Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sweating it out at the Park!

Yesterday we went to the park to feed the turtles. Grandma hadn't been with us to this park before and it was a good excuse for the kids to ride their bikes :-)

Someone has "named" this turtle!
Coasting down the hill!
Aaron had the playground in view so he was off!
Maddison decided to abandon her bike and run instead! (I think I would have biked ... would have required less sweat! hehee)
This dragonfly had transparent tips on his wings.
Maddison told me when we were back at the car that they had done lots of exercise today hehee ... they sure did! Where they get their energy from in the heat is beyond me. It was just sooooo hot the "glow" was trickling down my back while sitting in the shade watching the kids!
Aaron just wasn't too sure about these rings - he would swing out then put his feet back! hehee
He must have climbed the top of the tunnels about 4 or 5 times!
Maddison tried ... but couldn't get up (thankfully!).
So she played peek-a-boo instead.
Samuel slept, sweated and feed! ;-)
In the afternoon we all had a sleep (except for Lyndon) ... very tiring just sitting in the heat you know! hehee


Penny said...

mmm love dragonflies.
Sam is looking good - hows it all going?

Serene Ho said...

The 2 visible words on the turtle means "happy", although see the rest of the words may make more sense. haha. Great pics Rachel and Samuel is so adorable! He will running with Aaron and Maddision in no time!

topkatnz said...

Wow Samuel is looking big already. Hope you are all well.

Mrs Frizz said...

Lucky you ... the only heat I am feeling is in our waterbed or from the gas unit in the lounge. It was minus something or other overnight and looks like it is going to do the same again tonight.