Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kinda Sweet LO's

Here's the last of the LO's I created last month with papers & embellishments from Kinda Sweet. Using more photos from our NZ holiday last year :-)
Peek-a-boo LO
Patterned paper, crocheted flowers & birds from Kinda Sweet. (Birds cut from another patterned paper and foam taped out.)

Snuggles LO
Patterned paper, alphas & numbers from Kinda Sweet.

Maddison LO
Patterned paper, fibre, alphas, birds from Kinda Sweet.

Dinosaur Cake LO
Patterned paper from Kinda Sweet.

Birthday Party LO
Patterned paper and stickers from Kinda Sweet.

New Trend? LO
Patterned paper and rub-ons from Kinda Sweet.

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Build an Airport ...

That's what Aaron did this afternoon (with some help from Daddy).

It was very high tech as it even had the baggage handler running the length of it to load all the bags onto the plane (yellow & blue blocks near the planes tail).
Aaron's attempt at pointing to the baggage! haha
Five minutes after taking the photo he'd destroyed it ... I think that's what the wooden tractor & 4-wheeler were on standby for!!
Tonight Lyndon requested a chicken rice dish for tea. I just looked at him and said 'hummm'. So he found this recipe for me. I decided it was going to be a bit time consuming (I am a lazy cook and besides it was after 4pm) and I didn't have any mushroom soup anyway. So I did another google search, but every chicken rice dish I found had mushroom soup in it. So I thought to myself since I had to waddle down to the supermarket to get the soup, to save time I'll combine two recipes, the one he found and this one. It's nearly finished cooking ... I wonder what it will be like ;-) I just put it all in the dish together, gave it a good stir and shoved it in the oven :-) Very quick & easy - hope it tastes okay!! (Oh I didn't put in any paprika as Mr 4 doesn't eat anything spicy!!!)

Right better go and check it I suppose.
*** Edited to add ... dinner was actually very yummy! Will be making it again for sure. Lyndon had seconds and Aaron even ate it without much fuss! ;-) (Note: I did add another 1/2 cup of water to the mixture and I am glad I did - only took an hour to cook and the chicken wasn't thawed properly - diced chicken fillets). ***

Scrap-it-Lah Challenge

The Scrap-it-Lah challenge for February is an "Oriental Lovey-Dovey" one to combine Chinese New Year & Valentines. I knew what I wanted to do for this LO, but it's taken me ages to actually get it together with everything else that's been happening around here. So today I went through my stash looking for Oriental things & a heart :-) Found vellum & some Chinese blossom paper that's been in my stash for ... oh probably about 10 years! Also a Chinese character love stamp and a coin.

The chipboard heart I covered with ripped up pieces of the blossom paper and wrapped it with red cord & the coin.
The alpha stickers are October Afternoon, but I ran out of "o's" so had to cut up a p and a d and that's when I decided to use the Love stamp as an o. :-)
Thanks for looking.


Not me ... but Prima have!

They can't reveal it yet, but in the mean time they are having a fabulous give away :-) Go to their blog & check it out. I wouldn't mind that prize basket coming my way!!! :-)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

There are quiet moments ...

If only they lasted for more than 10 minutes! ;-) Yesterday the kids did some reading on the couch ... well Aaron wanted to and of course whatever he does Maddison has to do too! (ten minutes later they were fighting!)

Just a couple of random pics from the last few days. Maddison got into her hair accessory box and picked out all her clips and asked me to put them in her hair! Nice!!!

Bubble Bath time ... The last week or so I have been just running about 3 inches of water in the bath and teaching Maddison that it's OKAY to lie down! Now she's got the hang of it she thinks she's pretty clever! :-)
Not sure if Aaron realised he had the makings of a halo or not! (LOL didn't last long hehee)
And over the last couple of weeks in amongst everything else that's been going on I have managed to scrap some pages for our holiday album - 8 actually, but still have to do journaling (need to do that when Aaron isn't hanging about wanting to get on the computer!).
Here's 6 of them.

Some of them aren't particularly flash or exciting looking, what's exciting for me is using up some old product that I really have no idea why I bought at the time!! For example - those round stickers in the middle of 'on the go' LO ... got them in 2002! It's a wonder they still stick heheee.
Lyndon has cancelled his travel for this week ... so if he's going to get sick hope it happens this week and not next when he's off travelling again! Going to keep the kids home from school for the rest of the week, so hopefully by the weekend all these nasty bugs have flown away to never be seen again!
But since I have gotten so used to cleaning up messes the last week or so, today I decided to take Maddison out of nappies and see how she goes! Yesterday she kept taking it off and bringing it to me ... that's okay when it's just #1's, but when it's #2's things get a bit gross. I won't go into details on how it's gone so far! But I think I have enough knickers for her for today! LOL
Okay off to find something else for the kids to do now. :-)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

3 down ... will the last man standing fall??

