Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A few pics

Wondering if I actually remember how to blog! It's been a while ... here's just a few pics of what we (well the kids!) have been doing the last few days.
Last Thursday we put the Christmas tree up ... while they were waiting for me to put some things away Aaron was playing the "drum" on the Christmas tree box!

I put the lights on (only 3 sets this year!) and the kids did most of the rest of it (with some guidance ... although I don't know why I bothered as it's been arranged so many times since hehee). What made me laugh the most was when I was setting the tree up Aaron was busy telling Maddison and I how it went together and which piece went on first etc. etc. and then at the end he says "ya got all that?"!!!!! What on earth! I just laughed ... he must have heard that a few times at school I think ... don't recall me saying that to him :-)
Here's 'Mr Know It All' fiddling with the control for the musical set of lights! ("You do it like this ya know Mummy!")

On Friday morning after taking the kids to school I discovered Aaron had been busy adding a few extra "decorations"! :-)
So ... Friday was their last day at school for the year. It was a pot-luck party and they could wear their favorite costume. Well I'll confess now ... this mother doesn't have a dress up box for her kids! (deprived I know). Anyway I asked Aaron (out of curiosity) what he'd like to wear to school as it was a costume party. He said he didn't want to wear his Indian costume hehehee ... I thought not! ;-) Then he said he wanted to go as "Ben 10" (bother it all!). So off I went hunting for a Ben 10 tee-shirt (my way of getting around a costume! cheaper too!) He's VERY proud of it ... I can't stand the jolly thing, but anyway he's happy! I bought Maddison a new dress and thought she could wear the butterfly wings she got for her 2nd birthday. But she was just pleased as punch with the dress and didn't want anything to do with the wings ... so no costume bits for her!
Here they are ready to go to school with their backpacks on and a little bag holding some "Christmas treats" for the other kids in their class.

Later on in the morning I went back to school and took the camera hoping to get some photos of the kids with the teachers. Maddison wasn't at all obliging, but I did get a nice one of Aaron.
When I arrived Maddison's class were having "lunch" ... if you could call a bowl of popcorn and the mini muffins I made with icing and sprinkles on it lunch! I understand they had their "desserts" first! LOL Needless to say Maddison didn't eat much of the other stuff (e.g. pasta). Was interesting to see too that she wasn't the only little one to lick all the icing and sprinkles off the muffin and leave the actual muffin on the plate heheee

In the afternoon once they were home Maddison asked for some more sprinkles so I gave her another muffin ... this is the correct order of things in eating it (e.g. sprinkles & icing first) ;-)

Saturday I discovered more activity in the Christmas tree ... Aaron had been "driving" hot wheels cars around about and in and out!!
I tell you the tree decorations are changing every day ... several things have been broken all ready. Luckily there's nothing priceless or extremely precious in amongst the decorations is all I can say!. We've had the tree for 14 years and interesting enough the decorations we bought at the same time are the ones he's attacking and breaking first! (all the little red, silver & gold apples). Last year it was Maddison chewing them that destroyed several, this year it's Aaron whacking them about with a section of his hot wheels track, which he informs me is a very good bat!!!
So school is finished ... I have survived the 2nd day of the holidays! ;-) This afternoon we spent some time in the playground ... these two rascals spent a lot of time "driving" their cars in and out of the fountain!

And I love this pic of Maddison's hair after she'd come down the slide hehehe

Lyndon is in Japan this week ... hopefully this is the last of his travels this year. And next Monday Nana & Grandad arrive! :-) Every day (and more than once a day!) Aaron asks if it's time to go to the airport to pick them up hehehee I told him he has 6 more sleeps yet, but he said no it's just one! I suppose 6 sounds like forever for him!
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topkatnz said...

nice to see a post from you - wow, your kids have got so big - esp. the devine Miss M - not a baby any more!heehee! You are a few steps ahead of me with that tree up - oh well, we have TALKED about it! Mitch doesn't finish school till next wednesday.

Penny said...

how cute :) Good to see the tree is getting multi-purpose. Bummer about the decorations... I've discovered remnants of spat out cinnamon shapes beneath ours, and sure enough, the decorations have nibbles in them. Somebody starting with L thought they were gingerbread I think.

We're getting the "how many sleeps till convention" and "how many sleeps till Christmas" song.

Serene Ho said...

This is just too cute and funny!