Monday, February 15, 2010

Holiday Entertainment ...

I am running out of ideas! hehehee
Yesterday Aaron told me he wanted to do painting! So I distracted him and put it off till today, and then I cheated a bit hehehe (parents are allowed to cheat aren't they?) ;-)
I remembered he'd been given a painting with water book by some friends before we left NZ and I had put it away, so this morning I took the book apart and cut the pages so they were loose (7 pics to paint). Aaron got to paint 4 and Maddison 3. They thought they were pretty cool ... although Maddison did insist on drinking some of the paint water! (nasty).

So that took all of about 20 minutes ... then what to do! Build a train track of course :-)

(Excuse the ironing board in the pic - Aaron tells me I need to leave it up, 'cause he needs it for his cars!!) Whatever!
After lunch we completed the train track and added in a few extra pieces then Aaron wanted to do something else, so I thought we'd make some Chinese lanterns out of Hong Bao's. Aaron had made one at school and I had a pile someone had given me for craft purposes :-) So we got busy ...
Do you like the scissor holding style?

Tim Holtz's tiny attacher came in very handy :-)

And here's the finished product ...
Again - that only lasted about 20 minutes before they wanted to move onto something else! Time for a snack (while I blog) hehehee
So today we have played kids scrabble, other board games, done jigsaw puzzles, painting, built a track & played with the train set, crafted some lanterns and it's only 3pm! What to do for the rest of the day!? Too hot for me to go out to the playground yet ... I try and put that off till after 4pm!
I am having issues with Aaron's behaviour ... when I ask him to do something that he doesn't want to, he'll turn around (as he's running off) and spit at me! So I have told him every time he does that then it's a day without any time on the computer (for him this means not playing Hotwheels!). It happened Sunday morning, so that was Sunday with no computer time. Then Sunday evening, so today's been computer free for him. He's finding this VERY hard, but still doesn't seem to understand why I won't let him on even though I have told him hundreds of times that spitting is not the accepted thing, I don't like it, it makes me sad, etc. etc. For a kid that is bright in a lot of things he seems very dumb in this regard!!!
I'm getting all sorts of excuses on why he needs to play Hotwheels ... if it wasn't so repetitive it would be amusing! (Quite frankly I am over it!). Excuses generally revolve around his tummy for some reason ... for example ... I need to play Hotwheels because my tummy hurts, ... because my tummy is full, ... because my tummy is sick. Or a slight variation ... because my legs are long!!!
On that note his 'tummy' is calling out excuses again for something to do. So I best be off and find something else for them. Maybe get out the Thomas play tent me thinks! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Oh, I just LOVED those paint with water books when I was little! But haven't seen them anywhere for years. It looks like your kids really enjoyed them as well. Great photos, per usual :-)

Serene Ho said...

oh no! boy issues..haha! I'm sure he'll outgrow them :) I'm amazed you can actually entertain them for such a long time! Great job! LOL!

J9 said...

I had to giggle at the paint water and Miss M drinking it....funny what we are up for when we are so young. Oh dear at the spitting that is dreadful. That's one thing I can not bare to see children or adults do. I hope the lack of computer time helps him see the light sooner rather than later. Hang in there Rachel.

Penny said...

playdough? tea parties? bike riding in the hall...

hope the spitting thing stops.

topkatnz said...

Oh dear - hope life is a bit brighter over your way. It can be so tiring keeping kids of this age amused. Unfortunately Aaron has learnt the lesson - bad attention, is still attention - thus I would really suggest removing him from you/family life for times when he spits - no talk,no interaction until he has had his time-out and apologises. He is old enough, and been warned enough to know how anti-social his behavior is. Removing treats just results in more anti-soc behavior ie.nagging and whining. Big hugs. Hx

~Sasha Farina~ said...

my God you have a lot of stamina.. you do all that in a day? wow. I'm tired just reading! sorry i'm of no help with the behaviour issue..