Yep ... Maddison kindly passed her vomiting bug onto me. Unfortunately I was sick a LOT more than 2-3 times. I spent most of Sunday night hanging out in the bathroom. Poor Lyndon got back from Finland on Sunday afternoon and after me keeping him awake much of Sunday night he was suffering from lack of sleep as well! Monday morning I wasn't much better so he very kindly cancelled his trip to Thailand to look after the kids. Which was just as well as I spent the day in bed ... couldn't keep anything down till evening. Discovered sucking ice cubes was the best as they stayed down the longest!
Lyndon took Aaron back to the Dr's yesterday as he had what looked liked bites all over his legs. But they got worse and spread - face, back, legs etc. Dr said they were hives and he thought it was an allergic reaction to the cough syrup he's been having. So got different meds & lotions for that. Then this morning not long after Aaron woke he did a massive vomit! He seems to be okay now ... hopefully it passes quickly with him like it did with Maddison.
Now ... will Lyndon get it!? He's supposed to be going to India tomorrow, but says he's not feeling so good! Whether it's just the smell of sick that's getting to him or not I don't know. (But I do know I would much rather be sick at home than some place in India!!!!)
I still have a cold, but my throat is much better. So things are looking up! hahahaa
I'll leave you with some photos Lyndon took while he was in Finland. Lots of snow ... while he was there temps were around -10-16degs C. (It's around 32-35 degs here in KL!!)

This photo makes me wonder if these are abandoned push bikes!
He took a few trips out to catch up with some friends ... an hours train trip I think. This was taken out the window of the train.
Friends mail box.
Friends neighbours house.
Friends dog :-) - as soon as he sees a camera apparently he sits nicely looking at you! hehee
Ice sculpture.
Another day he went skiing with them. But unfortunately they didn't have ski boots big enough. So he spent his time watching!
Went to an ice-hockey game with his work colleagues.
Not sure what this building is ... but it had a kiwi symbol on it! (click on photo to enlarge).

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Friday, February 19, 2010

The eyes give it away ...

That I've had a sleepless night! They look bloodshot & have huge black rings under them! :(
No school today for the kids either ... Maddison came into my bed at 11pm and around 1am she threw up ... everywhere! Then just lay in it and vomited up more! Totally gross ... it smelt bad even with the blocked & snotty nose I have! So changed all the bed, showered her, got her back in bed (on a towel!) and she said she wanted her "water bobble" (bottle!). So I gave that to her but then had to go to the toilet and while I was away she drunk far too much! (my mistake!) and 15 minutes later did another big heave. Thankfully I was fast enough, even in my cumbersome state, and managed to catch 90% of it in a bowl. So another clean up for her, the floor (didn't get on the sheets thank goodness), and a change of clothes for her and we settled back down again.
I could hear the washing machine quietly whirring away washing the first load of messy sheets & night wear and couldn't help thinking 'wonder how many times this is going to happen tonight'! She wasn't sick again though, but I didn't sleep very well, every time she stirred, coughed, or moved the slightest bit I was sitting up ready to grab the bowl!
At 5am she was WIDE awake and asking for berries & chocolate!!!! WHAT on earth! I told her she had been sick so she could choose between a cracker or a piece of bread. A rather noisy tantrum was her answer! So she had a little bit more water and after about 10 minutes went back to sleep (phew). Aaron was up around 7am but was really good and played quietly till I thought I had really better get up about 20 minutes later. I no sooner got to the lounge when he informed me that he'd done poos! Ahhhh those dreaded liquid pardies were back again!!! Putting him through the shower woke Maddison up ... I so wanted to crawl back into bed! Maddison hasn't been sick again, but she's started doing liquid pardies now too. So I don't think Aaron's are the effects of grapes. They must have picked up some bug from goodness knows where. I sure hope Aaron and I don't start the vomiting and hopefully it's all gone and disappeared before Lyndon gets home tomorrow night!
In more tasteful news - yesterday afternoon the kids got out the bucket of animals and Aaron had fun lining them all up around the train track so they could watch the trains go by!

Then they discovered me doing the dishes (thankfully I was nearly finished!) and Aaron informed me he was a good boy and liked helping me! (ha if only that were true all the time!!) Of course Maddison had to join in ... so they washed the last couple of things and managed to get themselves totally wet (even with plastic aprons on), the floor mat soaked and water all over the bench.

Little darlings!
Hehehee that reminds me ... yesterday Aaron did a marvelous display of talking back to me, so he got sent to his room and also told no hotwheels. Later in the day I was checking emails and he came to me and said "I love you Mummy and I love playing hotwheels"!!! What a little greaser!
Right better go and sort something out for lunch.
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Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Entertaining!

Monday afternoon finished off with a few games of pool! (Or 'bool' as Aaron calls it hehehee ... he mixes both pool and ball together!!)

Tuesday we went to a mall with a friend and spent a few hours there actually. We had lunch at Paddington's house of pancakes. I like their little dollar pancakes :-) Good size for the kids too. While we were waiting for our lunch to arrive the kids played with their chalk boards.

