Friday, September 25, 2009

What's been happening?

Nearly 2 weeks since I last posted!  No excuse ... just been lazy ;-)
Here's some pics of what's been happening this week.  The kids have been off school all week on holiday and Monday and Tuesday were public holidays here, so Monday we picked up some friends that were holidaying in KL and went to a large mall for the day.  I took the mountain buggy with the intention (and hope) that Maddison would have a sleep!  Ha wishful thinking!  I won't go into details but I will just say it wasn't pretty and what really brassed me off was once we got in the car to go home, she went to sleep before we had even gotten out of the carpark!!!  Little Darling.  Needless to say she wasn't interested at going to bed that night either.  They did go later than usual, but she mucked about for over an hour before I gave up and she trots out of the bedroom happy as larry and immediately starts playing with the train set ... with her brothers Ferrari hat on no less!  (good job he wasn't awake to see that!)

Last night we spent the evening with the same friends again, got tea at the local market and then about 10pm a few of them went off to do some night photography round the city.  A couple of us stayed home and lounged about on the couch while the kids slept :-)
The others came back with some cool shots though.

Reflections in a fountain ... although the fountain wasn't on.

This morning while I was doing the dishes I heard the kids go into their room and then the door shut (always makes me suspicious!!).  So I finished up then grabbed the camera and sneakily opened the door to find them "fixing" things hehehee  Aaron is very helpfully passing Maddison the hammer and a nail :-)  (I would like to know where they learnt to get into a small space like that???)  Cracks me up.

Sometimes they are VERY good at sharing ... most of the time not!

Just making a few dents in the wooden unit with the plastic nail!

This afternoon they played about with some playdough :-)  Love the look of concentration on their faces.

This week I haven't done very much creative at all ... but last week I did ... I can only show you a sneak peek though ...

Will let you know the details when I can.

So that's it from us ... been a bit quiet really.  Looking forward to Monday again when the kids go back to school and maybe (just maybe!) I can get something constructive done at my craft desk again.

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Hannah said...

I'm sure your kids will play together more and more as they get older - I've loved watching that happen with my boys. Always a bit scary when they go into a bedroom and close the door though, huh? At least they weren't up to no good, just playing nicely :-)

topkatnz said...

OMG! that shopping/sleep story with Madison sent shivers down my spine - I soooo remember those scenarios! poor you! otherwise doesn't sound like the holidays have gone too bad - we are just starting ours today. I am looking forward to a bit of a rest. Your sneaky peaks look very interesting.

Cindy Lee said... cracks me up too! Kids are just too creative! And I love the shots that your friends captured!! It's beautiful!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

that's it? just a sneak? you're a tease!!

Serene Ho said...

Your kids are just so cute and funny LOL! Love reading about them.