Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Time is flying past ...

Grandad & Nana have been here over a week already! We've been busy :-) Thursday last week we went to Port Dickson for a few days. Stopped off for lunch on our way and enjoyed yummy fruit drinks :-)

Kids were pretty good over the few days actually. They had some new colouring and activity books which kept them busy! (Maddison is choosing a pink crayon!!)

Today we went to Batu Caves in the heat! Went after lunch ... it was pretty warm climbing up those 272 steps! I took it VERY VERY slowly and was sort of jealous of Maddison having a lift! LOL (Didn't ask Lyndon to piggy back me though heheee)

At the top of the steps there were some men with a snake & an iguana. Maddison was fascinated by the snake, so we paid RM10 so we could take photos of her holding it ... and after Lyndon paid the money and she was sitting there like that, all these other people gathered around taking pics ... should have started a collection! (Why would you take photos of someone else holding a snake when you don't even know who they are (even if she is kinda cute?) Sure beats me! I mean do they scrapbook? With a caption ... "Unknown little girl holding snake"!!)

She didn't like it moving though, she got a good grip around it's neck heeehehe, think she thought it was going to get away on her! LOL

Another lot of steps! Lyndon & Aaron are half way up and Nana & Maddison just heading to the steps.
This big daddy monkey was hanging around ... think I remember him from last time! (nasty thing)
On the way back we got some pics of the kids feeding the iguana.

Here's Maddison leaf.
Gobble, gobble!
And Aaron decided he was brave enough to try ... after Maddison had fed it about 4-5 leaves hehehe ... took him a while to accept it.
But he did eventually.
Oh bother ... we have to get all the way back down there!
This monkey was very protective of this bottle of milk ... was having a hard time opening it though.
Tonight Lyndon has taken his parents to Chinatown ... wonder if they are persuaded to buy things they had no intention of at ridiculous prices, and I wonder if Lyndon will be tempted by any of the watches!! LOL
I still haven't finished my Christmas shopping ... I have 2 more presents to get and have NO idea what to get that's the problem! Oh well ... something will come to mind hopefully in the next 24 hours hehee
Grandad & Nana are getting on good ... Grandad is being MOST adventurous with the food! I am impressed ... he's even trying things I've never tried (and have no intention of trying either!) heheee. At Port Dickson Nana told him that this little bowl of 'wild ginger & chilli' was very hot & spicy. But Grandad decided he'd try it hehehee ... but instead of putting it with some food he took the tiniest bit and put it straight into his mouth :-) His eyes watered a bit (and he reached for his water glass pretty quick!). Very brave of him I'd say!
Okay I have to head to bed. I'm exhausted after today's climbing efforts ... my legs were like jelly by the time I got down off all those steps!
Thanks for visiting and Happy Christmas to you all if I don't get back on here before Christmas Day :-)


SCRAP-n-CROP said...

no u didnt....eeeks....the snake! lol, glad you are showing grandad and nana all those must see places!

Penny said...

M and the snake are very cute! :) No wonder people were taking photos.

Hannah said...

I think my problems with commenting are over now, I have installed Firefox and it has helped on a few blogs :-)

Love the photos, especially the iguana ones! They are such interesting creatures. Neat that your kids were able to feed them and get up close & personal.

Serene Ho said...

haaaaahaha OMG! I laughed when I saw the picture of Maddison with the snake around her neck. Did she strangle it? LOL! thanks for sharing your most interesting day!

Mrs Frizz said...

Okay - I'm NOT coping with the pics of the snake around little Miss M --- in fact I am downright sitting here shuddering and my mouth has gone all dry ... well at least I am honest!!!

Now the feathers ...I'm sure that a couple of them would like just beautiful on a layout ... ROFL.