Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Look what I found!!

I could hardly believe my eyes!!!   I restrained myself though ... RM19.89 each ... that's about NZ$8.00!  I will save it for when I need emergency rations I think heheee
Not much happening this neck of the woods.  Lyndon has been in Thailand again - gets back tomorrow some time.  Today when school finished I picked up Aaron & Maddison and their little friends, Yara & Senna, and we went to their place for the afternoon.  OH MY GOODNESS ... four kids in the car aged between 2 and just over 4!!  WHAT A RACKET ... I think Aaron was the worst!  He was definitely not using his inside voice!  Didn't help that he was sitting in the front and was "directing" me (think he was pretending to be the GPS heheee), then when he was sure I knew which way to turn he'll turn around and yell to Yara where we were going and which way we were turning!  Seriously my ears were ringing by the time we got there!  I was glad it was only about a 6 minute drive!  LOL
The girls spent most of the afternoon running around with just knickers or nappies on (it was pretty warm!) so I didn't bother with photos today ;-)  They had a great time though and of course very upset when it's time to go home.  All is peaceful here now though :-)  Maddison hasn't had an afternoon sleep for 2 days and quite frankly she's pretty nasty by the time the afternoon comes around.  I am over it totally, but she just doesn't seem to understand that she's nasty because she's tired!  Oh well ... I keep telling myself that this too shall pass (probably be something worse so I guess I shouldn't complain!)  ;-)
There's a wedding celebration going on in one of the penthouse suites of our condo tonight ... if I didn't have kids I think I would be VERY tempted to park myself down in the foyer just to see all the guests arriving in their finery :-)  hehehee  I saw a couple of guests in the lift and they looked very beautiful, the lady was in pink and purple :-)  But I didn't want to stare too much!!
Right I am out of here.  Hope to be back with something creative to share soon.

Friday, September 25, 2009

What's been happening?

Nearly 2 weeks since I last posted!  No excuse ... just been lazy ;-)
Here's some pics of what's been happening this week.  The kids have been off school all week on holiday and Monday and Tuesday were public holidays here, so Monday we picked up some friends that were holidaying in KL and went to a large mall for the day.  I took the mountain buggy with the intention (and hope) that Maddison would have a sleep!  Ha wishful thinking!  I won't go into details but I will just say it wasn't pretty and what really brassed me off was once we got in the car to go home, she went to sleep before we had even gotten out of the carpark!!!  Little Darling.  Needless to say she wasn't interested at going to bed that night either.  They did go later than usual, but she mucked about for over an hour before I gave up and she trots out of the bedroom happy as larry and immediately starts playing with the train set ... with her brothers Ferrari hat on no less!  (good job he wasn't awake to see that!)

Last night we spent the evening with the same friends again, got tea at the local market and then about 10pm a few of them went off to do some night photography round the city.  A couple of us stayed home and lounged about on the couch while the kids slept :-)
The others came back with some cool shots though.

Reflections in a fountain ... although the fountain wasn't on.

This morning while I was doing the dishes I heard the kids go into their room and then the door shut (always makes me suspicious!!).  So I finished up then grabbed the camera and sneakily opened the door to find them "fixing" things hehehee  Aaron is very helpfully passing Maddison the hammer and a nail :-)  (I would like to know where they learnt to get into a small space like that???)  Cracks me up.

Sometimes they are VERY good at sharing ... most of the time not!

Just making a few dents in the wooden unit with the plastic nail!

This afternoon they played about with some playdough :-)  Love the look of concentration on their faces.

This week I haven't done very much creative at all ... but last week I did ... I can only show you a sneak peek though ...

Will let you know the details when I can.

So that's it from us ... been a bit quiet really.  Looking forward to Monday again when the kids go back to school and maybe (just maybe!) I can get something constructive done at my craft desk again.

Thanks for visiting.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Catch Up from Weekend

Nana - these first couple of photos are especially for you :-)  Thought you'd like to see how that beautiful quilt you made looks on Maddison's bed :-)  Once the bed gets extended it will fit better heheehee
So - Saturday ... Kids and I were spoilt!  We picked up a friend and had lunch at a mall and then Lyndon took me to Scrap-n-Crop and I joined in the Splash.splosh.splat Crop.arty.  Had lots of fun trying different techniques taught by the fab Penny :-)  (don't look too close at mine because I glued the canvas piece onto the tin a bit crooked and I can't believe it but I stamped the chandelier stamp on upside down LOL  ... you can tell I don't have that particular in my collection!  (not likely to either) hehehee)
We alcohol inked the tin ... I used caramel and ginger.  Very nice colours together :-)  After much thought and thinking all sorts of things, Penny gave me the idea of what do on the album that comes with the tin - I am going to do Maddison's favorite toys at aged two :-)  (but not just yet!)
The second piece we did was again on canvas and it's the start of a little book.  I got some extra canvas pieces so I can finish this (... one day!).  I think I was a bit harsh cleaning it though because the paint came off too much on the back.  Oh well ... maybe I could apply some more :-)  I took this photo when it was still wet that's why there's water drops on it.
And this little artist, Becks, was in her element :-)

And while I was enjoying myself at SnC Lyndon took the kids to a bike shop to buy Aaron a bike for his birthday (a bit late!).  And both of the kids came out with a helmet each and bike!  I haven't got a photo of Maddison on her bike yet.  She didn't have a sleep this afternoon so wasn't in the right frame of mind to be peddling!  Anyway we went down to the playground this afternoon and they had fun.  Maddison had to wear her helmet on Grandad's motorbike hehehe
These pics are self explanatory really!
Hard work peddling you know!
I asked for a smile ... yeah right!
Aaron's telling Maddison off here that she's not to touch his racing bike!
Very hot and sweaty work this bike riding you know!
So that's us.  Off now to give the kids tea. 

