Wednesday, December 30, 2009


To Grandad & Nana ... :-(
We've had a lovely couple of weeks with them ... the time seemed soooo short! We took them to the airport late this afternoon and left them about 6.45pm. Here's a pic Nana took of us.

And here's the little album that Aaron & I made at the kids mini album class we did at Scrap-n-Crop a while back. I filled it will photos of our time with Nana & Grandad and Aaron gave it to them before they left. Here's a few shots ... it's pretty simple as I only put the photos in this morning (as usual leaving things till the last minute!) ;) I also had to add in some pages to fit in all what we did! (please excuse the poor photos of the album ... taken in a real hurry!)

And I also discovered this morning when I was downloading some photos of my camera, that I have had for just over a year (got it last Christmas), that we have taken over 10,000 photos in a year!!! Gulp ... no definitely not going to be scrapping all them!! hehehee


Serene Ho said...

what a lovely gift for your parents...something they can remember their trip buy and made by Aaron!

topkatnz said...

Over 10000 photos - now why don't that surprise me one little bit??!LOL
Glad to see and hear you had a great christmas and time with family. Best wishes to you all for the coming year.

Penny said...

10000?! pshaw - it'll be a snip to scrap them! Not! Lucky there is a delete button eh?