Friday, September 28, 2012

I thought ...

That once Samuel was at Montessori for 3 hours every morning I might have some time to actually get things done ... maybe even some fun things like scrapbooking!  But NO ... that hasn't been the case at all!  Look at the date ... it's the end of September already and 10 days even since I last blogged!  

Oh well ... I haven't got much time to get into trouble so that's the main thing I suppose.  ;-)

Here's some pics of what's happened the last week or so ...

Caught Prince Samuel playing with the trains :-)

I must have been in a very good mood this night because I allowed the kids to have a mini magnum each (usually they are for ME (and sometimes Lyndon) only!)  ;-)  They sure enjoyed them though ... but I did tell them not to expect it again hehee

Samuel had his 2nd swim lesson :-)  I didn't have goggles for him when he had his lesson so he loaned Maddison's pink ones hehee  (I've got him new ones now ... they are florescent green!)

He did some widths using the board then said he wanted to only use the noodle!  He sees the other kids with them and thinks he can do the same :-)  

I've been baking cookies for Maddison's letter of the week snacks.  (Left to right, G for Giraffe, G for Gingerbread men, S for Star, E for Elephant ... although Lyndon thinks they look more like wombats hehee).  I have decorated them a little bit, and the stars and "elephants" are in the freezer waiting for their week :-)  Giraffes and gingerbread men got gobbled up yesterday.

I didn't realise that Aaron's sneakers had gotten into such a state!!!!  Seriously, how could he not tell me that the entire front of his shoe had fallen to pieces!  His PE teacher told me on Thursday that Aaron had told him he "had magic sneakers, because you could see his toes!!"  (how embarrassing!)

Last night after tuition Aaron and I made a detour to a mall and he got new sneakers (these were the choice ... it may have had something to do with the fact there was a comic book that came with them!!).

I've been back down at school this morning to watch Maddison's class have their first swim lesson at PE.

Saw Samuel playing with the camera on the i-Pad this afternoon heheee ... yep he's picking his nose and giggling to himself!

Tomorrow afternoon I am off to Scrap-n-Crop to teach a tiny mini album class :-)  I've made 4 samples, plus another for a gift.  :-)  I'll be back with some pics of the albums over the next day or so (hopefully before 10 days goes by!).

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topkatnz said...

It is a common misconception that as your children get older you will have more time. Sorry. As they get older life just gets busier and busier, until you visit an instition or die, which ever comes