Monday, May 17, 2010


Just thought I would show these pics of Aaron, Maddison & Samuel at 2-3 days old. For those that didn't see Aaron as a new born, now you can see what we mean, when we say we think Samuel looks very like Aaron :-)
Aaron at 3 days old.

Maddison at 2 days old (yes she still does give us that cross eyed look now and again, but I think she's the one that has changed the most from a baby).
Samuel at 3 days - Not the best picture of him sorry, he was VERY sleepy hehee
Another update to come ... I got home from hospital yesterday afternoon and had a lovely night in our bed! (My hips thanked me for that big time!).
Be back soon (if Samuel stays sleeping!) ;-)
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Serene Ho said...

Definitely no escaping that Aaron, Maddison and Samuel are from the same parents! LOL!

They really look so much alike!

Great pictures Rachel. Hope you are resting well :)