Friday, September 28, 2012

I thought ...

That once Samuel was at Montessori for 3 hours every morning I might have some time to actually get things done ... maybe even some fun things like scrapbooking!  But NO ... that hasn't been the case at all!  Look at the date ... it's the end of September already and 10 days even since I last blogged!  

Oh well ... I haven't got much time to get into trouble so that's the main thing I suppose.  ;-)

Here's some pics of what's happened the last week or so ...

Caught Prince Samuel playing with the trains :-)

I must have been in a very good mood this night because I allowed the kids to have a mini magnum each (usually they are for ME (and sometimes Lyndon) only!)  ;-)  They sure enjoyed them though ... but I did tell them not to expect it again hehee

Samuel had his 2nd swim lesson :-)  I didn't have goggles for him when he had his lesson so he loaned Maddison's pink ones hehee  (I've got him new ones now ... they are florescent green!)

He did some widths using the board then said he wanted to only use the noodle!  He sees the other kids with them and thinks he can do the same :-)  

I've been baking cookies for Maddison's letter of the week snacks.  (Left to right, G for Giraffe, G for Gingerbread men, S for Star, E for Elephant ... although Lyndon thinks they look more like wombats hehee).  I have decorated them a little bit, and the stars and "elephants" are in the freezer waiting for their week :-)  Giraffes and gingerbread men got gobbled up yesterday.

I didn't realise that Aaron's sneakers had gotten into such a state!!!!  Seriously, how could he not tell me that the entire front of his shoe had fallen to pieces!  His PE teacher told me on Thursday that Aaron had told him he "had magic sneakers, because you could see his toes!!"  (how embarrassing!)

Last night after tuition Aaron and I made a detour to a mall and he got new sneakers (these were the choice ... it may have had something to do with the fact there was a comic book that came with them!!).

I've been back down at school this morning to watch Maddison's class have their first swim lesson at PE.

Saw Samuel playing with the camera on the i-Pad this afternoon heheee ... yep he's picking his nose and giggling to himself!

Tomorrow afternoon I am off to Scrap-n-Crop to teach a tiny mini album class :-)  I've made 4 samples, plus another for a gift.  :-)  I'll be back with some pics of the albums over the next day or so (hopefully before 10 days goes by!).

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

French Toast, Tooth Fairy & Swimming

The other night I was browsing Pinterest (as you do!) and I saw a french toast recipe for the slow cooker.  So I did a search and found a LOT.  So read a few and decided it would be interesting to try cooking Saturday night so it was ready for breakfast Sunday morning.

11pm Saturday.
 7am Sunday ... all done.
I have had the "original" style of french toast before and I'll be honest here ... I wasn't really too fussed with it.  Lyndon likes it though and I thought the kids would.  The version I made in the slow cooker .... well I ate most of my serving, but I wouldn't eat it again!  Lyndon said it was more like a bread pudding.  Aaron said "I like it a little bit".  Maddison had a major meltdown and wouldn't eat it until Lyndon poured some milk on it and afterwards when I asked her if she liked it, she said "it was delicious"!  Samuel couldn't tell me if he liked it or not!   I don't think I will bother making it again!  (It did smell good though!)

Aaron lost his 7th tooth last night.  His 3rd for this month!!!  I took a picture of him last night holding his tooth already for the tooth fairy in a little bag :-)
Showing his gappy smile today :-) 

This afternoon Samuel had his first swim lesson.  He did great and really enjoyed it.  
 Blowing bubbles in the water :-)

 Showing off his kicking style :-)

Details are up on Scrap-n-Crop's blog about the mini album class I am teaching there on Saturday 29th September :-)  You can check it out here.  Here's another sneak :-)

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dress-Up days ...

This week at the kids school it's been "Spirit Week" ... every day they have had a different theme to dress up to and it's to encourage them to get "into the spirit" of things :-)

Monday was pyjama day, Tuesday - Crazy Hat day, Wednesday - Crazy Hair day, Thursday - Favourite character, Friday - Tiger day (school mascot).

I didn't get photos of Monday and Tuesday, but yesterday's crazy hair was this ...

 We tried to colour Maddison's hair purple, but it didn't show up so I ended up washing it out and just doing 4 pigtails into one pony tail.

Today ... Favourite Character.  Aaron decided he wanted to wear his crocodile teeshirt and there was no  discussion on the matter!  He was wearing it and that was that!  So Lyndon and I thought he could go as Crocodile Dundee hehee  Pity I didn't have a big knife for him to take!  lol

 Maddison went as Cinderella in her ball dress!  :-)

This morning I have been taking pics of some mini albums I've made and every time I bent down to take a photo this little monkey climbed on my back!!!

Keep an eye out on Scrap-n-Crop's blog as I am teaching a class there on Saturday afternoon, 29th September.  Here's a sneak peek of one of the albums I've made :-)  They are very cute!

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Why yes ... I do have a blog to update don't I!!!

Goodness ... it's been a while!  Sorry about that - life has been crazy busy and updating my blog wasn't at the top of the list!

