Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's been a while ...

Since I have done anything scrapbook related, let alone blog about it! Anyway I have been thinking the last couple of weeks that I would really like to do a December Daily album again, especially since we will be moving early December. So I decided to make it super simple and purchased this 8x8 pad of Christmas papers from Graphic 45. I liked this collection because there was no "snow" themed pages. :-)

I am telling you it really was very simple and probably took me half an hour (once I had unearthed the tools I needed from my semi packed craft area)! I trimmed the pages, glued 4 of them onto the front and back covers, punched the holes, threaded the rings and stuck the stickers on the front and it's done! Haha ... now hopefully this year I can actually finish the jolly thing!
Here's the cover.

And the back.
I didn't have enough papers for 26 days (that's what I am doing to fit in with Grandma's visit) and I was looking through my stash of Christmas papers, but nothing really seemed to match colour wise, so I decided I would just use other G45 papers from a different collection. So that's what I did. These papers will be used on days where I know there is nothing Christmasy happening at all :-)
I think this one will be our "moving day" page :-)

Looking forward to starting (and finishing!) this.
Anyone else doing a December Daily album this year?
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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Here, There & Everywhere

A fair bit has been happening around here ... although not necessarily with the timing I would like! I was hoping to be able to move next week, but that hasn't worked out unfortunately. So it's another couple of weeks away now.
Meanwhile the kids have been busy! All have had a nasty cold including a high fever. Aaron has had a few days off school last week and still isn't 100% right and Samuel has been really miserable with it. He's happy though munching his way though the cookies in the tin and watching Bob the Builder. :-)

Aaron has been checking out the Lotus display down at the mall. (Just for you Grandad!)
Maddison has been a Princess most days! (a rather scruffy one, but a Princess nevertheless!) hehee
On Wednesday late afternoon there was quite a bad storm and the traffic was terrible. I had to be somewhere by 8pm and usually at that hour of the night I have to allow an hour. I actually left 10 minutes earlier than I usually do and it took me 1 hour and 50 minutes! Needless to say I was very late and got there when it was all over!
I have to go through one toll gate to get there ... the road is 2 lanes and widens to 6 lanes for the toll booths and then back down to 2 again ... you can imagine the jam! And to make it worse 3 cars had done a nose to tail about 60 meters after the lanes had merged back to 2! It took me 70 minutes to get from one side of this toll to the other! It's the worse I have ever seen it in the 4 years we've been here. I hope I never see it like that again!

Because I thought we were moving next week I had planned for Maddison to have her farewell at school on Thursday. (Felt silly on Friday afternoon when I found out the dates had changed!) Oh well I can say I was organised for a change hehee I took 2 types of cookies (jam drops and ginger-nuts) down and apple juice to share with the kids. The teacher was surprised I didn't take cake, but I said every time I bring cake 90% of the kids lick off the icing and throw the cake away! It's such a waste. So I tried cookies this time and it was more successful ... only about 20% didn't like them hehee

So that's what's been happening around here.
Thanks for visiting and apologies to those whose blogs I haven't been visiting like I usually do! I haven't actually spent much time on the computer the last few weeks.

Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11pm, 11-11-11

I was loading the washing machine and putting it on timer ... what were you doing?

I had every intention of taking a photo this morning at 11.11am, but I didn't have my camera with me! So did it tonight instead. :-)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Catching Up

Been missing in action around this blog! We have finally found a bigger place to live. Fingers crossed now that it all goes through and we can move on the dates I want!
It's more than double the size of our current place. :-)

Oh and the wet kitchen is red! I likely :-)
Outside it has the usual pools, kids playground etc., but it also has space for the kids to ride their bikes and a skateboard ramp! (I haven't told Aaron about that yet hehee)
Aaron has been studying fairy tales at school the last few weeks. They have learnt a "fairy tale rap" which their teacher wrote and the parents were invited to go and listen to them. It was fantastic, they did such a great job. They had to wear "rapper" clothes to school! Aaron just wore his hat backwards! But some of them had great costumes. One little boy wore all black and had a hot pink sequined scarf and hat on and dark sunglasses - he was hilarious. They had also made magic mirrors!
On the back they had a little plastic pocket with a whole lot of words they could choose ... this was the one Aaron wanted!!!
Magic wands complete with a spell book!
Samuel was pretty good sitting in the pram for so long, so when it was all finished he ran off some steam in the playground :-)
One afternoon after school the kids did some painting that Nana sent to Maddison :-)
And I have been making cookies for our cookies monsters!
A double batch of cookies doesn't last long around here!
So that's been us. Now I have to get scampering and sort out my craft space a bit (which I haven't touched in ages) so it's semi ready for packing! It's rather a daunting task!!!
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Trying to do a bit of a catch up ! So here's some pics of this year's Halloween activities.
One afternoon I spent the afternoon with Aaron's class doing "pumpkin math" and this also included carving the pumpkin for the school's Halloween party. I have never carved a pumpkin before and it's quite hard! (well I thought it was) Anyway it turned out okay and Aaron approved it because I gave it angry eyebrows hehee
I didn't take a lot of photos this year at the school's Halloween party because Lyndon had Samuel in the pram and I had charge of Aaron & Maddison! I was busy enough keeping my eyes on them in amongst all the people. They had fun and got plenty of candy! The first activity was apple bobbing, but I was a bit dubious of the water so they were allowed to close their eyes and find a candy with their hand.

There were a couple of clowns there making all sorts of things for the kids with balloons. So just before we left Aaron got some sort of gun and Maddison got a poodle. Samuel was out to it so we didn't bother getting one for him :-)
The next day was Saturday and we went down to the "Dragon's Lair" at the mall.
They had heaps of Halloween Carnival booths set up and you bought a bunch of tickets and tried out the games and you could win prizes. The kids had a wonderful time and won so much stuff! They got something at every booth they tried, most of them were consolation prizes. But the first one they tried they both won something they really wanted.
Aaron had to get a ball from one end to the other of a tippy table.
Maddison had to pull up the guillotine and let it fall and stop it on the red line.
She won an awesome dolls house and Aaron got a GUN! (save me!)
On Monday 31st Maddison had Halloween dress up at her school, so she went as a princess again :-)
So that was Halloween for us this year!
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