Thursday, December 24, 2009

One for the birds ...

Yesterday we went to the KL Bird Park. Last time we went with my Mum we didn't get to see it all because it poured with rain when we were half way round. But yesterday the weather stayed fine so we got to see it all.
Just before we walked through the entrance gate we saw this little green snake - it was really really long.
We went straight to the bird show ... pics speak for themselves :-)

Peacocks (or peapops as Maddison calls them!) were everywhere and very happy to be strutting their stuff.
Kids were fascinated with the baby chicks in the nursery.
We stopped for a photo shoot with lots of birds. Will just show Aaron & Daddy though on here :-) Aaron was quite upset because he got a little red bird on his hat and he didn't want that he wanted a BIG bird on his arm!
Can't remember these birds names but they are part of the dove/pigeon family. Love their hair doo. heheheee

Beautiful colours on some of the birds.

Maddison having a grump session because we wouldn't let her put her hands in the water ... there were lots of fish there!
So just a quick post today ... we are off to some malls shortly. Should be an interesting experience the day before Christmas! LOL


Penny said...

WHY don't we see you? I want to see your bump!

Great birdies though - Rod would love them.

Serene Ho said...

Lovely photos. I love the grumpy face especially ...LOL! Merry Christmas to you, Lyndon, Aaron & Maddison!