Thursday, December 17, 2009

Quick Update

Quick update before we head away for a few days with Nana & Grandad :-)
They arrived on Monday, their plane was delayed which wasn't so good for them, but meant that we didn't have to wake the kids up so early! ;-) While we were waiting at the airport Maddison had extreme fun in the soft toy shop and took particular liking to this very large B-J!! (no she didn't take him home!)

The kids were that excited about seeing Nana & Grandad that they had a sleep in the afternoon - Maddison had 2 hours and Aaron had 3 ... I had to wake him :-)

Tuesday we spent some time after lunch in the playground playing ball ...

And showing off on the see-saw!
Then we went swimming to cool off :-)

Yesterday, Nana, Maddison & I walked down to the Plaza as I needed some more cornflour to finish making a batch of biscuits and we got caught in a major rain storm! We had to have a frosty lemon tea :) while we waited for the rain to slacken off a bit! hehehee So that's been us. Haven't time for more woffle! Will have to do an update when we get back.
And I know I haven't posted pics of my card class! Very slack of me sorry ... been a bit busy. Was a lovely afternoon though ... small class, but lots of fun. Didn't actually take any pics during class, although I think Val did. But I will post pics of what we created next week.
Thanks for visiting. :-)


mariam said...

am sure the kids are having fun with nana & grandad which means u can have more rest.

have a great weekend ahead :)

Penny said...

sleeping kids are always cute ;)

topkatnz said...

Hope you have a wonderful trip away.

Serene Ho said...

nothing like having grandparents here! Hope you are doing great. Looking forward to seeing you getting "bigger"! LOL!

Cindy Lee said...

Both Aaron and Maddison are so adorable!! Looks like they are having tons of fun!

Rachel, can I have your home address so that I can send something to you.