Wednesday, December 30, 2009


To Grandad & Nana ... :-(
We've had a lovely couple of weeks with them ... the time seemed soooo short! We took them to the airport late this afternoon and left them about 6.45pm. Here's a pic Nana took of us.

And here's the little album that Aaron & I made at the kids mini album class we did at Scrap-n-Crop a while back. I filled it will photos of our time with Nana & Grandad and Aaron gave it to them before they left. Here's a few shots ... it's pretty simple as I only put the photos in this morning (as usual leaving things till the last minute!) ;) I also had to add in some pages to fit in all what we did! (please excuse the poor photos of the album ... taken in a real hurry!)

And I also discovered this morning when I was downloading some photos of my camera, that I have had for just over a year (got it last Christmas), that we have taken over 10,000 photos in a year!!! Gulp ... no definitely not going to be scrapping all them!! hehehee

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wet Market

Tonight we took Grandad & Nana to a wet market. We hadn't been for ages so was most interesting for us all :-)
We bought lots of different fruits ... didn't buy these though hehee

Fish for anyone? (at least these ones had ice on them ... lots of them were just laid out in the warm!)
Durian ... we didn't get any of these either ;-)

Or these cockles!
Passed on the chicken too.
How about a cows head?
Or a slab of steak?
Star fruit.
One of the many fruit stalls.
Aaron amongst the onions!
We did buy some of these though ... that's Grandad's arm fanning the flame to make sure the beef kebabs were cooked properly heheehee :-) They were good too!

So tea tonight consisted of beef kebabs, pineapple, oranges, mangosteens, papaya, bananas, mango, grapes, whipped cream & ice-cream :-)
Okay 4 posts is enough for one day lol ... don't expect to see me back on here tomorrow! ;-)
Hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying the holiday break. Thanks for visiting.

Day After Christmas Day ...

Another late start to the day! I just couldn't get motivated and I think Lyndon was much the same hehee Anyway we finally got away around lunch time and headed for the Elephant Sanctuary. Unfortunately about 10 minutes from our destination it started to rain ... and it rained and it rained and it rained! Made for a very muddy wet trip I tell you!
Lots of elephants out though (and people despite the weather). About 5 baby elephants :-)

Just watching ...
The crowd cleared a bit so Lyndon took Aaron up to see this baby elephant and one of the staff said Aaron could feed it a banana. But Aaron was a bit nervous ...
So the guy lifted him up ... I got the impression that made Aaron even more nervous hehehee. In the end he didn't put the banana in his mouth ... he let the elephant pick it up with his trunk!
We had planned to visit Deer Land as well, but it was just too wet and showed no signs of stopping, so we headed back home. A bit disappointing as that's twice now we've tried to visit Deer Land and haven't been able to. Maybe 3rd time lucky!
It rained all the way home as well ...

Christmas Day 2009

Aunty Irene spent the day with us, so the kids were only allowed to open ONE present before she arrived!
We planned to have a brunch late morning ... but by the time we were all up and going, Irene had arrived, and the kids had opened majority of their presents, brunch ended up being lunch :-)
Aaron very pleased with a Thomas book from cousins C&E.

And Maddison opened hers and rushed straight to Nana & Aunty Irene to show them ... no time for photo posing for Daddy with the camera!
Cousin J sent a cool truck & loader.
And Maddison got a neat Dora torch, but Daddy couldn't get a photo of her with it because she just kept being silly to Nana & Aunty Irene like this!!!
Nana & Grandad gave her a beautiful little handbag, matching purse and Strawberry Shortcake doll ... she was pretty chuffed with them :-)
Oh ... where's Aaron's pic gone? He got a Porsche & a cement mixer! :-)
Aaron gave Maddison a Piglet soft toy. She carts it around most places! Has a special place in her bed as well now!
And finally brunch ...
After a very lazy afternoon in which we did nothing except lie about on the couches, eat chocolates and read books :-) we went out for tea at a Chinese restaurant.
Very nice :-)

Day before Christmas ...

Going to do a bit of a catch up ... so lots of photos over the next few posts! ;-)
Thursday we had a late start hehehee ... nothing like a little (well big) sleep in! We had a late night on Wednesday night, so kids slept in which was a miracle! Was lovely though :-)
Mid morning Aunty Irene came over and we headed out to the Pavilion for lunch ... this was our dessert!
After that Irene, the kids and I watched some "Christmas Fairies" (!!!) dance to some Christmas songs. Kept us entertained!

Nana had mentioned she would like to buy a watch ... which probably was a bad idea in her sons hearing hehehee ... so they spent a long time in LOTS of watch shops and probably only made Nana very confused heheheee. After the fairies had finished Irene & I took the kids to a couple of toy shops and let them loose!
The Pavilion was decorated beautifully ...

Aaron watching the crowds (love the pose!).
We had tea at Madam Kwan's ... Madam even had her photo taken with us ... Maddison was taken with her hat I reckon!
Grandad & Nana tried out this ABC dessert ...
Lyndon's one had green slugs in it (lol)
And the night before Christmas ... all was quiet, nothing was stirring ... not even a mouse :-)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

One for the birds ...

Yesterday we went to the KL Bird Park. Last time we went with my Mum we didn't get to see it all because it poured with rain when we were half way round. But yesterday the weather stayed fine so we got to see it all.
Just before we walked through the entrance gate we saw this little green snake - it was really really long.
We went straight to the bird show ... pics speak for themselves :-)

Peacocks (or peapops as Maddison calls them!) were everywhere and very happy to be strutting their stuff.
Kids were fascinated with the baby chicks in the nursery.
We stopped for a photo shoot with lots of birds. Will just show Aaron & Daddy though on here :-) Aaron was quite upset because he got a little red bird on his hat and he didn't want that he wanted a BIG bird on his arm!
Can't remember these birds names but they are part of the dove/pigeon family. Love their hair doo. heheheee

Beautiful colours on some of the birds.

Maddison having a grump session because we wouldn't let her put her hands in the water ... there were lots of fish there!
So just a quick post today ... we are off to some malls shortly. Should be an interesting experience the day before Christmas! LOL