Monday, September 14, 2009

Catch Up from Weekend

Nana - these first couple of photos are especially for you :-)  Thought you'd like to see how that beautiful quilt you made looks on Maddison's bed :-)  Once the bed gets extended it will fit better heheehee
So - Saturday ... Kids and I were spoilt!  We picked up a friend and had lunch at a mall and then Lyndon took me to Scrap-n-Crop and I joined in the Splash.splosh.splat Crop.arty.  Had lots of fun trying different techniques taught by the fab Penny :-)  (don't look too close at mine because I glued the canvas piece onto the tin a bit crooked and I can't believe it but I stamped the chandelier stamp on upside down LOL  ... you can tell I don't have that particular in my collection!  (not likely to either) hehehee)
We alcohol inked the tin ... I used caramel and ginger.  Very nice colours together :-)  After much thought and thinking all sorts of things, Penny gave me the idea of what do on the album that comes with the tin - I am going to do Maddison's favorite toys at aged two :-)  (but not just yet!)
The second piece we did was again on canvas and it's the start of a little book.  I got some extra canvas pieces so I can finish this (... one day!).  I think I was a bit harsh cleaning it though because the paint came off too much on the back.  Oh well ... maybe I could apply some more :-)  I took this photo when it was still wet that's why there's water drops on it.
And this little artist, Becks, was in her element :-)

And while I was enjoying myself at SnC Lyndon took the kids to a bike shop to buy Aaron a bike for his birthday (a bit late!).  And both of the kids came out with a helmet each and bike!  I haven't got a photo of Maddison on her bike yet.  She didn't have a sleep this afternoon so wasn't in the right frame of mind to be peddling!  Anyway we went down to the playground this afternoon and they had fun.  Maddison had to wear her helmet on Grandad's motorbike hehehe
These pics are self explanatory really!
Hard work peddling you know!
I asked for a smile ... yeah right!
Aaron's telling Maddison off here that she's not to touch his racing bike!
Very hot and sweaty work this bike riding you know!
So that's us.  Off now to give the kids tea. 


Hannah said...

That's a beautiful quilt, one that I'm sure will be treasured for a long time.
The bikes are great - and you are lucky to have such a nice flat area for the kids to practice riding on.

Penny said...

lovely quilt!

As Hannah says, you are fortunate to have a flat area for them to ride the bikes. Go racer Aaron!

Cindy Lee said...

Such a lovely quilt!! I hope someday I'll able to make a quilt for my own...but I heard it's super expensive to make one.

Gallivanter said...

I can hardly wait to have juniors of my own. :-)

topkatnz said...

Absolutely love the altered tin! very grungy! cool. And the quilt is lovely - Madison is one lucky girl!

Janine said...

Wow the projects you made are stunning Rachel. What an inspirational class. That quilt is so beautiful and will be treasured for years to come. Master A looks so tall in that shot where he is drinking water. Lol at Miss M not being able to touch his racing bike, boys and thier toys....

I was impressed with what you bought back and the taxi ride from the airport to home made me giggle, more so when you said you closed your eyes. Sounds like it was more like an amusement ride.

Well of course you wont need your winter clothes now because its spring silly (winks), must be nice to be back in warmer weather though.

Ugh at mozzies......I now have this vision of you putting marmite on Lyndon to stop the mossies biting him. I know I have a warped sense of humour lol.

Serene Ho said...

missed your earlier post but welcome back anyways. I like your tin...especially the gingery color. Aaron looks so grown up on his new bike and that smile ... ;-)