Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Have to record this ...

Before I forget!!
I've been wearing one of my new tops today and Aaron asked me where my tummy was LOL (as if it wasn't obvious!!). So I pulled the top tight and said "it's right here"! He goes "Oh" and has a feel. So I decided to ask him if he thought the baby would be a little boy or a little girl. He looked at me and then at my tummy and said "a baby girl, because his name is Zapnia" (spelling it like he pronounced it!)!!! My eyes popped out a little and I tried not to laugh out loud and I asked him "do you have any other girls names you like?" hehehee He then proceeded to list a few names of girls that are either in his class at school or that he knows ;-)
I said "don't you think it would be a little strange if we had a little baby girl with a Chinese or Indian name in our little New Zealand family?" He promptly said "No, because it's not Chinese". LOL (at least he has that right!!)
At that I dropped the subject!!
I think Aaron's conversations about this coming baby are only going to get more and more interesting :-)
p.s. we won't be calling the baby Zapnia if it's a girl! lol


topkatnz said...

I forsee deep gender/racial identity problems for this unborn child - maybe you should book the therapy sessions now!!LOL

Penny said...

LOL! :)

Whaddaya mean you don't like Zapnia?

Cindy Lee said...

Lol...Aaron is such a cutie pie!