Not sure why Aaron was being so fierce with his chalk!

Wednesday was a busy morning. I had a chiropractor appointment at 9am ... so was an early start. Then after that we went to the Dr's (I have got a stinking head cold with a very nasty sore throat) and then the supermarket. By the time we got back I was ready for bed! (ha ... wishful thinking!). Interesting though ... Aaron has been very good as far as spitting goes the last couple of days and yesterday we were back in the car after being at the Dr's and Maddison was making a spitting sort of noise (don't think she actually was) and I heard Aaron telling her "No Maddison, it's not nice to spit, it's naughty!!!" He's full of sound advice ... pity he didn't take it himself!
In the afternoon I got out another play tent for the kids and they had a little "picnic" ... fairy bread and orange juice. Not sure why I bothered with the bread though because they just ate the sprinkles! (Although I did see Maddison going back later and finishing off her bread and Aaron's as well hehehee ... must have been a few sprinkles that were left behind!) ;-)

Today I was hoping to send them both off to school and head back to bed myself ... but should have known that was a waste of planning! Aaron came in at 6am and said he needed to go to the toilet. Unfortunately he crashed the toilet lid back down when he finished and woke Maddison up! (I was not amused!) Then half an hour later he came & told me he'd done poos in his undies! WHAT! So had to put him in the shower ... it was a bit liquid you see! Anyway to spare you all the gory details ... it's happened twice this morning, so I decided to be safe and keep him at home. I am not sure if its got anything to do with the 3 grapes he ate yesterday afternoon (they have a nasty effect on him!) or it's something else. So will wait and see. Hopefully the "liquid pardies" won't take long to get out of his system! Maddison has a snotty nose as well and is very clingy today, so it was easier to keep her home too!
Something else Aaron has said that's made me chuckle ... Tuesday night just before bedtime the kids were talking to Lyndon and Aaron was asking if "Daddy could lie with him"!! (Hummm bit far to stretch!) Lyndon obviously said no he couldn't, but Mummy would. Then Aaron says "No 'cause Mummy's too big for the baby"!!!! I am hoping that he actually meant I was big with the baby, not for the baby!!! ;-)
Have no idea what to do with the kids today. Especially when I just want to lie on the couch or my bed and snooze. Might do some baking this afternoon with them! We'll see how I feel! :-)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Holiday Entertainment ...

I am running out of ideas! hehehee
Yesterday Aaron told me he wanted to do painting! So I distracted him and put it off till today, and then I cheated a bit hehehe (parents are allowed to cheat aren't they?) ;-)
I remembered he'd been given a painting with water book by some friends before we left NZ and I had put it away, so this morning I took the book apart and cut the pages so they were loose (7 pics to paint). Aaron got to paint 4 and Maddison 3. They thought they were pretty cool ... although Maddison did insist on drinking some of the paint water! (nasty).

So that took all of about 20 minutes ... then what to do! Build a train track of course :-)

(Excuse the ironing board in the pic - Aaron tells me I need to leave it up, 'cause he needs it for his cars!!) Whatever!
After lunch we completed the train track and added in a few extra pieces then Aaron wanted to do something else, so I thought we'd make some Chinese lanterns out of Hong Bao's. Aaron had made one at school and I had a pile someone had given me for craft purposes :-) So we got busy ...
Do you like the scissor holding style?

Tim Holtz's tiny attacher came in very handy :-)

And here's the finished product ...
Again - that only lasted about 20 minutes before they wanted to move onto something else! Time for a snack (while I blog) hehehee
So today we have played kids scrabble, other board games, done jigsaw puzzles, painting, built a track & played with the train set, crafted some lanterns and it's only 3pm! What to do for the rest of the day!? Too hot for me to go out to the playground yet ... I try and put that off till after 4pm!
I am having issues with Aaron's behaviour ... when I ask him to do something that he doesn't want to, he'll turn around (as he's running off) and spit at me! So I have told him every time he does that then it's a day without any time on the computer (for him this means not playing Hotwheels!). It happened Sunday morning, so that was Sunday with no computer time. Then Sunday evening, so today's been computer free for him. He's finding this VERY hard, but still doesn't seem to understand why I won't let him on even though I have told him hundreds of times that spitting is not the accepted thing, I don't like it, it makes me sad, etc. etc. For a kid that is bright in a lot of things he seems very dumb in this regard!!!
I'm getting all sorts of excuses on why he needs to play Hotwheels ... if it wasn't so repetitive it would be amusing! (Quite frankly I am over it!). Excuses generally revolve around his tummy for some reason ... for example ... I need to play Hotwheels because my tummy hurts, ... because my tummy is full, ... because my tummy is sick. Or a slight variation ... because my legs are long!!!
On that note his 'tummy' is calling out excuses again for something to do. So I best be off and find something else for them. Maybe get out the Thomas play tent me thinks! ;-)