Tuesday, February 23, 2010

3 down ... will the last man standing fall??

Yep ... Maddison kindly passed her vomiting bug onto me. Unfortunately I was sick a LOT more than 2-3 times. I spent most of Sunday night hanging out in the bathroom. Poor Lyndon got back from Finland on Sunday afternoon and after me keeping him awake much of Sunday night he was suffering from lack of sleep as well! Monday morning I wasn't much better so he very kindly cancelled his trip to Thailand to look after the kids. Which was just as well as I spent the day in bed ... couldn't keep anything down till evening. Discovered sucking ice cubes was the best as they stayed down the longest!
Lyndon took Aaron back to the Dr's yesterday as he had what looked liked bites all over his legs. But they got worse and spread - face, back, legs etc. Dr said they were hives and he thought it was an allergic reaction to the cough syrup he's been having. So got different meds & lotions for that. Then this morning not long after Aaron woke he did a massive vomit! He seems to be okay now ... hopefully it passes quickly with him like it did with Maddison.
Now ... will Lyndon get it!? He's supposed to be going to India tomorrow, but says he's not feeling so good! Whether it's just the smell of sick that's getting to him or not I don't know. (But I do know I would much rather be sick at home than some place in India!!!!)
I still have a cold, but my throat is much better. So things are looking up! hahahaa
I'll leave you with some photos Lyndon took while he was in Finland. Lots of snow ... while he was there temps were around -10-16degs C. (It's around 32-35 degs here in KL!!)

This photo makes me wonder if these are abandoned push bikes!
He took a few trips out to catch up with some friends ... an hours train trip I think. This was taken out the window of the train.
Friends mail box.
Friends neighbours house.
Friends dog :-) - as soon as he sees a camera apparently he sits nicely looking at you! hehee
Ice sculpture.
Another day he went skiing with them. But unfortunately they didn't have ski boots big enough. So he spent his time watching!
Went to an ice-hockey game with his work colleagues.
Not sure what this building is ... but it had a kiwi symbol on it! (click on photo to enlarge).

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Penny said...

aaaaarrrgh! You poor things :( Hope Lyndon doesn't get it.

mariam said...

ohh my! hope u feeling better dear. hope your hubby won't get it. poor Aaron. wonder what caused it all.

take care Rachel. rest well.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, that's not good to hear. I hope you feel better soon, Rachel. And I hope that hubby stays well!

topkatnz said...

Hugs from afar - so glad Lyndon was there to help you through - hope he doesn't get sick too, although I'm sure it would be nice to keep him for a bit longer.(heehee todays word verification is FRIES!!!)

J9 said...

oh you poor thing, not much fun at your house at the moment. Hope Lyndon doesn't get the bug. I agree if your going to be sick, its much better in the comfort of your own home, not in another country.

Cool pics of Finland...he must have found it odd going from the heat of KL to the snow of Finland.