So what's been happening?  Probably the thing that kept me most busy was doing a digital photo album. No I am not going to turn digital (didn't really enjoy the process at all actually).  When we were in NZ I bought a 12x12 hard cover 50 page album from GrabOne thinking it would be a great idea to do for our holiday (especially in light of the fact I still haven't finished scrapping our 2009 NZ holiday haha).  I had a deadline to complete it before my voucher expired (5th September) and I can tell you there were a LOT of late nights getting very frustrated trying to get it completed on time.  Lets just say that the program and I had different views on how things should be placed on the page! hahaa  Anyway it's done and it's arrived at my Mums today and she said it looked good (although she hasn't had a close look for any spelling errors ... I am sure there will be some as I found it hard to proof read on the screen).

What else has been going on ...

This big fella turned 7 at the end of August!  He opened most of his presents the day before because Lyndon was flying out early the next morning.  

We gave him a little bookcase to keep by his bed for books and his special things.  He was pretty excited about it all :-)
He had fun setting it up and gathering up his chapter books and special things for the shelves.
And when the big fella's at school the little fella gets up to inspect what exactly is on the top shelf!!!  Lego mini figures aren't safe up there at all!  haha
His birthday was on a Monday and I made muffins to take at snack time at school and he handed out his party invites.
Cinnamon buns and apple muffins.  Several of the girls were really cute and asked me for the recipes.
Samuel is enjoying Montessori ... although as soon as we get into his class this is a very familiar sight!!
So is this when I go to leave haha
But he's getting better at saying goodbye!  He loves those plastic animals.  The basket of animals at school has dinosaurs in it which he doesn't have at home ... so there's lots of roaring going on with dino fights!!

I have been down at school a lot the last few weeks.  I volunteered to be Class Mum for Maddison's class.  Should be fun!  ;-)  Good job lots of the mums have volunteered to help with things throughout the year.  Each week her class has a snack on Friday afternoon based on the letter of the week they have been studying.  Samuel and I went the first week and it was letter C.  Samuel decided the white board needed a bit more decoration while we were there!!
Oh yes ... much better heheee
C was pretty easy ... lots of edible things start with C.
Special hat for Malaysia Day.
Last Sunday we went to Tony Roma's for lunch (as we do!) and Harvey Norman had a stand in the centre of the mall ... Samuel rather liked the 3D glasses hehee

Yesterday we had Aaron's birthday party straight after school.  He's so predicable with his cakes (3rd year in a row he's asked for a racing track cake)!!  (You can see his 6th birthday cake here and his 5th birthday cake here.  Side note if you check out those linked posts ... Maddison stayed in her bed this year hehehee.)
The cake had 2 Ferrari's and a yellow car which had a bonnet that lifted up which I hadn't seen on a hot wheels car before - so cool and just right for the cake :-)
Aaron asked for a hot wheels party this year (his love for hot wheels hasn't diminished over the last few years!)  We hired the multi purpose hall at our condo for the party and it was really great.  Nice big space with plenty of room for the kids to run about.  I didn't do any decorating - but I did blow up about 20 balloons and left them in a corner.  That was a good idea heheee ... they spent a bit of time running around chasing each other, kicking the balloons, trying to get them to pop etc.

Aaron has lots of hot wheels but I knew it wouldn't be enough for 20 kids to play with and share nicely!  So I asked a friend if we could borrow his for the party.  We were very spoilt and amongst all the track we loaned got this awesome Dinosaur one.  It was very popular!  :-)

I had a barbie corner set up as well as there were a few little girls (siblings) there and also a Thomas the tank engine track set up.  The barbies didn't really get played with though but the Thomas track did and the rug I had in the barbie corner was used to skid little ones around on the floor!
Thirsty work being towed about on a rug!!
We played "pin the number plate on the Ferrari" :-)

I had set up some track before the kids arrived and left a lot of it lined up for them to make.  The funny thing was that the stuff I had set up was taken apart and used in their other track creations after about half an hour!  :-)
I had some things left over from putting goodie bags together and Lyndon told me in no uncertain terms that he didn't want ANY lollypops left in the house heheee  So I decided to do a "prize" tin.  All the left over items from the goodie bags went in the tin and anyone that participated in a game got to choose something from the tin (what made me laugh was that all the toys went first and there were still lolly pops left at the end anyway hehee ... I might have to sneak some into Lyndon's brief case so he can have them at work lol)

Samuel loved playing with the little soft soccer balls.  Love this photo even though it's really blurry - it's a perfect picture of what he's like!  :-)  So much excitement and energy in such a little person!
Aaron has lost two teeth this month already.  He lost one at snack time at school on Friday (you can see all the gaps in his mouth in this pic)  :-)
So "Tootie" the tooth fairy has been visiting a bit!  Aaron likes the tooth fairy here in Malaysia better than the one in New Zealand because the Malaysian tooth fairy writes him letters!  heheee
Today Aaron started playing soccer on the school field.  Lyndon and he headed off this morning - Aaron rode his scooter.  He got his tee-shirts and had a great time.  There's quite a few boys in his class this year playing so he was really happy.
I got a picture of him when he got home holding his new soccer ball he got for his birthday.  :-)

So that's us ... I'll try not to leave it so long till the next update!  I might even have something crafty to share in the next few days ... we'll see!

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