Monday, May 17, 2010

Last Visit in Hospital

A few photos from Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday afternoon Lyndon & Mum came in with the kids. Maddison looks much more excited about holding Samuel this time instead of just staring at him hehehee

This was really cute - she was whispering to Lyndon something about Baby Samuel :-) It even looks as though Samuel is trying to get in on the conversation ;-)
Aaron saying "Hello Baby Samuel.
And of course we had to have another "pop-eyed, cheesy grin" photo :-) heheee
Samuel dressed up ready to go home on Sunday afternoon.

And we're home :-)
So a wee catch up ... Lyndon came to pick me up on Sunday afternoon. He sorted out all the discharge papers and accounts etc. while I got Samuel sorted and listened to instructions from the nurses about caring for the baby and "my private parts" giggle giggle (I shouldn't laugh but it was funny ... I guess you had to be there!.)
We got home about 3.30pm I suppose. Maddison was sleeping, but Aaron was up. The look on his face at seeing me and Samuel walk in the door was lovely! He had the biggest smile.
The others went out for a couple of hours around 5.30pm and Samuel and I had a sleep :-) Ahhhh so good to be back in our bed.
Our first night at home was pretty good. (At least I got some sleep without outside noise and nurses coming into check on us during the night! ;-) heheee)
Right ... time to go and collect kids from school.
Be back another day. Thanks for visiting.


J9 said...

Glad you and baby Samuel are home safe and sound. Nothing beats your own bed. Wow at the frowns in the prev post lol. LOL at the private parts, sounds like that was an interesting conversation lol and know I don't need to know. Love the siblings shot too two posts down.

Penny said...

it's always good to be back home :)

topkatnz said...

Must feel good to be back home - hope it's all going well, and you're not spending all your time caring for that baby and forgetting your 'private parts'!heehee

Mrs Frizz said...

so ... how's the private parts - love it ... love it ... love it !!!

What a simply delightful photo of Daddy, little Miss M and baby S ... gorgeous ...

and so too is the photo of you, Lyndon and baby.

SCRAP-n-CROP said...

and yes, i see the similarities of Sam and Aaron now! :)

Fulltime Mom said...

Oh no! I didnt know you had delivered. Many congratulations & hope baby & mum are doing well, and that the older siblings are helping mum take care of little Samuel!