Monday, May 31, 2010

Leaky Building Syndrome ...

From the inside!
On Friday morning I noticed a damp patch on the wall in our bedroom beside Samuel's cot and just thought the cleaner had wiped a mark off the wall. But later in the day I noticed it again and it was bigger. So I went and asked her if she had wiped the wall. No she hadn't. So showed it to Lyndon ... his verdict was a leak from the shower. Lyndon checked the shower fittings and couldn't see any leaks from them so got in touch with the building's maintenance manager and the Landlord. The Maintenance man came and had a look, said it was a "common problem" and said nothing could be done till Monday!
This morning the damp patch had gotten out of control and when we walked on the floor it "squished" with every step!!
So this morning we've had the maintenance team through looking at it, insurance assessors, a Plumbing contractor manager, then finally mid afternoon the plumbers who actually do the work. In the mean time the water still hadn't been turned off so the leak was still dripping away making our bedroom floor even squishier!
Here's the damp patch on our bedroom wall.

The shower before "construction" started. The Plumbing Manager told me there was a "serious problem" because the shutoff valve to that bathroom wasn't working so the water to the entire apartment would have to be turned off.

Halfway through ... most interesting way of doing the plumbing! Saves wrecking the nice piece of green marble though I suppose! heheee Apparently the bottom elbow on the exposed pipe was split so that's where the leak was.
Our bathroom currently looks like this ... and this is AFTER the plumbers have cleaned up!!! (yeah right!)
So we haven't had running water since about 4.30pm this afternoon. Thankfully Mum had filled a big pot and a couple of jugs of drinking water and I had started filling the bath before they turned the water off. I had a load of towels in the wash which I had to stop ... so they are currently "soaking" in the machine! The water is supposed to be turned back on at 6am tomorrow (we shall see)!!
Will be interesting to see how they go about getting rid of all the water under the floorboards!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sweating it out at the Park!

Yesterday we went to the park to feed the turtles. Grandma hadn't been with us to this park before and it was a good excuse for the kids to ride their bikes :-)

Someone has "named" this turtle!
Coasting down the hill!
Aaron had the playground in view so he was off!
Maddison decided to abandon her bike and run instead! (I think I would have biked ... would have required less sweat! hehee)
This dragonfly had transparent tips on his wings.
Maddison told me when we were back at the car that they had done lots of exercise today hehee ... they sure did! Where they get their energy from in the heat is beyond me. It was just sooooo hot the "glow" was trickling down my back while sitting in the shade watching the kids!
Aaron just wasn't too sure about these rings - he would swing out then put his feet back! hehee
He must have climbed the top of the tunnels about 4 or 5 times!
Maddison tried ... but couldn't get up (thankfully!).
So she played peek-a-boo instead.
Samuel slept, sweated and feed! ;-)
In the afternoon we all had a sleep (except for Lyndon) ... very tiring just sitting in the heat you know! hehee

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Little Feet

After the kids had a bath last night we took some feet photos :-)

Cute huh :-) I need to get Photoshop loaded up on our new computer so I can do some playing!
Especially with this photo below.

I remembered seeing this on Becky Higgins blog a while ago and thought I would try it myself :-)
That's all for now ... Grandma, Lyndon, myself & Maddison all have colds - I think Grandma and I have it the worst though. So we are just taking things easy hehee :-)
Thanks for visiting.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Photo Catch up for this week

I shouldn't need to tell you that there's going to be lots of pics! :-)
It's been a busy week (well for some hehee) ... trips to the playground, visitors, eating, sleeping, nappy changing and shopping for some!
I'll let the photos tell you what we have been up to.
Grandma took the kids to the playground early one afternoon in the HEAT (see Maddison's flushed wee cheeks) for some bubble gun fun. Here Aaron is "showing" Maddison just how to work the gun!!!

Maddison tucking her baby doll into it's new cot.

Aaron playing with his first set of lego ... Daddy helped him create it then later on I found him sitting with his legs crossed making something else out of the pieces :-)
Grandma gave Samuel his first bath at home ... he seems to like doing ballet moves with his hands hehee

All dressed again after his bath and there's that frown!
Hummmmm ....
Building block towers with Daddy before bedtime ... and trying to knock it over by throwing marbles at it.
I got some happy mail ... a RAK from Scrap-it-Lah for one of their challenges last month :-) Thank you very very much Scrap-it-Lah.
Lyndon has been shopping ... new computer with a huge screen! Aaron calls it "his" laptop heheee
The boxes are the best part!
Biking in the rain.

Building marble runs out of big boxes, milk cartons, cereal boxes and tins (and lots and lots of tape!).

And of course chats with Samuel.

Aaron showing Samuel his new transformer toy ... Samuel looks really enthused with it all!
9 days old
I can't believe I have been home nearly a week and Samuel is 9 days old! Where has the time gone? Have done nothing at all craft wise ... think about it, but that's it. Will have to get on with it though because I want to complete a couple of things before Mum leaves, so should really start looking at what photos I am going to use. That might get me motivated.
Thank you every one for your emails, text messages and phone calls. :-)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Some Cards

I made these cards for Scrap-n-Crop using some awesome HUGE Prima Carnival flowers. Scrap-n-Crop Thursday Thrills have 25% of the flowers for today only :-) Check them out here.

All materials used are available from Scrap-n-Crop.

Black & White Card
Making Memories: journaling page, alpha stickers
Prima: carnival flower
Maya Road: hat pins
Bazzill: cardstock
SnC: lace & pearl trim

Bright Card
Rose Moka: patterned paper
Prima: carnival flower
Scenic Route: chipboard tile
Martha Stewart: doily edge punch
Ranger: vintage photo distress ink (edge of chipboard)
Bazzill: cardstock
SnC: ribbon & trim

Brown & Green Card
Scenic Route: floral and circle patterned paper, chipboard tile
Graphic 45: vine patterned paper
Prima: carnival flower
My Minds Eye: scroll rub-on
Ranger: vintage photo distress ink (edge of chipboard)
Bazzill: cardstock
SnC: rickrack

Monday, May 17, 2010

Last Visit in Hospital

A few photos from Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday afternoon Lyndon & Mum came in with the kids. Maddison looks much more excited about holding Samuel this time instead of just staring at him hehehee

This was really cute - she was whispering to Lyndon something about Baby Samuel :-) It even looks as though Samuel is trying to get in on the conversation ;-)
Aaron saying "Hello Baby Samuel.
And of course we had to have another "pop-eyed, cheesy grin" photo :-) heheee
Samuel dressed up ready to go home on Sunday afternoon.

And we're home :-)
So a wee catch up ... Lyndon came to pick me up on Sunday afternoon. He sorted out all the discharge papers and accounts etc. while I got Samuel sorted and listened to instructions from the nurses about caring for the baby and "my private parts" giggle giggle (I shouldn't laugh but it was funny ... I guess you had to be there!.)
We got home about 3.30pm I suppose. Maddison was sleeping, but Aaron was up. The look on his face at seeing me and Samuel walk in the door was lovely! He had the biggest smile.
The others went out for a couple of hours around 5.30pm and Samuel and I had a sleep :-) Ahhhh so good to be back in our bed.
Our first night at home was pretty good. (At least I got some sleep without outside noise and nurses coming into check on us during the night! ;-) heheee)
Right ... time to go and collect kids from school.
Be back another day. Thanks for visiting.