Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day before Christmas ...

Going to do a bit of a catch up ... so lots of photos over the next few posts! ;-)
Thursday we had a late start hehehee ... nothing like a little (well big) sleep in! We had a late night on Wednesday night, so kids slept in which was a miracle! Was lovely though :-)
Mid morning Aunty Irene came over and we headed out to the Pavilion for lunch ... this was our dessert!
After that Irene, the kids and I watched some "Christmas Fairies" (!!!) dance to some Christmas songs. Kept us entertained!

Nana had mentioned she would like to buy a watch ... which probably was a bad idea in her sons hearing hehehee ... so they spent a long time in LOTS of watch shops and probably only made Nana very confused heheheee. After the fairies had finished Irene & I took the kids to a couple of toy shops and let them loose!
The Pavilion was decorated beautifully ...

Aaron watching the crowds (love the pose!).
We had tea at Madam Kwan's ... Madam even had her photo taken with us ... Maddison was taken with her hat I reckon!
Grandad & Nana tried out this ABC dessert ...
Lyndon's one had green slugs in it (lol)
And the night before Christmas ... all was quiet, nothing was stirring ... not even a mouse :-)

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