Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dress-Up days ...

This week at the kids school it's been "Spirit Week" ... every day they have had a different theme to dress up to and it's to encourage them to get "into the spirit" of things :-)

Monday was pyjama day, Tuesday - Crazy Hat day, Wednesday - Crazy Hair day, Thursday - Favourite character, Friday - Tiger day (school mascot).

I didn't get photos of Monday and Tuesday, but yesterday's crazy hair was this ...

 We tried to colour Maddison's hair purple, but it didn't show up so I ended up washing it out and just doing 4 pigtails into one pony tail.

Today ... Favourite Character.  Aaron decided he wanted to wear his crocodile teeshirt and there was no  discussion on the matter!  He was wearing it and that was that!  So Lyndon and I thought he could go as Crocodile Dundee hehee  Pity I didn't have a big knife for him to take!  lol

 Maddison went as Cinderella in her ball dress!  :-)

This morning I have been taking pics of some mini albums I've made and every time I bent down to take a photo this little monkey climbed on my back!!!

Keep an eye out on Scrap-n-Crop's blog as I am teaching a class there on Saturday afternoon, 29th September.  Here's a sneak peek of one of the albums I've made :-)  They are very cute!

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Love the hair do's ...