Friday, February 29, 2008

Sick of Dieting? ... Here's the solution!!!

I cut this out of one of the local papers here and I just had to post it. I think it's great :-) Wonder if it would work for men as well??

Great Mates

Maddison loves being in Aaron's bed ... he doesn't mind it either by the amount of squealing and giggling going on.
Here Aaron is giving Maddison a "love" :-)
And here she's trying to give one back ... bit dribbly though!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Stuck in a comfort zone?

I think Maddison found her comfort zone for this afternoon sleep! Wonder if she had pins & needles in her arms and neck!

Smile ...

Don't you just love it when you ask your wee darling to smile for the camera!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Little Sayings of Aaron's

Thought I would record some of Aaron's little sayings. You can probably guess where he's picked some of them up from!!!
  • No 'Addison, that's Aaron's book!
  • 'Ello 'Addison, hab a good sleep?
  • 'Ello sweet harb (that's hello sweetheart to Maddison)
  • Hot 'n sweetee (hot and sweaty)
  • Oh Dear, 'Addison sick
  • No talking in meetings
  • 'G' for Granma (when pointing to the g in word orange)
  • 'Addison a naughty boy, or if he's with it 'Addison a naughty girl!
  • Carebul it's hot!
  • Push button in lib (lift)
  • What's this? (this becomes almost like a chant when he has a book!)
  • What does the cat say?
  • Penginns Granma's house (we have a world map on the wall that has animals on each country - where Grandma lives there happens to be penguins right on that spot, so Granma has penguins!)
  • Another bickie peese
  • Daddee's home

That's all I can think of right now, I am sure there are more I have forgotten though!


Well, I've had a sore throat since the weekend, but yesterday I lost my voice and my throat was so sore. So phoned Lyndon and he managed to make out what I was croaking ... to come home a bit earlier so I could go to the Dr. I didn't want to take both kids with me (funny that). So as soon as I had tea (M was sleeping) I left Lyndon to it and was at the Dr for nearly 2 hours by the time I got seen (which took about 3 minutes) and then waited for prescriptions. What really ticks me off is that I can't drink icy cold water!!! That's ALL I drink ... not liking this one bit at all. Anyway Dr gave me lozengers, gargle and antibiotics so hopefully all that will get rid of the bugs. My voice was sort of okay again this morning, but already it's starting to disappear again. Aaron is probably wondering why I'm not yelling at him quite so much!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Montessori School

At the beginning of January '08 Aaron started at a Montessori school and he goes 5 afternoon's a week from 1.30pm to 4.30pm. He loves it and has made some friends - quite amusing to watch them playing together.

When he started there were only 5 children in the class, 4 boys and 1 girl, but in the last week another little boy has started and a little girl has been to see if she likes it!

Hugo and Aaron are great mates, (Hugo is half Korean and half Malay). From what the teachers tell me they spend their afternoon's copying each other!
(Photo on left is Aaron and Hugo dressed up for Chinese New Year costume day - Aaron is modelling half chinese and half kiwi clothing! Hugo is wearing a Korean outfit.)

On Tuesday's they have a music lesson with a teacher that comes to teach music to all the classes. I was allowed to go and watch for a while one day and they spend the time playing with sticks and running round like loonies. Aaron pretty much did what he liked! He kept getting up and gravitating to the CD player and when he thought no-one was watching he would try and push buttons. (Sigh ... he's so like his Father!) :-)

Every 2nd Friday they have a cooking lesson, last Friday it was sushi. He very proudly bought home 2 little pieces of sushi. (Teacher told me he quite liked it and ate quite a bit at school!) Photo on left they were making little biscuits for Chinese New Year (I didn't think they were very nice, but he ate them!) All the kids had a turn at stirring and then spooning out a little piece to put on the tray.

Recently I have been very frustrated at Aaron not eating his tea. In the past this hasn't been a problem, eating was easy! Anyway when I took him down to school yesterday the teacher said he likes sandwiches. I said oh, do you have them for afternoon tea?

Well, I discovered to my horror (and amusement) that he eats about 8 cheese sandwiches. (I am hoping that that are are very small quarters! But that still makes it 4 slices of bread!) So problem solved why he's mucking about and not interested in his tea!

They are also taught to wash their hands. Aaron has taken this lesson to heart and washes his hands at every opportunity.

Most days when I pick Aaron up from school I get a little snippet of info on what he's been like, or has done etc. The first week it was "he's very obedient" - I don't need to tell you how that made me feel :-) Now though it's a different story - it's "Aaron has been very mischievous today", which interpreted is he's been very naughty! Another time it was ... "I had to correct Aaron today, he's been playing with his spit". Nice. Haven't heard that for a week or so now, so hopefully he's had that "corrected" out of him!

He's learning colours, but has latched onto "colour green". Everything is "colour green" unless it's green then he says "colour red"! So go figure, maybe he's colour blind. He can count to "eleben" and can say/sing his ABC's. Favourite letter is "G for Grandma and G for Ground" (from the lift buttons).

Monday, February 25, 2008

Kitchen Mischief

All very quiet on the kid front ... when I went to check realised Aaron had shut kitchen door, so opened very quietly and peeked in, then went to get camera!

Aaron had kindly given Maddison the dishbrush while he was spraying the floor with kitchen cleaner and scrubbing it! What a pity they aren't big enough to get up on the bench and do the dishes!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bath Time

Bath time in our house is a very noisy affair and I usually end up getting very wet. Maddison can sit by herself in the bath now with only the occasional whoopsie, so it's quite entertaining watching her and Aaron playing together (or should I say snatching each other toys!).

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Our Place

Thought I would add a "medley" of photos of our place here in KL. Did a search on the web and downloaded some software to do it. Only downside to it was creating a directory with the photos you wanted on the medley, you couldn't pick and chose individual ones (well you probably could, but would take ages).

This was the site and it's called picture medley. Suppose I should do some photos of the inside of our apartment! (Might wait till the cleaner has been next!)

Inspired ...

A friend sent me a link to her blog and it's inspired me to start my own. I have no idea what I am supposed to be doing, so am making it up as I go along!! After much thought and deliberation I decided I would use this blog to help me with my journalling for scrapbook layouts when I finally get around to doing them. Also decided this would be the best option for our family and friends back in NZ to see what we are up to :-)

So thanks my friend for your inspiration.