Friday, September 11, 2009

So Hot ...

This afternoon the kids and I went to the playground again, it had just stopped raining so was very hot and steamy!  Didn't stay very long - only about 25 minutes and the kids were just dripping (not just from the fountains either!).  Aaron put on his Ferrari hat and said Maddison needed her one too because they needed to put their hats on to keep warm!!  LOL ... he's repeating what he heard me telling them in NZ hehehee
Aaron took his dump truck (his trike has a wheel missing at the moment) and Maddison had her trike.

Don't worry about wet seats ... nappies soak it up!

Scratching in the dirt!

And dumping it on the lawn!
Smarty Pants walking along the wall (because her brother does so she can too!).
Aaron sat on the bench, took his hat & shoes off, and told me he was having a rest because it was too hot!
Ahhh ... stones to load up the dump truck with!

I managed to convince him to dump them back in the pool, not on the lawn!
:-)  Thanks for visiting.

Scrap the Girls September Challenge

Decided since I did the challenge for 'Scrap the Boys' I'd do one for 'Scrap the Girls' and seriously - how could I not do it with the all about shoe theme!!!  (yet more photos from our holiday heheee)
You had to draw inspiration from the picture and also have a quote/saying/title about shoes.  Well to be honest the only inspiration I got from the picture was the height of the heels!!
I used Sassafrass paper, cut off borders/trims (whatever you all them), and paper whimsies, Making Memories alphas (which I won and thought I would never use!!), Prima flowers, not sure whose the pompom trim is, but its nice :-), little heart clip I got in a kit from Paper Pesto yonks ago and most appropriately a little pair of high heel shoes charm :-)  Cute aye!  They are from Kinda Sweet.
Dig the heels!

So, now that my list of challenges is nearly completed for this month (I have one more that's stamping orientated I want to participate in) I can get motivated (hopefully) and finish some of those mini albums ... I did the easy one first!  So 8 more to go.  LOL
Thanks for looking.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Random Bits & Pieces

Am I allowed to do 3 posts a day?   Cause I am!
Yesterday about 5pm the kids and I went downstairs to use the dryer with a couple of loads of towels I'd done and there were a lot of kids in the playground ... so of course my two were off in a flash!  I was sitting on a bench watching them play and noticed a couple of the little kids had bites (mozzie bites I think) all over their legs, and it got me wondering.  My kids and I hardly ever get bitten, and if we do it's only a couple and they don't welt up.  Now Lyndon is another story ... mozzies love attacking him!!  (He's obviously too sweet LOL).  I decided it was because either the kids and I are sour, or that we have Marmite (New Zealand Marmite, not that other stuff!) pretty much every day on a piece of toast and it's got Vit B in it and that helps with bites.  (By the way ... I have to bring NZ Marmite with me because I can't get it over here!!)  But tonight when I was sitting in the kids room waiting for them to go to sleep, my mind was whiring all over the place ... as it does in between 'power naps' heheheee and I realised the kids have the same blood type as me and Lyndon is different, so it must be something to do with the blood group too.  I haven't done any research on the topic (can't be bothered), and can't recall exactly what my blood type is off the top of my head, but it's a negative one I remember that!  So I've decided there's postives in negatives heheheee.  One day I might actually see if my random thinking is actually true LOL
What else can I bore you with?
This afternoon the kids and I walked down to our local market ...
You can get all sorts of trash and treasure here ... fruit, veges, food, jewellery, kids junky toys, sticker books (by the mile!), second hand magazines, second hand shoes (seriously!), clothing, bonsai trees, socks, undies, pottery, bread, window blinds, and there's even a Tupperware stand (I kid you not!).  Quite fascinating really. We go to check out the trash kids toys (they generally last a couple of weeks (if you are lucky) before they break!) and buy some fruit and our tea.  Tonight we got apples, strawberries, sweet corn, lettuce, and Thai for tea.  :-)  
There's three ponds there as well, one has water lillies in it and small fish and the other two have big fish - like monster gold fish!  
Okay, that's enough randomness from me tonight.  

Scrap The Boys September Challenge

Another challenge ... can you tell I am putting off doing that stack of mini albums? hehehee
This one is for Scrap The Boys September challenge. You had to do a multi photo LO of your boys birthday and include several details in the journalling (a list of everyone who attended and description of the party (theme, cake, games etc.)). I plan to do at least two more LO's of Aaron's birthday, so I haven't included a list of all the kids names on this one. Games - there wasn't any - they just ran around like loonies with a pile of balloons heheheee

Another attempt to use some of my Basic Grey Archaic stash :-) It's actually perfect for Aaron's birthday photos, so hope to be able to make a bit more a dent in it.
The journal tag is Tim Holtz :-)
Thanks for looking.
p.s. do you know what's really bad ... I haven't scraped his 1st, 2nd or 3rd birthday photos yet!!!

Back to School

The kids went back to school today. They have started the morning session at Montessori. So ... here I am with the house to myself (well nearly! There's a bloke here cleaning the air conditioning units!)
Waiting at the lift - watching a bug on the floor I think.

Nice backpacks ;-)
Ahhhh ... Aaron's little girlfriend hehehee He was actually very pleased to see her, but when I asked him to smile for the photo I got this look! nice!
Maddison is in a 'large' group of toddlers ranging from ages 18 months to 2 and a half. It's very busy and noisy! She was sort of okay when I left, had to try twice though :-)
She's cutting some fruit here - I think she is going to be a left hander. (Where does that come from?)
Finding the right shape block to match the shapes on the lid. The little boy she's playing with is really cute. He comes right up to you and puts his head in your face and grins. Cracks me up. He's 20 months old and about half the size of Maddison LOL
Fun fun ... now what shall I do next :-) heheheee