Friday, May 7, 2010

Random Post

38 weeks yesterday ... didn't get a photo so asked Lyndon to take one of me this morning. His comment, while looking through the camera lens, was "why do you do this to yourself?" LOL Ummmm I think it's so I can show the little/big nipper just what they did to me when they are older! heheee
So here I am in all my bulky glory. Had a Dr's visit yesterday as well. All good with the baby, although he/she hasn't engaged yet (and I don't think they have any intention of doing so).

Yesterday was a busy day. Maddison woke up, well actually I had to wake her up, crying and holding her ear. She wouldn't let me look at it. So I asked if it was sore and did she want to go to the Dr. I got a very vigorous nod all the while holding her ear. So got Aaron off to school and Maddison and I managed to jump in a taxi (Lyndon had taken the car to work) that was dropping someone off at our condo so that was really lucky. Got to the Dr's 5 minutes after they opened and waited an hour to be seen!!!!!! Verdict - ear infection and now she's on antibiotics. It was interesting to watch her wandering around the Dr's waiting rooms getting into things while holding her ear hehee (wish I had taken the camera actually!). Managed to flag down another taxi pretty much straight away after walking out of the Dr's.
Got home - gave Maddison her medication. Had something to eat and drink, caught our breath for 20 minutes then got another taxi to go to the chiropractor. Unfortunately I wasn't as lucky when leaving there at flagging down another taxi, so Maddison and I walked half way home before one actually stopped and asked if we wanted a lift somewhere! 'YES PLEASE' was my answer! LOL It was so hot out there, I was really feeling the heat. So home in time to do something about lunch then time to collect Aaron from school. I basically spent the rest of the afternoon lounging on the couch! Tried to get Maddison to have a sleep, but her medication was obviously working a bit too well and she wasn't at all interested (shame really because then I could have had a snooze too!). Lyndon came home nearly on time (traffic was shocking) so kids and I met him in the foyer and I jumped in the car to go to my Dr's appointment and he went back upstairs with the kids (they spent some time in the playground with the bubble machines). :-)
So by the time I got home (waiting time at the Dr's was pretty long as well - so glad I didn't have the kids with me this time), I was well and truly over visiting Dr's for the day.
Today is going to be busy as well. Lyndon has gone to the hospital this morning to get his stitches out (hopefully!). I want/need to do some baking this morning and after school Aaron's little friend is coming to play. I am figuring I can sit on the couch, eat some of my baking and watch them build a train track! ;-) hehehee
So ... off to the kitchen now otherwise there won't be anything yummy to snack on later.
Thanks for visiting and Happy Friday to you.


Anonymous said...

You look great, Rachel! Wow, 2 weeks to go ... that seems to have gone quickly, although perhaps not for you, LOL!
Hope Madison's ear feels better soon. My oldest has an ear infection at the moment too, his first one in about 3 or 4 years.

Penny said...

oof those last weeks do stretch out in every sense!
Hope tomorrow isn't quite so busy for you.

topkatnz said...

so, what was the yummy home baking???

Mrs Frizz said...

OMG Rachel, you look as though the bubble is about to burst ...

J9 said...

awwww you did have a busy day, that day. Hope Miss M feels better soon. 2 weeks to go wow!!!

Serene Ho said...

a really busy day you had..haha. But you are a super mommy! Hope Maddison's ear recovers soon :)