Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Entertaining!

Monday afternoon finished off with a few games of pool! (Or 'bool' as Aaron calls it hehehee ... he mixes both pool and ball together!!)

Tuesday we went to a mall with a friend and spent a few hours there actually. We had lunch at Paddington's house of pancakes. I like their little dollar pancakes :-) Good size for the kids too. While we were waiting for our lunch to arrive the kids played with their chalk boards.

Not sure why Aaron was being so fierce with his chalk!

Wednesday was a busy morning. I had a chiropractor appointment at 9am ... so was an early start. Then after that we went to the Dr's (I have got a stinking head cold with a very nasty sore throat) and then the supermarket. By the time we got back I was ready for bed! (ha ... wishful thinking!). Interesting though ... Aaron has been very good as far as spitting goes the last couple of days and yesterday we were back in the car after being at the Dr's and Maddison was making a spitting sort of noise (don't think she actually was) and I heard Aaron telling her "No Maddison, it's not nice to spit, it's naughty!!!" He's full of sound advice ... pity he didn't take it himself!
In the afternoon I got out another play tent for the kids and they had a little "picnic" ... fairy bread and orange juice. Not sure why I bothered with the bread though because they just ate the sprinkles! (Although I did see Maddison going back later and finishing off her bread and Aaron's as well hehehee ... must have been a few sprinkles that were left behind!) ;-)

Today I was hoping to send them both off to school and head back to bed myself ... but should have known that was a waste of planning! Aaron came in at 6am and said he needed to go to the toilet. Unfortunately he crashed the toilet lid back down when he finished and woke Maddison up! (I was not amused!) Then half an hour later he came & told me he'd done poos in his undies! WHAT! So had to put him in the shower ... it was a bit liquid you see! Anyway to spare you all the gory details ... it's happened twice this morning, so I decided to be safe and keep him at home. I am not sure if its got anything to do with the 3 grapes he ate yesterday afternoon (they have a nasty effect on him!) or it's something else. So will wait and see. Hopefully the "liquid pardies" won't take long to get out of his system! Maddison has a snotty nose as well and is very clingy today, so it was easier to keep her home too!
Something else Aaron has said that's made me chuckle ... Tuesday night just before bedtime the kids were talking to Lyndon and Aaron was asking if "Daddy could lie with him"!! (Hummm bit far to stretch!) Lyndon obviously said no he couldn't, but Mummy would. Then Aaron says "No 'cause Mummy's too big for the baby"!!!! I am hoping that he actually meant I was big with the baby, not for the baby!!! ;-)
Have no idea what to do with the kids today. Especially when I just want to lie on the couch or my bed and snooze. Might do some baking this afternoon with them! We'll see how I feel! :-)


topkatnz said...

homemade playdoh? a made-up twister type game that you can instruct and judge from the couch? a treasure hunt, again you can instruct, they fetch, you praise ie. find something yellow...

topkatnz said...

a competition to see who can be quiet the longest???heehee - always a favourite with frazzled Mums!

Penelope Gan said...

love the pancakes there but a tat pricey - no?