Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bits & Pieces from the last few days

This is a bitser of a post! Just some randomness (with photos ... of course!) from the last few days.
Friday I got some pics after school of Aaron & Maddison with Yara & Senna. I think Aaron was totally over photos by this stage! hehehee
(Yara if you are reading this Aaron says you can come back now!!) :-)

Maddison & Senna having their last hug :-) (Maddison nearly fell back into the garden!)
Last Friday when I was in Aaron's class I noticed the kids all had free hand drawings on the wall ... Aaron's was the only one that I had no idea what it was! So I asked him ... "It's a dump truck Mummy"!!! (Well what do you know ... looks more like the rubbish in the truck to me hehehee) I guess if you use your imagination ... nope still doesn't work for me!

Monday the kids had a holiday from school. So we spent some time in the playground (with them getting VERY wet!!!). Unfortunately whatever Aaron does Maddison has to do as well!! You see when you put your arms up on to the round bowl, the water runs straight down your arms and onto your tummy! Great fun!!!

Then in the afternoon the kids made some cards ... with some major help of my stamp collection and glitter glue (suppose that's one way to use up the glue!).

These next few photos of Maddison are in sequence - it's what she did for every card she made!
#1 - squeeze the bottle like mad
#2 - final details require serious concentration while pressing the glitter glue nib hard onto the cardstock!
#3 - Grin to ones self when finished!
#4 - then throw back head and laugh like crazy because it's just so incredibly exciting! ;-) heheee
I do hope the recipients appreciate the amount of glue that has gone into these creations! :-)

While they were doing that I tried to do some scrapbooking! Sort of worked if I didn't stress about the amount of glitter glue being wasted heheee.
I did some LO's for Kinda Sweet - the ladies had given me some papers last year and have been so patient waiting for something from me! So finally I have done 3 and have a couple more in mind to do. Here's a sneak ...

Today the kids were back at school so after I dropped them off I headed to a mall to find some more maternity clothes ... HOW DEPRESSING. Arrgh ... okay I have big hips & backside ... but really XXL should fit right? (When I was telling Lyndon he just said "yes dear"!! huh!) Anyway I did get a tee-shirt to wear ... had to show here because I laughed out loud in the shop when I saw it!
Snigger snigger! Yeah whatever ... there could be a little less of the largeness magic I'd say! ;-)
Want to record here something else Aaron has said as well. Week before last I had a hospital visit ... all very interesting. It will do! Anyway when I went to pick Aaron up from school his teacher said to me "are you okay?" yes, why? "Oh well Aaron has been telling me that you were going to hospital today to get fixed up!!" LOL Honestly the things he comes out with!
Thanks for visiting & a happy week to you all!


Hannah said...

Awww, I just love the photos of M making her cards, especially the last one in the sequence where she is laughing ... just precious!! I'm sure the recipients will LOVE their cards, made with love :-)

Anonymous said...

Cute t-shirt!

Penny said...

baahahahaha - love Maddison's laughing photo. The "evil" card making queen laugh! :)

The tshirt is rather appropriate - LOL!

topkatnz said...

Lots of laughter here - are you gonna wear the T-shirt??? I see a great future for Aaron as either a.an abstract artist, or b.a con artist!heehee

mariam said...

ahahahhahaha...I love that u save the best line in the end. I was in serious fits of laughter. That Aaron...hehehe.

the t shirt is too funny.

love the pic of Madison laughing as well.

Mrs Frizz said...

love teh sequence of photos ... fan-tab-u-lous ...

And, I should know not to read your posts when I am drinking ... I spluttered over the t-shirt.

Serene Ho said...

love Maddison's photos. Classic!