Friday, February 19, 2010

The eyes give it away ...

That I've had a sleepless night! They look bloodshot & have huge black rings under them! :(
No school today for the kids either ... Maddison came into my bed at 11pm and around 1am she threw up ... everywhere! Then just lay in it and vomited up more! Totally gross ... it smelt bad even with the blocked & snotty nose I have! So changed all the bed, showered her, got her back in bed (on a towel!) and she said she wanted her "water bobble" (bottle!). So I gave that to her but then had to go to the toilet and while I was away she drunk far too much! (my mistake!) and 15 minutes later did another big heave. Thankfully I was fast enough, even in my cumbersome state, and managed to catch 90% of it in a bowl. So another clean up for her, the floor (didn't get on the sheets thank goodness), and a change of clothes for her and we settled back down again.
I could hear the washing machine quietly whirring away washing the first load of messy sheets & night wear and couldn't help thinking 'wonder how many times this is going to happen tonight'! She wasn't sick again though, but I didn't sleep very well, every time she stirred, coughed, or moved the slightest bit I was sitting up ready to grab the bowl!
At 5am she was WIDE awake and asking for berries & chocolate!!!! WHAT on earth! I told her she had been sick so she could choose between a cracker or a piece of bread. A rather noisy tantrum was her answer! So she had a little bit more water and after about 10 minutes went back to sleep (phew). Aaron was up around 7am but was really good and played quietly till I thought I had really better get up about 20 minutes later. I no sooner got to the lounge when he informed me that he'd done poos! Ahhhh those dreaded liquid pardies were back again!!! Putting him through the shower woke Maddison up ... I so wanted to crawl back into bed! Maddison hasn't been sick again, but she's started doing liquid pardies now too. So I don't think Aaron's are the effects of grapes. They must have picked up some bug from goodness knows where. I sure hope Aaron and I don't start the vomiting and hopefully it's all gone and disappeared before Lyndon gets home tomorrow night!
In more tasteful news - yesterday afternoon the kids got out the bucket of animals and Aaron had fun lining them all up around the train track so they could watch the trains go by!

Then they discovered me doing the dishes (thankfully I was nearly finished!) and Aaron informed me he was a good boy and liked helping me! (ha if only that were true all the time!!) Of course Maddison had to join in ... so they washed the last couple of things and managed to get themselves totally wet (even with plastic aprons on), the floor mat soaked and water all over the bench.

Little darlings!
Hehehee that reminds me ... yesterday Aaron did a marvelous display of talking back to me, so he got sent to his room and also told no hotwheels. Later in the day I was checking emails and he came to me and said "I love you Mummy and I love playing hotwheels"!!! What a little greaser!
Right better go and sort something out for lunch.
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Cindy Lee said...

I hope you'll get more sleep and Maddison will get well soon! How far along are you?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I'm very sorry to hear about the sick kiddos ... tummy bugs are the WORST! Especially for mum to clean up. I hope everybody is on the mend now.

Matthew & Amy said...

Hope you all get better soon - doesn't sound like much fun!

Mrs Frizz said...

gulp - OMG some things you just don't ever forget ... liquid pardies ... charming --- NOT!!!

Pics of the kidlets doing the dishes are delightful.

Hope that you are feeling better and trust that you got more than a little sleep last night.

topkatnz said...

I feel for you - sleep deprivation is a terrible form of torture - surely things can only get better from here! hugs.

Penelope Gan said...

Oh dear! Hope the kids are better and nothing serious. And I am loving the little greaser even more - charming. heh heh

Yeong Shong said...

I hope the kids are doing better now. You take care, ya.

J9 said...

oh Rachel you had a rough time of it. I was just about dry reaching at the post below ( I know I am a wuss) lol. Love how the kids were helping you with the dishes lol and had to giggle at the mat being soaked. Sounds like they had such a blast though.

Penny said...

oh boys, I've been there too and it's not nice :( Hope they are on the mend and you all get a chance to nap.

mariam said...

oh dear! am sure Maddison is better mow. Hope u getting your sleep. Take care dear. Hugs!