the story at the top of her lungs while jumping like a monkey on the bed! And the funniest bit is when she gets to the part "and the Dr said no more monkeys jumping on the bed", she yells sings even louder and jumps higher!
I'll leave with you a little conversation we had on Monday night during dinner!
Me - Eat up please
Aaron - My toes are itchy
Me - That's because they are waiting for food - eat up.
Aaron - No, it's fleas! They itchy 'cause of fleas!
Maddison - I got ice cream
Aaron - No fleas don't eat ice cream, they not people
Me - Who told you about fleas Aaron?
Aaron - The mouse
Me - What mouse?
Aaron - The grey one!
At that point I just gave up and shoveled a spoonful in his mouth! ;-) Fleas!! Where does he get these things from.
Right ... off to the playground now to play with the bubble machines. Have a good day and thanks for visiting.


Penny said...

you've got to love the little unhelpful interruptions that the other one throws into the conversation!

'Kipping ropes are multi-purpose toys.. we played "horses" with ours.

topkatnz said...

I wanted to see the photos of you 'kipping!!heehee

Christine said...

Hi to our friends, gosh your kids have grown, I thought my life was manic but yours doesnt sound any better, when is a good time for me to skype you?? Christine

Serene Ho said...

Look at the concentration she had when she tried the skipping ropes..haha. So cute! tell her Aunty Serene say "don't give up! Keep on kipping and you will get there!" LOL....tks for sharing thses cute photos :)