Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Scrapping 'To Do List'

I have been unpacking my craft cases that I had (and added to!) in New Zealand and have managed to put them all away where they belong. I have a couple of drawers that need a major sort ... that can wait for another day hehehe ... and I need to sort out my patterned paper before I put the new stuff away. But other than that my space is looking relatively tidy for me :-)
While I was away I got my photos printed of our holiday as we went along. My Mum is a VIP member at Harvey Normans Print Centre and one Saturday I was home they had a special from 7am to 9am for 9 cents a print ... ummmm I am not going to tell you how many I got printed that day, but I basically spent 1 and a half hours loading up the photos I wanted printed hehehee
So now I have this exciting pile of photos to scrap just of the last three months!!!!!!!! It's an album on it's own me thinks!! LOL

But ... before I start playing with them I HAVE to finish these unfinished projects ... 2 canvas's from Donna Downey's class I did at Creative Escape in Singapore (back in April! (you can read about it here) ) and 9 mini albums (and one of the albums is of Creative Escape!!). The mini albums are in various stages ... some just need photos added, others just journalling, some need a lot of work (like my Dec Jan Daily Album that I still haven't finished!!).

Wonder if I should put a deadline on it ... Nah ... that would be too stressful! As long as they are done before next Christmas I will be more than happy. ;-)
There are some challenges and swaps though that I want to participate in now that my DT term with Scrap-n-Crop's kit club has finished, so I am allowed to do a few 'new' things :-)
Right ... off to do some sorting and decide which project to finish first :-) (maybe the little cousins album - I just need to add a photo of Baby D and do some journalling hehehee).


Sheena said...

good luck Rach! Hope you get thru your to do lists better than I do!!
Great to be getting blogs from afar again - feels far more exotic than invercargill! though I guess youre missing those special people in invergiggle.

topkatnz said...

Well you'll be right back into the scrapping now - but wow, that does look like a pretty huge pile of pics there - even for you!LOL! looking forward to seeing them all scrapped.

Penny said...

Well that is a decent pile of photos alright :) Good luck with the UFOs...

Russell and Denise said...

Looks like lots of fun!! Glad you had a safe trip back and looks like a great trip while in NZ! Keep up those blogs they are alway so neat to keep up with!